Ben Franklin's World
Ben Franklin's World
Liz Covart
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Agenda Driven
I tuned in to learn some good, and some bad, early American history I was greeted with a few dozen professors of history giving their liberal talking points on episode 300 of how racist America is Thanks for that No wonder college students are as unproductive and self hating as they are
Revisionist Left Wing Propaganda
If you want to listen to real history don’t waste your time with this podcast. It is clearly left wing propaganda that unapologetically presents history through the lens of critical race theory. I am perplexed by it’s 4.5 star rating.
You Lost Me
I loved your podcast. Until the political diatribe in your most recent. The misrepresentation of Frederick Douglas and other great American leaders with a woke comparison cheapens the great efforts of your forum.
No other podcast is like it!
My family and I enjoy this podcast very much! Interesting Early American history is presented with great enthusiasm and does not sound stuffy or dull. There is a good variety of subjects so there is an episode for everyone! Keep up the great work
Great podcast
I was going to wait until tomorrow but decided to tell you today that I love the podcast
rick cvbhgf
Ibrahima Seck brought the knowledge!
Wonderfully complete picture of enslaved life on a plantation, drawing the historical line from the past to today. He highlighted the agency of the enslaved people in their efforts to cope with and resist the slave economy that stripped them of their freedom. Beautifully done.
Misleading title
Informative however nearly all shows consist of topics on slavery and less of what I was hoping for. The title Ben Franklins World is inappropriate for the topics covered.
After 10 minutes
I decided I could not listen to the narrator any longer. If she could take it down a notch.
Wonderful Podcast
Liz Covart provides very informative and well produced podcasts that are sure to be a favorite for any history buffs! Her interview style makes you relax and feel right at home while listening and brings out the best in her knowledgeable and entertaining guests. 5 stars from me!
There are podcasts and then there’s BFW. LC has created a model that every historical podcaster should pay close attention too. It’s a who’s who of movers and shakers in the field combined with Liz’s stellar format. Plus she doesn’t drop the ball with wonky production values. A+ content. Pay attn kiddos for this is how it’s done. There are no shortcuts to actually reading books.
content: 5 - Presentation 1
I’d enjoy it more if Dr Covart spoke slower, enunciated her words and stop swallowing final syllables .
Love the content...
But as noted by others, the host’s tendency to attempt to add, what?-drama, phony gravitas ??? via irritating pauses peppered throughout a single sentence is maddening. It almost felt (in episode 292) as though she decided to double down on it in response to that feedback. Listen to how your guests fluently talk and imitate them, please. It makes listening to terrific guests challenging.
Very well done.
Excellent podcast. I love the information put forth in he podcast. Very interesting and on subjects tat capture the imagination. My only critique wold be that sometimes it feels as if she is loading up for the next question and not really listening to hat her interview subject is saying. Don’t be afraid to pop some flavor in your discussion with these people. Loose up mud have fun. Your not being graded on this😊
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Greg n Emily
Loving this podcast
Just what I needed to pass the time this year! Such a great podcast- liking it more and more every episode
A Smoen
I can’t stand fake talk. Just talk normal. That MSM speak has to go. Do not listen in car you will crash with how boring this podcast is.
Look forward to each episode
I really enjoy the content and friendly, calm delivery. Liz is delightful and the guests bring great insight. I’d love more frequent episodes. Surprised by some of the more critical reviews that have been posted.
The podcast is truly a joy to listen to, and even more now that Liz has made a very important, needed, and genuine move to include Indigenous history within the scope of the pod. I’m very happy to have been a listener for years and to see the trajectory this podcast has taken. Thanks, Liz!
Gender and Enslavement Podcasts Predominate
Some good podcasts here mixed in with a disproportionate emphasis on slavery, gender, and social justice centric topics. After awhile it gets old and a little preachy with its general negative perspective on our nation’s early history.
Questionable at best...
Just listened to the Acadian diaspora. As I have done a lot of family genealogy and study, I have come to the conclusion that the host and author that was interviewed were very unknowing of the major cause as to why the Acadians were evicted, the numerous deaths in the slave ships due to disease and shipwrecks, and where these people eventually ended up. They never mentioned the Acadians that found their way to Northern Maine or the ships that brought hundreds or thousands to British prisons. Or the terrible conditions when they were sent to France after the war was over. This is a story of people who just wanted to be left alone to worship their own way, toughness, and almost genocide. The author makes it seem like a walk in the park. Also, why would you interview a professor from BYU? Probably should have talked to someone who’s family was involved in the “grand derangement”. There are many knowledgeable people in actual Acadia that know more than this idiot. If you want to read a good book that tells the real story in historical fiction, read “the scattered” by richard holledge. I found that much more realistic than this guys version. Also I hope the other stories on this podcast are better researched and the guests better vetted.-an Acadian
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Great nuanced overview of colonial times
Great insight into history from a multitude of varying perspectives. Most of the dialogue is in conversational mode and easy to understand. Occasionally there’s a presenter who I can tell is reading text. It’s not conversational and it’s a little hard to keep up with while doing another activity such as biking or walking. I love that Liz answers specific questions and emails.
Love the show but one thing...
