Best Film Ever
Best Film Ever
Movie Podcast
Episode 20 - Clueless
1 hour 59 minutes Posted Jul 20, 2020 at 7:00 pm.
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Show notes

Last week we called The Crow, “perhaps the most 90s movie ever made.”  This week, Clueless says “that’s totally harsh.”  Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we return to the mid-nineties for an Amy Heckerling picture that simultaneously satirises 90s culture amongst the ‘it crowd’ while also acting as a faithful adaptation of a 19th Century Jane Austen piece.  We’re rolling with the homies (in the form of our permaguests, Ellie and Georgia) all the way to the mall  as we discuss a moment frozen in time in Clueless.  It's a Betty of a 20th episode where we:

  • Play ‘Real or Fake 90s slang”
  • Discuss the legacies of the O.J. Simpson case in popular culture
  • Try to figure out why Brittany Murphy is so hard to recognise
  • Georgia weighs in on the great egg debate.
  • Marvel at why so many of the cast don’t seem to age in a quarter of a century.
  • Gush over the greatness of Wallace Shawn who seems to have aged in reverse since Princess Bride.
  • Talk about the consequences of satire if the audience doesn’t pick up that it’s a satire.
  • Talk about that iconic Alicia Silverstone outfit that was borrowed for a 2014 chart-topping homage
  • Ask ourselves if Clueless is the Best Film Ever.