Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
Joe Fairless
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Fabulous content!
Joe covers a variety of informative and very interesting topics! You can always learn something from this show.
AmaZing podcast
Whether you’re new to RE or an experienced investor, you will gain a TON of knowledge listening to this podcast. Highly recommend!
Best Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The name of this show is excellent because Joe Fairless brings it! His content is amazing and I highly recommend this show to all of my friends getting started in Real estate! I am looking forward to the next episode.
Wholesaling Junkie
Learned so much!!
I’ve learned so much from listening to Joe and his guests! I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned to my career!
I’m hooked
I’m a boutique commercial real estate developer and am hooked on this show. Great content and no fluff!
Awesome Content!
Kudos! Looking forward to your upcoming shows! ~ Elite Podcast Bookings
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
5 Stars!
The Best Ever Show and the host Joe Fairless will bring fresh content every episode. I have been impreseed with their insights, communicating topics like real estate in a straightforward way. You'll get hooked after just one episode! Check it out and subscribe! - Mark Willis
So so, not enthralled
Jim in Del Mar
Wow! Used to be my favorite but now this is the worst!!!
Guys?!?!? You used to be a 5 star podcast but here we are WEEKS into Coronavirus craziness. The entire REI world has changed and here you are pushing out previously recorded junk which doesn’t matter anymore. THIS IS WHEN I NEED DAILY HELP. And you guys are sending out old junk that doesn’t matter anymore. The world has changed - wake up!!!
Adam Invests in Indy
You will not find a larger repository of real estate investing wisdom than this podcast
I can not count the number of times I had a question or needed to know what to do in a particular situation, and so I combed through the Best Ever Advice podcast library and found an episode talking about exactly what I was dealing with. No matter what level you are, beginners to 40+year investing pros, you will always learn something knew.
Heath G. Jones
Awesome Podcast!!!
Joe, host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast, highlights all aspects of Real Estate, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Did he really talk about whole life insurance?
Any google search would have shown that whole life insurance is considered one of the biggest scams in the financial advisor industry. Had Joe done his research, he would have asked the simple question, “Why wouldn’t someone purchase a simple term life insurance policy and just invest the extra in premium separately?” The answer is, you can never come out of ahead of this. The reason? The fees. Another good question to ask: “how much does the advisor make on each whole life policy, and how much do they make annually on each policy?” Even more concerning - why is a sales pitch for whole life insurance on a real estate podcast? This wasn’t even a debate on the pros and cons. I understand pushing out five times the number of guests is more difficult than other podcasts. But it is showing that quality is suffering at the expense of quantity.
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Joe and featured colleagues are legit- equipped with knowledge and experience. Very interesting topics. I love that it is daily. I’ve been following for a while and I’ve read his syndication book as soon as it came out. Absolutely amazing thank you for your hard work and commitment to spreading the wealth!
Simply the BEST! 🙌
If you’re a real estate investor, work in real estate or have any desire to learn what it’s like to cultivate the skills needed to become a successful member of the REI community - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Joe does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and out of real estate investing (what to do - and what not to do!). Each conversation is empowering, easy to dive into and levels you up no matter where you are in your journey. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Enormous Value!!!
This podcast help me understand various concept of real estate investing. Real people with Real experience. Been a best ever listener and best ever guest. Highly recommend this podcast for newbie and seasoned investor.
Teaching the right ways to invest in real estate
Presented with the chance to invest along side Joe, I started listening to this podcast by Joe and Theo. My investing experience is less extensive than theirs, but what I heard them teaching matched up with the successful business practices that I’ve encountered. Additionally, they set a fantastic example for the type of partner that I’d strive to be—valuable and determined. It is eye opening to see the vast amount of effort and expertise that they put into every part of their business.
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Outstanding and inspirational
Joe has done an outstanding work with the podcast over the years. I constantly gain valuable information and ideas through this podcast. His content and style are original. He puts out thought provoking material and asks incisive questions. I have no doubt I will continue listening to this podcast for insight and inspiration for a long time.
Excellent Multi-family Podcast for newbies and experienced investors
Joe and his team do a great job of providing information, from a wide variety of guests, all focused to help new and experienced multifamily investors grow in our journey.
Truly best ever
This is truly the best ever realestate podcast ever. Joe provides a ton of good information for both Newbee and advanced investor alike. I only turn to the other podcasts when I’m interested in hearing fluff.
john laney
Syndication tips
Really enjoy all the good info and tips Joe gives out. It’s always interesting and informative.
Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice
I always learn something new listening to Joe Fairless. Whether you’re a rookie to multi family or have years of experience, you will benefit from his insight and information.
Concise and impactful RE investing content
Great show full of actionable content! 10/10!
Happy gps
Best Ever Everything!
Joe Fairless holds nothing back, so there are no excuses why you can’t be successful in Multifamily. Through the pod cast and the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, I gained the knowledge and confidence to do my first deal. Thank you Joe!!
Joe Fairless is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to multifamily investing
If you’re a real estate investor or looking to get into multifamily real estate investing, following Joe Fairless and his “Best Ever” series should be a more-brainer.
An invaluable resource
Joe and his guests provide nuggets of real estate investing advice that when exposed to it on daily basis becomes a graduate level course in running a successful real estate business and thriving in any market conditions.
Thank you for sharing such great content and I am so glad I randomly stumbled upon your podcast show! Can’t wait for the next episode to drop!
Great podcast
Joe is very insightful. I’m a beginning investor and find this podcast essential in my real estate growth. Keep up the great work.
