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Your soon-to-be new favourite transatlantic film review podcast, trawling through the blockbusters and critical darlings in search of the best film ever.
Episode 27 - Braveheart
Every man dies; not every man truly lives - They make take our lives but they will never take our freedom! - The almighty says he can get me out of this but he's pretty sure you're f------d!  It's been 25 years since the UK release of Mel Gibson's opus, Braveheart, and if you're like us, you can still say all the lines.  Join your favourite transatlantic film review crew – Ian, Liam, and Ellie – as we head in search of a bridge to Stirling and ask Mel's son to make us a cup of tea.  It's a revolution of a 27th episode as we discuss:Just how much creative license was used in the making of Braveheart (spoiler: a lot)Why should you stay away from medieval windows.What are the perks of being an accountant for a feature filmWho was Mel Gibson's first choice to play William Wallace?What changes had to be made in order to placate the MPAAJust how manic is Scottish weather?Why doesn't Mel Gibson have nice thingsJust how badly does Robert the Bruce want William Wallace to be his friendWho got frightened by the speech by Gibson at StirlingHow did a film that worked as a tourism advert for Scotland get so much Irish content in it?Whether or not Braveheart is the Best Film Ever
Sep 7
1 hr 58 min
Reel Roundtable #2 - Remembering Robin Williams
Another bonus episode as we bring you another Friday Reel Roundtable discussion for your listening enjoyment.  Ethan, Ellie, Ian, and Liam revisit the career of the legendary tour-de-force that was Robin Williams.  Comments, banter, and a more than slight dose of nostalgia and appreciation can be found as we discuss:Why did Robin Williams effect so many in such a profound wayHow large a part of our collective childhoods were the films of Robin WilliamsDid Robin work best when there were narrative restrictions that limited his creativity to a pointHow often could it be said that Robin Williams’ performances were better than the films he was a part ofWe go over our audience input as to which Robin Williams performances they held in highest regardWe present the BFE Top 10 list for the best Robin Williams Performances everIf you have any ideas about future actors/actresses or topics for future roundtables, we’d love to hear from you.  Hit us up at @BestFilmEverPod on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Sep 3
1 hr 2 min
Episode 26 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (w/ Nick & Russ Don't Know Anything)
We’ve got a most un-heinous line-up for this week’s review of the film that Keanu Reeves was afraid would be etched on his tombstone in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  Due to the imminent premiere of Bill & Ted 3, we felt it fitting to head back into the circuits of time and revisit not only Bill & Ted but our past us’s Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting crew – Ian, Liam, and Ellie – and our very special guests from Nick & Russ Don’t Know Anything as we head to the Circle K in search of pudding cups, bubble gum and socratic method.  It’s a trip to the mall of a 26th episode as we discuss:Who was supposed to be the first historical figure picked up into the Not-Tardis?What was the original prop that was to act as the device to carry them through time?Where is the phone booth from the movie now?How did George Carlin end up in the film?Who were the preferred choice for The Three Most Important PeopleHow did Sigmund Freud learn English so quickly and how did Beethoven suddenly regain his hearing?Wasn’t a buddy movie between Billy The Kid & Socrates the sequel/spin-off we all wanted to see?Whether or not Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is the Best Film EverCatch more of Nick and Russ on their podcast "Nick and Russ Don't Know Anything" available on fine podcatchers everywhere as well as on Twitter (@realNickandRuss), and YouTube.
