Best Film Ever
Best Film Ever
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Episode 25 - The Usual Suspects
1 hour 53 minutes Posted Aug 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm.
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Show notes

Who is Keyser Söze?  Is Keaton alive or dead?  Where is Kobayashi's accent from?  Are we still allowed to love this movie?  All very good questions and ones that we dive into as we tackle the Christopher McQuarrie penned script that had 'the best plot twist of all-time' according to the voters at IMDb, in "The Usual Suspects."  Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we lean back and take it all in from coagulated urine to cigarette flicks, location shifts and behind-the-scenes drama, and somehow we ended up with a film that is a very real contender for best film ever.  We've got Ellie joining visiting us as a special agent as we interrogate the Brian Singer/Kevin Spacey mob movie.  It's a red herring of a 25th episode as we discuss:

  • How exactly do you pronounce Kaiser Soze, and what is its origin?
  • Why did the location jump from New York to Los Angeles really?
  • Which two members of the cast openly admit to hating each other in real life due to events that happened on the set of this film?
  • Is there a better walking sequence filmed than the one featured in this film?
  • The problem with unreliable narrators and how The Usual Suspects is more satisfying with this technique than Joker was 
  • How can you call Kevin Spacey a supporting actor in this film?
  • Whether or not The Usual Suspects is the Best Film Ever