Time wasted
Just listened to the April Fools episode. I can appreciate a joke, but it wasn’t amusing (making up a story about someone drowning) and more importantly it was a complete waste of time. Know your audience. These are entrepreneurs and real estate investors trying to get the most out of their days by learning from beneficial information. Time and knowledge is what we appreciate the most and you just crapped on both. Trust has been lost, just like this podcast from my rotation.
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Fab and straight to the point
This is the first real estate podcast I subscribed to and it has been hard for others to beat it as my favorite. Joe is straight forward, asks great questions, and there is really NO FLUFF! Who has time for fluff anyway? Great tips, questions and interviews. Thanks!
5 Stars!!!
Joe is an inspiration and a real estate powerhouse! He has extensive knowledge in many areas across real estate. His guests are second to none and I always get value when listening in. Further, he’s genuine, always adds value, and that’s priceless! Tune in, subscribe, rate, and review the value was there! Dino Pierce Father of three, Investor, and business manager
So Interesting!
Such an interesting podcast! Thanks for having me on.
Sarah Noked OBM
Straight to the point. And very well informed.
Do yourself a favor and listen to Joes podcast. It is amazing. I’ve listened to 1312 episodes so far, and am coming up to ‘now’ quite aggressively. He’s well poised, experienced, knowledgeable and humble enough to know when he doesn’t know something. For podcasts- Id put Joe Fairless and Rod Khleif at the top of the pile. Selflessly trying to drag your butt to the top of the mountain - so that you can then do the same thing for others, and help them to understand the true meaning of life is not to hate the 9-5, but to enjoy one another and the time we have on earth. Find your better self. Listen to this podcast.
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Awesome Insight!
Fantastic content! Great questions & insight on how to take life & business to the next level!
Bridget Ebner
The amount of times this guy says “best ever” is cringeworthy. It’s hard to take anything he says seriously
I feel like I’m learning little by little some episodes I have to listen again because I barely grasp the subject
Great show!
This is one of my most favorite real estate podcasts. Joe has great questions and very interesting guests. The podcast added a lot of value to my knowledge about real estate investing. Highly recommended!
ffg guy
Great guy
Great show ! Thank you again for having me on. You are providing a ton of value on this platform joe
Andy Dane Carter
Amazing content
If you are in realestate this is the best podcast you can possibly listent to! I can hardly believe how much I have learned by listening to Joe and his guests.
Good Stuff!!
Anyways great content, and easy to listen too and follow.
Episode 1481 the new tax law
This is the first time I’ve ever listened to a podcast and came away $250,000 richer. Thanks Joe for explaining the bonus depreciation and 20% deductions. This is huge!!
Great content. Thank you.
Great guy.
Disappointed massively
Perfect commute soundtrack
The Best Ever podcast has replaced the music and talk radio used to listen to on my way to and from work. This has become my daily soundtrack. In addition to teaching me a trove of invaluable, profitable lessons, it’s also taught me what to look for in a real estate investment opportunity...especially what a bad deal might look like. There are lots of opportunities out there to invest in, but Joe and his guests will teach you what questions to ask, the common pitfalls and oversights that some syndicators fail to recognize, and how to minimize your risk. You’d be lucky to be able to get this kind of coaching by paying for it, but here it is for free.
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Go from novice to pro with this podcast!
Joe and his team have really created a winner with this podcast. The guests represent a HUGE cross section of all real estate related topics which brings value to all listeners. You can truly get a comprehensive education on the real estate biz from this show, and quickly level up from entry level investor to a seasoned pro just by listening to the advice and then executing on it every day! This show plus real life progress and dedication = real estate investing success! Thanks to Joe and the team; keep up the great work!
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High quality content
Great podcast with high quality guests and a good mix of education and inspiration covering wide range of topics
Love the podcasts!
These podcasts are extremely informative for first time investors through those with extensive portfolios. Highly recommend. Even the ones I didn’t think pertained to me had nuggets of information that was useful.
High value content everyday?!!! Crazy
The number of great gusts that Joe gets on a daily basis is amazing. Combine that with his direct and great questions and this is by far the best podcast on real estate. Joe asks the questions that I want to know when listening. Which usually gets into the numbers around the deals his guests do. Absolutely amazing.
Joe really digs into the most useful details!
I’m constantly impressed by the questions Joe Fairless uses in these interviews. Joe is one of the best ever podcast hosts on the planet. No matter what your business and no matter what the business of the guests on the show... I always get something out of it because of the ingenious style of Joe’s. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone involved in real estate investing! Keep them coming!
Overall I love the podcast information but I rarely listen to the ones where the individuals started with a lot of money and just bought houses. Really hard to relate to that unless you’re in the demographic. Most of the people I know aren’t wealthy people who can just buy 20 houses in a span of a year. Some how these people get loans faster than I as a Hispanic man can get pulled over. I bought my first 4 family unit in New Jersey and I’m trying to buy my second, keep in mind it took me a year of going through 10 lenders and destroying my Credit. Getting another loan is becoming harder but some reason it’s easy for these people.
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Poor to rich
Podcast Review Honestly
Joe the Podcast is awesome and I loooooove it. “BUT” it is like nails on a chalkboard to hear the typing in the background. I swear I’m going to scream every time I listen. I cringe but still tune in because the content of each podcast is so valuable. Please find another way to hide the typing sound. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassse !
Just T❤️
Actionable Advice
Love the variety of topics covered and Joe does an excellent job following up when guests mention something that isn’t initially clear. Most importantly, Joe is able to tease out actionable advice to incorporate into our investing activities. I hope you’re able to keep this going for the foreseeable future!
Seth Herring
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