Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal
Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal
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Science and philosophy without dogma!
Curt has the bold curiosity and intellectual honesty that is so absent in most of the world. It’s so refreshing to hear deep scientific and philosophical topics discussed with such open mindedness and aversion dogma.
That Locked-In Feeling=Wrong
The Kastrup interview is brilliant. Well done interview with focused relevant questions.
Great interviews
Terrific interview with Jeffrey Mishlove.
Bob J2
Annoying unexpected ads
Show would be great expect for the constant ads
Curt is deserving of so much more. TOE is a treasure
Curt, I want to personally thank you for your work. TOE is top tier quality and your thoughtful interviews are worth much more than you know. Shouts out to your wife, for real. I am sorry I cannot contribute financially. However, I am sharing your episodes with my friends and family and will continue to do so. You’re the man and I am rooting for you. You have legitimate fans and I want to see you win. Please keep going. Your work is not going unnoticed. Shouts out to Theo Von. With love, Sam.
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Maudlin-Kastrup Disaster (10/3/23 podcast)
It would have been nice of you to not put the Oct 3, 2023 podcast out, or at least describe its contents as Kastrup saying something that needed much explication and Maudlin saying what Kastrup just said was just plain silly-stupid-wrong and a brief session of them heatedly talking over one another and then abandoning the show followed by an ad and a long lament by the host about how difficult it is to have a life and a podcast. Because then I could have downloaded a podcast that would sustain me for my half-hour walk instead of this nonsense.
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That Locked-in Feeling
I’m sorry…
But I couldn’t finish the episode with Neil deGrasse Tyson. So cringe…he’s become a terrible guest. Fantastic show with a fantastic host, but I think that choice of guest was a mistake, no matter how well-known he is.
lhhd hi jbh
Niel Tyson
The contrast between your patients and his lack of, was amazing. You kept your cool and were professional. Well done. He was dismissive and uninterested in a calm discussion. I am now not a fan of Tyson. Disappointed.
BW Memphis
this pod is amazing
really great host with amazing guests/interviews
Dear Mr Greenewald…
Hydrophobic !
Some good some bad
The fact this podcast has Chomsky on it is disturbing. He was just exposed to be an associate of the man that didn’t kill himself
Theories of Everything podcast is the best of its kind.
Theories of Everything podcast is the best of its kind.
Lack of rigor
The podcast is called Theories of Everything and he interviews some respected physicists/mathematicians (Borcherds, Ashtekar, O’Dowd), this seemed like something I would love. I was expecting a science podcast like Mindscape. However, a lot of discussions revolve around pseudo scientific topics like consciousness, AI, and UFOs. AI can be scientific if they talk about GANs, NLP, etc, but not when you talk about if computers really think like us or have emotions. This distinction between AI as a science and pseudoscience really encapsulates my review; the podcast has the potential to host meaningful conversations but choses not to The podcast content itself feels like a bunch of buzz words got thrown in a blender. Randomly the host will ask the guest what they think of Jordan Peterson without any context. By asking Borcherds about Peterson (no connection between the two), he is giving clout to Peterson undeservingly while also allowing himself to post click-baity titles If you care about consciousness, UFOs, Jordan Peterson then this is the right podcast for you. If you want to hear from academics at the foundations of science, look elsewhere
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Elder abuse
The end of the interview with Linda Moulton Howe was a great example of elder abuse.
Expositions including some of the brightest minds in contemporary thought. Academic but not inaccessible; illuminating and inspiring. Curt is an unusually talented and committed interviewer, clearly passionate and intellectually dexterous. Free of agenda and without guile, he seeks only to elucidate the (sometimes massive) structures of thought posited by his varied guests. (My lone criticism of his style would be an occasional impatience: he sometimes interrupts the remarkable thinkers with whom he consorts when he’s guessed where their statement might be leading...) This channel is well on its way to becoming the rich repository of reason, conjecture, and philosophy that is obviously its destiny.
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Elbo Jones
Your list of people you’ve interviewed in the field of not just ufology, is almost unrivaled. Add the fact that you come off as not only extremely intelligent, but also kind and respectful towards everyone (see Rogan for an example of the opposite 😁)…and your on the mt. Rushmore of podcasts, as well as all other investigative shows. Thank you Curt!! Please keep it up!!!!!
