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Andy, Pat and Gabe (formerly of the melodic punk band The Stereo State) discuss their top tens of all things pop culture. Music, Movies, TV, Food and many more topics...
Top 5 Pennywise LPs
Pat and Gabe discuss their top 5 Pennywise LPs. Andy sits this one out but sent a list. Pat brings up a brewery who he think is the PW of beer. Brought to you by Liquid Death. Use the code BTTS20 at checkout on your first order at and get some cool schwag. 
Nov 19, 2021
1 hr 20 min
Top 5 After The Fall (featuring Mike Moak)
We tell Mike Moak of After The Fall our top 5 favorite songs by his band!  He tells us his thoughts on each song and lets us in on the new ATF record. At the break we debut the new single Adios Amigo! Visit for updates on their tour schedule and news on the upcoming record. As always we are sponsored by Liquid Death, visit and use the code BTTS20 on your first purchase to get some ill/dope/phat/tubular stuff. Check Spotify for our episode playlist Better Things To Say Podcast - Top AfterTheFall!
Oct 16, 2021
1 hr 15 min
Top 5 Blockbuster Movies
A great conversation that includes Spielberg, Goldblum, Harrison Ford and more! Smokey Joe stops by. The guys try to recruit a new sponsor. As usual, go to and use the code BTTS20 at checkout to get some schwag! (*Pat's connection ended up a bit rough here. We still wanted to keep this as we thought it was a great talk on a great subject.) 
Aug 22, 2021
2 hr 10 min
Top 5 Revelation Records Releases
The guys discuss some classic hardcore releases with a few other gems sprinkled in. Pat mentions CT a few times... Sandwich chains get brought up a few times... A good amount of lists were sent in too, thank you guys! Sponsored by Liquid Death, visit and use the code BTTS20 at checkout to get some cool stuff with your order! Miatta here!
Jul 5, 2021
2 hr 13 min
Top 5 Movie Cameos
The guys discuss their top 5 movie cameos. Comedies and SNL stars take precedent. Miatas and Top Gun get discussed. An old friend has some new music and ventures to talk about. The guys still don't care what Chris Kattan is up to... Sponsored by Liquid Death. Use the code BTTS20 at checkout to get some goodies! Follow us on Instagram @BetterThingsToSayPodcast
Apr 26, 2021
1 hr 23 min
Top 5 Pogues Songs (featuring Ian Conza)
Ian Conza returns to help us list our top 5 Pogues songs. We talk about Shane McGowan's influences and background. Our appreciation or hate for Elvis Costello and few other 80's groups... Login to Spotify now for the Better Things To Say Podcast Top Pogues Songs playlist. Sponsored by Liquid Death. 
Mar 15, 2021
1 hr 54 min
Top 5 SNL Cast Members
The guys discuss their introductions to SNL and their favorite eras. Pat goes into detail about his hate for Jimmy Fallon. A frequent guest tells about his love for a certain 90's rapper/actress. Please send your list for this or any episode to This episode, as usual, is sponsored by Liquid Death. Enter the code BTTS20 at checkout to save 10% off of your first order! 
Mar 3, 2021
2 hr 12 min
Top 5 2020 LPs (featuring Brandon Spence)
Our best friend and drummer of The Stereo State: Brandon Spence joins us to count  down our favorite LPs of 2020! Pat lets us know his top albums to listen to outside of Trader Joes. The guys touch on their favorite EP of the year. A clear Record of the Year emerges with almost full consensus... Sponsored by Liquid Death. Save 10% off of your first order by using the code BTTS20 at checkout! Visit 
Jan 21, 2021
1 hr 53 min
Top 5 Christmas Movies
This episode we are joined by good friend Max McCarthy! We discuss borderline Christmas movies, Chevy Chase's popularity on sets and Hans Gruber's newest business venture. Thanks to Liquid Death, save 10% off your first order at by using the code BTTS20 at checkout! Follow us on IG @BetterThingsToSayPodcast for details on our next topic. Send your lists to Merry Christmas!
Dec 24, 2020
2 hr 24 min
Top 5 80's Punk LPs (featuring Sergie Loobkoff)
Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam, Ways Away among many others) joins the guys to discuss our top 5 80's punk LPs! Sergie shares some great stories involving some of our picks. We discuss the different sounds that fall under the "punk" umbrella. Thank you to Sergie, Liquid Death and everyone who sent in a list! Save 10% off of your first order at using the code BTTS20 at checkout. Our next episode will be Top 5 Christmas Movies, please send lists to 
Dec 4, 2020
2 hr 29 min
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