I love the show. I’ve listened to about 90% of it. It’s one of the best history podcasts I’ve ever listened to. My only issue is that in some of the episodes Liz is incredibly loud. I mean extremely loud. Idk. It could be an audio issue but it’s like that on all my audio devices. And I have pretty good stuff. It sounds like she yelling into mic. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Rude to older guests
I was really enjoying this podcast, until the episode when she interviewed an older person. She sounds annoyed and she’s, not pleasant to the guest. You can hear it in her voice. It was very disappointing as I was enjoying this podcast. I’m shocked at how she spoke to this guest!
Great podcast
Love the show!
Anvil man blacksmith
Very insightful
Would love to hear an episode of ‘The Battle of Fallen Timbers.”
Had me until reparations
Interesting and informative right up to the point where Ms Rosenthal began speaking of her research as a means to forward discussions of reparations. She lost all intellectual credibility at that point. Understanding our history is paramount to preventing a repeat of it. However, the past should NOT be used as a cudgel to bludgeon the present.
Boringly ideological
The worst kind of pretentious, leftist academic claptrap.
Love this podcast
I love the content of this podcast. I listen everyday while on a walk.
Stay away from SJW topics
The host needs to realize that she doesn’t know more than the guests. Also, the podcast is good when it sticks to major events and other similar aspects of our nation’s founding. It tends to get annoying with all the SJW topics, like slavery and gender issues, which seem to make up a majority of the content.
Each episode’s an expert interview
The content is rich. The interview format makes it accessible. Liz is fabulously nerdy. Great find.
Host does a wonderful job selecting guests and keeping the conversation on track. I LOVE to listen while washing dishes or making dinner. This podcast and a glass of wine make doing household chores a pleasure.
Has Gotten Better Over the Years
Liz has stepped up her game a lot since the beginning but it still gets a bit boring and rehearsed. Wish it could combine the more interesting topics from earlier episodes with Liz’s more recent polished style.
Surprising gem!
I have listening to two episodes so far- Stepfamilies and Same-Sex marriage- and they are fabulous! Informative and interesting! Could you do an episode on how infertility was viewed in early America?
History Lover
I found my fix. Thank you. I wish I had known about this podcast earlier.
If you’re a history buff and, like me, particularly interested in Colonial America, this podcast will be right up your alley. The guest historians are fascinating folks who will provide a wonderful overview of their latest work. Listening to them dive into their specific slice of history is a joy that provides wonderful insights regardless of if you decide to get their book. Plus, I’m super excited about Liz’s new format where, based on the brief episode I heard, should be more interactive and engaging. A top notch podcast I look forward to every other week!
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Vocal style
I wish the narrator would just be quiet. LOVE the guests and the topics. It truly sounds like the lady doing the interviews goes back and re-records her questions. Every time she asks a question she uses the word “and” (then pauses for effect), then and... (pause for effect), and (pause for effect), and... I want to slit my wrists. Otherwise a really great podcast.
Great history
I have enjoyed every episode. The work that went into each episode stunned me. I have learned so much that is important.
michael conroy
Odd affectation
Some good content but I wish Liz would take to heart the criticism of her delivery. The stubbornness she displayed in the Hermione episode when she continued to mispronounce the ships name after being corrected by the guest was off putting.
Jenny 1917
Great Podcast
I enjoy learning about early American history through this podcast. I was surprised to hear people complain about Liz’s voice. To me she sounds up beat and scholarly. Though I do mot like the intro music to the Time-warp I think it may be an open source resource. Overall a great podcast presenting interesting topics in a east to listen to format. Kudos Liz
John cape cod
I enjoy this podcast and value the different perspective the host gives the materials I find no fault with the narrator’s vocal style. The content is excellent
grsmmacy 5k
Can’t take the voice
Love the content and guests but the weird phony voice and way she talks is so irritating I’m done with this podcast. No one talks like that. So contrived. She can talk normally and does at times. Like fingernails down the chalkboard, that lame phony voice. I’m done. Lady get a clue!
love the content
While i love the content i really dislike voice of the interviewer. i hate to even say that but maybe the brassy tone could be worked on with better production and the music they use in the alternative time line intro is jarring.
industty recycles
In my opinion too much time devoted to historical evidence that touts contemporary liberal sensibilities. Sex, gender, race relations, sexuality. Important subjects but not worth the immense time spent on them; in this podcast and in today’s society.
Good but
Very informational but the host’s tone is too broadcast-y, would be more enjoyable if less scripted, more conversational tone
Good content but host sounds like she is reading a script
Not bad but host sounds like she is reading from a script with all these non regular pauses / questions
dc seltzer
Deep dives
Real history on a period we all “know” but don’t truly understand.
Great educational
A great podcast on America’s revolutionary history. Great guest, well edited and presented. Enjoy it very much. Give it a listen, you will not regret it.
I’ve listen to four episodes still haven’t learned anything about Benjamin Franklin
When one finds their life calling
Wow! Caribbean History was an important part of my secondary education. I would have to read a ton to learn. Having a podcast like this to learn is such of a valuable resource. Well done. Love it!
Jonesy Money
Love history
Read about you in the Penn Stater and love the podcast! Also a trumpet player and penn stater! Great content and fun to listen to!
Great history
Best part of this series is the fact the host allows her guests the time to tell their stories.
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