Aug 31
1 hr 55 min
Episode 25 - The Usual Suspects
Who is Keyser Söze?  Is Keaton alive or dead?  Where is Kobayashi's accent from?  Are we still allowed to love this movie?  All very good questions and ones that we dive into as we tackle the Christopher McQuarrie penned script that had 'the best plot twist of all-time' according to the voters at IMDb, in "The Usual Suspects."  Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we lean back and take it all in from coagulated urine to cigarette flicks, location shifts and behind-the-scenes drama, and somehow we ended up with a film that is a very real contender for best film ever.  We've got Ellie joining visiting us as a special agent as we interrogate the Brian Singer/Kevin Spacey mob movie.  It's a red herring of a 25th episode as we discuss:How exactly do you pronounce Kaiser Soze, and what is its origin?Why did the location jump from New York to Los Angeles really?Which two members of the cast openly admit to hating each other in real life due to events that happened on the set of this film?Is there a better walking sequence filmed than the one featured in this film?The problem with unreliable narrators and how The Usual Suspects is more satisfying with this technique than Joker was How can you call Kevin Spacey a supporting actor in this film?Whether or not The Usual Suspects is the Best Film Ever
Aug 24
1 hr 53 min
Episode 24 - Speed (with Ethan from Talking The Mickey)
Pop quiz, hot shot - You hear that and instinctively know that we're talking about the 1994 public transit thriller, Speed.  Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we take a look at a film that was likely much bigger (and better) than it had any reason to be.  Also on the bus we've got Ellie in fact-check corner, and Ethan is our replacement Bus Driver.  It's an adrenaline-filled 24th episode as we discuss:Which famous writer was brought in to fix the dialogue in this script (similar to Joss Whedon in Toy Story)The eerie similarities between Jack's pursuit of the bus in his Ford Bronco and the real-life chase of O.J. Simpson in a Ford Bronco just 7 days later.How Ian keeps calling Jeff Daniels, Jeff BridgesJust how similar to Die Hard is this movieEthan taps into the hair energy of Sandra Bullock and correctly comes up with the original actress they wanted for the role.Find out who the original choice for Jack Travern was and what qualities Keanu Reeves had that made him Jan De Bont's choiceWhich stunt Keanu Reeves never told the director he was going to do before he did it.What special skill did one of the cast learn in preparation for this movieWhether Speed is the Best Film Ever.
Aug 17
1 hr 56 min
Episode 23 - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011 - English Language)
Did a Swedish Book released in 2008 really need 2 films based on the same novel released just 2 years apart, both based in Sweden but one in Swedish and one in English?  That's the question we ask as we look extensively at the 2011 English language Daniel Craig fronted version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we take a look at a film that Sony had very big hopes for but never continued with the planned trilogy despite critical acclaim.  We're joined by our Ellie is in fact-check corner.  It's a wintery 23rd episode as we discuss:Why wasn't there more focus drawn to Lisbeth's titular dragon tattoo?The differences between the Swedish Film's 3 act structure and the American film's 5 Act Structure?Whether having an elaborate Bond-like title sequence was a good idea considering the film's leading man was the current 007Which of Rooney Mara's aesthetic changes were undertaken by the American actress and which were pretendThe harrowing inspiration for the story itself in the mind of the author, Steig Larsson.Who was so close to getting the part of Lisbeth, and why did director David Fincher ultimately decide not to cast her.Who had a chance meeting with the film crew and managed to get herself in the film, and what is her connection to the original film?Which actor/actress was so disturbed by filming one of the more extreme scenes that they spent the whole next day crying in their hotel room.Whether The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the Best Film Ever.