This is the Podcast You've Been Looking For
Finally, a podcast/show that goes in depth to all the topics you love! Despite having a MD, I've frequently contemplated going back to school for another advanced degree in various topics - astronomy, astrophysics, quantum computing, cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, astrobiology, philosophy, religious studies and even UFOs/UAP. So little time, so much to do. Then along comes Curt Jaimungal, a very detail oriented science minded individidual who takes the time and puts in the work to not only interview but also interrogate some of the greatest minds of our time on topics such as these. So many pop science books or modern documentaries lightly touch on the topics without digging in; but not Curt. Each episode will keep you captivated and pondering the mysteries of the universe hours and days later. Not only that, each episode is chock full of new names and books to add to your lists for future independent study and research. Curt is modern day Socrates that brings us together to contemplate the truly big issues such as what is spacetime? What is the true nature of our reality? How does physics interface with consciousness, religion and the unknown? And simliar to Socrates, he may not give you the answers, but more importantly, he provides you with the questions. God bless you Curt, and thank you for your service.
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Deep Dive into Broad Range of Topics
Curt really submerges his audience into various topics by bringing on subject matter experts. If you want to go into the rabbit hole, listen to the episode(s) with Lue Elizondo.
Meaningful & Unique Interviews
The questions Curt asks are thoughtful and out of the group-think box. He is gracious to guests and to fans, but not in a way that so many other hosts do where they end up regurgitating cheap twitter buzz. Almost always I end up thinking about something in a new light or think about something I’ve never thought about before after listening, which is wonderful.
Simply phenomenal
Curt’s pursuit of a true TOE isn’t just a schtick. It’s clearly a passion that he has pursued tirelessly, and to which we, his audience, are lucky enough to bear witness. There is no fluff here. Curt talks to the best and the brightest, engaging with them deeply and meaningfully on their theories, showing a truly staggering mastery of a number of disciplines. He challenges his audience, but also takes care of them, making sure that key definitions and resources are laid out in a manner that is intuitive and accessible if you’re willing to do the work. This podcast is so much more than just entertainment, it’s a tool and a roadmap for all those who seek.
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Pillar of Saltiness
This guy is very thoughtful and introspective. Asks the questions you would want to know. Very informative and great subject matter
Waste of time
If I wanted to hear old guys ramble about topics they don’t actually understand, I’d go talk to my grandfather. This show is like history channel’s ancient aliens but without the budget and more pretentious pseudo intellectualism.
greg archibald
Excellent, thank you
Very impressed. For what it’s worth from someone with an inquisitive mind and no higher education degree
Interesting, intelligent interviews/conversations
I’ve been enjoying these on YouTube for several months. I’m not what you’d call a learned man, a lot of this goes over my head. I don’t know much about these subjects but I find it interesting. Five stars because I honestly don’t know where else I’d get information like this. -A positive review in lieu of financial support. A few of these kids or cats need to move out lol. Thank you Curt
Best Interviewer In a Long Time
Please continue interviewing people associated with the the Phenomenon ! Also bring back Eric Weinstein.
Curt you are a gifted interviewer. Humble, extremely well-prepared, engaged, passionate, with just the right amount of self-deprecation. Also, I love how the podcast is focused on the most technical and advanced aspects of the topic at hand. It allows you to get so much more from your guests, and really sets the podcast apart from the rest. While I admit that I am truly lost sometimes when things get above my head, it is a good thing because I am learning something. Ok that is my compliment - you are a really gifted interviewer and it’s important that you know it and that you keep using it for good.
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5 stars!!!!
Do you like podcasts that really challenge you to explore and be curious? This is 100% the podcast for you!
5 stars!
Great work! Very professional! Easy and fun to listen to.
One of the best PC
This is the best podcast I have stumbled upon in some time. Give it chance, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been looking for something else since Joe Rogan went so political. The reason I went to podcasts is so I can get away from that division stuff. Also Alex is dope too check him out too
The UFO content has gotten out of hand. The endless empty jabbering reflects the endless empty evidence. You’ll have a better and more interesting podcast claiming a Caucasian in a white robe sits on clouds and stewards a clock work universe.
