Bend Don't Break
Bend Don't Break
Delta Police Department
You Can't Buy Good Mental Health, You Can Only Create It
39 minutes Posted Sep 29, 2023 at 7:59 am.
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Show notes

Join Chief Neil Dubord as he speaks with psychologist Dr. Mark Davies. Mark has recently joined the Delta Police Department and works with our wellness section to help our officers be mentally healthy. A psychologist on staff is not a completely new thing, but it goes a long way to show how committed the DPD is to employee wellness.


Mark believes organizational culture can reduce barriers and contribute to healthy mental well-being. In speaking about a study conducted at Harvard, Dr. Davies states, “Unit cohesion in the military was a negative predictor of PTSD by a 20% variance.”  Essentially, having the proper mechanisms in place before trauma occurs, can reduce the chance and severity of trauma, if and when trauma does happen.


Mark emphasizes the value of organizational culture, why he chose to work with first responders, and how his own lived experience is now helping him contribute to the DPD’s environment to help its officers.  “Mental health isn’t about preventing bad, it’s about being really great.”


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