Betty Life: Behind the Scenes, stories and life lessons
Betty Life: Behind the Scenes, stories and life lessons
Allie Zant
Hey guys! Follow me on my personal journeys. From rodeos to life lessons. I’ll be giving a true in depth, behind the scenes of rodeos and life.
Weekend races/wpra finals recap
In this episode we cover (lightly) how I keep my horses comfortable at weekend races, pre and post run. And our weekend at wpra finals and completing two goals for 2020!
Nov 18
27 min
My life is out of control! But I’m managing
Just a little few tricks and tips on how I’m managing this new normal but is my life LOL from working full-time to trying to get everyone road to staying focused.
Oct 30
19 min
Winners mentality
Iv changed a lot about my mental game this past month. I’m hoping this can shed a little bit of light on that!
Oct 4
20 min
Little silver linings( and a lot of rambling)
In this episode we are covering a little bit of trying to stay focus during these crazy times. I know we’ve all had some unique hands dealt to us this year but hopefully we can find the silver lining in each little setback
Sep 14
17 min
New month, new goals, new setbacks?
Just a little catching up as we gear down for the year. An update on Betty and new goals for the 2021 year
Aug 26
24 min
We’ve got some catching up to do!
About a months worth of recap since getting logged out of my podcast account
Jul 23
18 min
Rodeos are back! Well.. kind of
In this episode we discuss our first few runs back, how our plans for the year have changed a bit, and a little on the mentorship
Jun 2
26 min
Healthy gut=healthy horses.
We take a dive into gut health, ulcers, alfalfa and my personal diet and supplement program for my horses
May 12
37 min
Reacting to bad runs
We all have them. But what’s the proper way to react and learn from those times
Apr 13
13 min
Ponies and pandemic, 30 day challenge
In this episode we discuss the recent events of the world and catch up on what we were doing being shut down. I also challenged each and everyone of you for your own specific 30 day challenges. You’d be amazed what can happen in just a month!
Apr 1
19 min
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