Exceptional Content
Curt let’s his guests speak and stays out of the way Topics fascinating and so enjoyable. Great job!
Best podcast
Great sound quality. Fabulous subjects. This smart host has excellent grammar and lets his guests speak without interrupting and telling stories about himself. Keep up the superb job.
Open-minded and curious thinkers
Curt has some of the best long-form science-related podcasts — he let’s his diverse selection of guests speak, and maintains an open-minded and curious approach, something that is very much needed in society: 2021 and beyond. If you value the physics, the scientific method, and pushing towards the unknown, then this is the podcast for you.
Interviews ruined by host
How did this Curt get these guests? He’s incredibly unlikable, with a cold, unmusical, abrasive ways of speaking. When he shuts up, there’s a lot of good information here!
I have recently become fascinated with physics, consciousness, and theories of everything, and I owe a big thanks to this podcast. Curt is extremely thoughtful and uplifting, brilliant yet humble and deeply human. As a listener I feel my mind open up as new ideas sink in and become understandable. I hope he completes his compilation book on theories of everything because I believe it is very important work to help us in our understanding of the universe (and will make a great gift for friends & family!!)
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Jonny Hatch
When you have brilliant people on and ask them a question, let them finish the thought without interrupting them constantly
Authentic interviews
I absolutely love this podcast. Curt is authentic, and does not pretend to know or understand anything being discussed. It allows people, such as myself, to not feel inept when listening to experts give very technical explanations of their theory of everything. I see a lot of similarities in each theory. I wonder if others, such a Curt, sees those similarities.
Highly engaging and unique interviewer
Curt is a through intricate interviewer who approaches his guests with openness and humility. He journeys into areas that most other interviewers can’t pace. His unquenchable drive to understand allows him to dive into the material with authority and he builds understanding from simple to complex while not underestimating the listener.
A true intellectual
I grew up with heroes like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, and Isaac Asimov, and while I do still look up to all these great scientists, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the close-mindedness of the scientific community. That’s where Curt comes in to give me hope! I appreciate how his podcast brings people in from a variety of disciplines to speak on various topics, and this includes researchers studying topics deemed outside the accepted scientific boundary. Please keep up this important work! Most of the great scientific discoveries we hold as self-evident stemmed from people considered heretics and crack-pots. Yet even today we are reluctant to explore questions beyond our current understanding. Thankfully, Curt uses his podcast courageously to tackle big questions on fascinating topics!
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Start with the Bernardo Kastrup or Rupert Spira episode and you won’t be able to stop. Can’t wait to see more from Curt and this podcast.
I like my eggs runny
Very thoughtful
I very much enjoy this podcast and the way topics are discussed and addressed. I wonder if they might address the topics being addressed by “The Martin Fleishman Memorail Project” To help more people understand what they are researching.
cat kid38528
Perfect pod for a curious mind
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, on par with Lex for those of you who like interesting people discussing interesting topics. Keep it up Curt
A supernova of brilliance
Curt is a unique voice in the podcast space. Fearless, courageous, incisive and brilliant there is no topic too taboo, no guest too remote to reach and no concept to complex for his brilliant mind to apprehend! Get Brian Keating on!
Chaim K.
Curt crushes it
The greatest theorist of them all and a dapper man set to overtake Lex someday.
Awesome podcast
The podcast Curt did with Bernardo Kastrup was The most fascinating I’ve ever heard!
Listening and ready for more
Enjoying the curiosity that comes through in many of these conversations. Bring on more people we’ve never heard of and journey deeper into the wilderness.
distributist reviewer
Jeremy Corbell
I love your podcast and if you have more of your normal kind of guests on, I will give you 10 more five stars reviews for each one to more than balance this out, but I can’t take listening to the UFO stuff. Let Joe Rogan do the nonsense Art Bell stuff. Please stick to science, math, philosophy, cognitive science, computer science, etc. If you must have someone like this on, make it part of a deep dive and examine a specific piece of evidence and get several different people to look at it. Don’t just let him Gish gallop with story after story after story for several hours without references or citations.
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C.M. Talbert
Thanks dude. Keep up the good work. You’re on to something.
Welcome Curt!
Great show with terrific guests. Gets below the surface with deep and incisive questioning. Strongly recommend!
Carid P
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