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Best Film Ever
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Reel Roundtable #1 - Worst Films Ever
45 minutes Posted Aug 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm.
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Show notes

Some bonus content for you this week as we dust off the Roundtable discussion we had in support of Pod vCon (where the V stands for virtual).  Ethan, Ellie, Ian, and Liam flip the gimmick on its head as we talk about what elements make up terrible films.  Comments, banter, and disagreements can all be found inside as we discuss

  • Which actors tend to show up in bad movies
  • What genres are most guilty of producing the worst films
  • The dangers of fulfilling corporate sponsorship to create your film
  • Ian walks us through the formula that made Hollywood studios a ridiculous amount of money with one specific actor in the nineties
  • We discuss the merits of fictional retellings of history (especially when the outcome has changed)
  • We all bring a nomination for the worst film ever

If you liked this format, let us now and we can consider bringing it on a semi-regular basis.  Hit us up at @BestFilmEverPod on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.