Better Every Day with physio
Better Every Day with physio
Sameera Withanage
Being a newcomer is always hard and tough. But, what better way we have rather than moving forward? Being a recent graduate physiotherapist working in healthcare system in Sri Lanka, Sameera Withanage shares his experiences, struggles and most importantly the ways of incorporating Physiotherapy in to your life in a South Asian viewpoint. You may from west or south. It doesn't matter. Let's rock the world together by being better every day! (with physio!) Feel free to rate, review and share!
How to become A PHYSIOTHERAPIST in Sri Lanka!
Want to know about the education system in Sri Lanak and how I became a physiotherapist? The difference between the education systems across the world? Well then, come and join with me in this episode on HOW TO BECOME A PHYSIOTHERAPIST! Once again, don't forget to subscribe, rate and leave a review! Stay safe! --- Send in a voice message:
May 3, 2020
6 min
Better Every Day with physio (Trailer)
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May 2, 2020
33 sec