Aug 10
1 hr 54 min
Reel Roundtable 01 - Worst Films Ever
Some bonus content for you this week as we dust off the Roundtable discussion we had in support of Pod vCon (where the V stands for virtual).  Ethan, Ellie, Ian, and Liam flip the gimmick on its head as we talk about what elements make up terrible films.  Comments, banter, and disagreements can all be found inside as we discussWhich actors tend to show up in bad moviesWhat genres are most guilty of producing the worst filmsThe dangers of fulfilling corporate sponsorship to create your filmIan walks us through the formula that made Hollywood studios a ridiculous amount of money with one specific actor in the ninetiesWe discuss the merits of fictional retellings of history (especially when the outcome has changed)We all bring a nomination for the worst film everIf you liked this format, let us now and we can consider bringing it on a semi-regular basis.  Hit us up at @BestFilmEverPod on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Aug 6
45 min
Episode 22 - Dangerous Minds (With Debbie)*
WE ARE SO SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES IN THE ORIGINAL DANGEROUS MINDS EPISODE.  I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPENED.  THE UPDATED FILE IS FREE OF ANY CONTENT FROM OTHER EPISODES. Admit it, you've seen the poster and Gangsta's Paradise is already going through your head.  Join your favourite transatlantic tambourine men - Ian & Liam – as we take a look at the Michelle Pfeiffer teacher pseudo-biopic "Dangerous Minds."  We're joined by our very special friend Debbie, and Ellie is in fact-check corner.  It's a choice-filled 22nd episode as we discuss:The captivating real-life story of LouAnne Johnson - one that probably made for a better movie if they had read it.Why Michelle Pfeiffer teaches karate to a group of students who are shown to have already established violent tendenciesIf Michelle Pfeiffer seems at all believeable as a marineWhat parts of being a teacher Pfeiffer gets right and dozens she gets wrongThe inaccuracies of the inspirational teacher trope in movies.How much more scandalous Bruckheimer and Simpson wanted the plot to beReal-life follow-up on several of the students from the filmWhy does Pfeiffer try to link poetry to Bob Dylan when the group likely has never heard of him before.Paul Gilroy's post-colonial theory and the dangers of the white saviour complex that showed up in Hollywood films in the late 80s and 90sWhether Dangerous Minds is the Best Film Ever.
Aug 4
1 hr 59 min
Episode 21 - Toy Story (Crossover with Talking The Mickey)
To infinity and beyond!  Catch us on a very exciting crossover episode this week as the BFE & TTM teams combine to provide a deep dive into the toy box for the 25th birthday of Toy Story later this year.   Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we try and figure out how Toy Story could possibly be anywhere near that old.  We’re joined by our party guests from Talking The Mickey, Ethan and Ellie, and we've all got our moving buddies as we're headed to Pizza Planet (only 1 toy allowed).  It's an existentially critical 21st episode as we discuss:What happens when pitch meetings go badly at Walt Disney StudiosWhich actor declared his character to be a jerk early on during recording sessionsThe three departments of a film's production cycleAt what point are toys born?  When do they receive consciousness?Someone gets way too excited about a countdown from 10Did Pixar get too dark in some of the sequences from this film?Does Woody forgive the rest of the gang too easily?Ian's hatred for Tim Allen that was put to the test during the screening of this filmAsk ourselves if Toy Story is the Best Film Ever.
Jul 27
1 hr 59 min
Episode 20 - Clueless
Last week we called The Crow, “perhaps the most 90s movie ever made.”  This week, Clueless says “that’s totally harsh.”  Join your favourite transatlantic podcasting duo - Ian & Liam – as we return to the mid-nineties for an Amy Heckerling picture that simultaneously satirises 90s culture amongst the ‘it crowd’ while also acting as a faithful adaptation of a 19th Century Jane Austen piece.  We’re rolling with the homies (in the form of our permaguests, Ellie and Georgia) all the way to the mall  as we discuss a moment frozen in time in Clueless.  It's a Betty of a 20th episode where we:Play ‘Real or Fake 90s slang”Discuss the legacies of the O.J. Simpson case in popular cultureTry to figure out why Brittany Murphy is so hard to recogniseGeorgia weighs in on the great egg debate.Marvel at why so many of the cast don’t seem to age in a quarter of a century.Gush over the greatness of Wallace Shawn who seems to have aged in reverse since Princess Bride.Talk about the consequences of satire if the audience doesn’t pick up that it’s a satire.Talk about that iconic Alicia Silverstone outfit that was borrowed for a 2014 chart-topping homageAsk ourselves if Clueless is the Best Film Ever.
Jul 20
1 hr 59 min
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