Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller
Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller
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His name is Ben Baller not Ben Humble & this is a Business Podcast. World Renowned Jeweler to the Stars, Hottest Baseball Card Designer in the Hobby, Former Music Executive, Entrepreneur, Family Man & Trash Talker Extraordinaire is now on the microphone bi-weekly where he belongs. The CEO & Founder of IF & Co. Custom Jewelry provides deep insights as to who he really is and to who his listeners could be. Joined by celebrity guests or performing solo, new episodes are released every Monday & Thursday at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST as well as Emergency episode content whenever the mood strikes. Produced by
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Huge fan, quick question
Hey Ben, I’ve been following you for awhile and a huge fan of yours. I’ve listened to every episode to all 128 episodes to date. I’ve been trying to get your gold money counter that came out all 3 times but wasn’t able to get them. Is there anyway I could get one without paying stockx prices? I have a few 1oz gold bar, I’m from philly and want to know where I can sell them without getting ripped off and paying minimum commission? Are gold shops suppose to give me the bid price or spot price that I see online, minus like 5-10% commission? Lastly, I also have some 24k gold necklace that I want to sell at spot if possible, can you recommend any places I can sell them? Could be online or LA or even Philly.
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Fan Question 10/25
What up Ben, big fan. Two questions here, I’ll keep it short. Q1: I know you were a part of The AirMacks Crew with AM and Homicide. What were your DJ days like? Favorite memory with Adam? Q2: What’s some advice you’d give to 25 year old Ben Baller? Thank you for the fresh, NO B.S, free game you spit every episode. I look forward to it every week. - DJ COMPLEX
Fan Question
Hey Ben - big fan of the show outta the Bay Area, yeee! I’m in my late 20’s and I’m wondering how do I go about buying an engagement ring? As a jeweler, what are things guys gotta be looking for in terms of quality, pricing, etc.? Any tips or generic advise around how much to spend? Thanks! Check out Chibog next time your in Filipino Town they’re the one.
Day 1 question
Seriously been a fan since day one. I listen to Joe Rogan daily and was heavily into podcasts before yours came out. This is my favorite podcast now days. I commute from Fairfield to San Francisco daily and your show gets me through the traffic . Thanks to you my family and I were well prepared for Covid weeks before everyone else. I Started my own mobile detailing service Dipped Mobile Detail and wanted to know the best way to get exotic car clientele. Thank you for getting me through the work week . Best pod cast hands down peace and blessings. -Aris O
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16 year-old korean/american raised in Cerritos/Artesia currently running a brand. What’s the most important step when turning your brand from more of a lowkey type scene to more mainstream? Also got some designs for BBDTC apparel, for further inquiries direct message me @nxskay and will there be any opportunity for any internship in the near future?
Awesome podcast man !!♥️ question did you see the Juan Manuel Márquez vs paquiao part 4 if you did what did you think about it ? And how also how can I pay off my credit cards fast i owe 7k? thank you much love Ben !
Quick q
Yo Ben, listened to every episode of the podcast, even episodes before you started your own podcast on other people’s shows and even way back to the YouTube show. Really trying to get a fashion merchandising internship in LA this summer. Any companies that you recommend I apply to/scope out? And and all help is appreciated. My ig is @ari.kala
Ari Kala
Have you watched any of these?
Wassup Ben! Hope all is well! Have you watched any of these? If so what were your thoughts on them? 1. Kingdom on Netflix; a MMA show 2. The Dirt on Netflix; biopic of Mötley Crüe 3. Apex: The Secret Race Across America; its on Prime, it’s also narrator by Ice-T
What’s Good Korean Alex Caruso?
If you and your wife were to trade places/responsibilities for 24 hrs, who would have the tougher time adjusting? Much respect! @f3astmod3
Real state
Hey Ben If you could give me some advice in real state when it comes to buying cheap homes and re modeling it to rent out or flip, who to talk to or where to look? Also shout out from Des Moines Iowa homie !!!
james castillo p
Potential Guest
Hey Ben My Name is Mike Pallat, Been featured on here twice before thank you for the love , appreciate the motivation you always give me Uncle Ben, Would you ever have Ronnie Fieg on the show huge fan of Kith and would love to hear you two together . Much love
met's freak
BTBP Question
Yo what up Ben, my name is Ray, I’m a day one listener to the podcast. I’m a mailman and your podcast gets me through my day so shout out to you. My question is: Would you ever collaborate with another prominent jeweler to make a chain for a celebrity? If so, who would it be? P.S. Can you get Greg Yuna back on the podcast? Much love from El Paso, TX
Fan Question
I’ve only listen to your podcast because I very good female friend of both ours told me too, but Vegas Dave straight LIED on your podcast, he never went to trial and found guilty or not because he did a PLEA BARGAIN...He used other people’s SSN to make and place bets all over Vegas because they do a check on anything sports wager over 10K, and the DA that work the case and also NO VEGAS sports books will ever “BANNED” you for winning your sports wager because they are regulated by Nevada Gaming Commission, so he can always go to them and appeal his so called “BANNED” which he won’t since that was part of his plea bargain to stay away for any Vegas Sportsbook..Why don’t you do an interview with Sonny Vaccaro or Jay Kornegay who are 2 of the most respected sports books mgr in Vegas Sports Betting Industry, you said theirs alway 2 side to the story right?? well let’s see if this happens...FYI all the Filipinos in Daygo are SouthEast Daygo Paradise Hills not Mira Mesa..Morse High School!
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What’s good Ben love the podcast. My question is, you’ve talked about how you’ve been pulled over hundreds of times, have you ever ended up running from the police?
Fan question
Love the show, just got into it 2 days ago and heard 3 shows back to back.. just got my girl to listen to you.. credit is lit and thanks for saying that.. people don’t get it, on how credit can get you far in life.. if it’s applied right and make it work for you.. what is the best Korean restaurant in LA??
Fan Questions
Hey Ben, I am a female listener and love listening to your podcast. I have 3 older brothers and you remind me of them so a lot of what you say I can relate to. Born and raised in San Diego but I live in Long Beach now. I have 2 questions: what do you recommend in regards to learning about stocks? And with your peoples that you are friends/family with who are for Trump, do you challenge them or what does that conversation look like? Pretty sure my parents voted for Trump but I don’t know how to go about that conversation. We are distant but I am always the one to spark a conversation or challenge them. Thank you much love !!
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Big question
Diverse legend straight up hey man I just came across some Mac Miller leaks over 100 songs what you feel about that type of stuff? Is it sick but also should people just release it for those super fans of his and off that subject what you think about generational wealth and any advice on that plans etc. You a real G stay humble LOL
Hey Ben! ❤️ from Texas
Just wanted to come on here and thank you for this gem of a podcast. I’ve started to enjoy my runs a TON more now while I listen to this- I hit play and run until it’s over. I’ve recently started a diet as well. Breakfast is always the hardest for me...I don’t know what to eat/start the day with. What do you eat or recommend for breakfast?
To get in the skate spirit with prod coming on. How long have you known nyjah huston?
Fan questions
Hey Ben, if you sold your entire bearbrick collection tomorrow, what car could you buy?
Ben baller fan question
Sup Ben I’m real big fan of the pod cast been listening to you since day one . Seen a recent interview with fat joe and busta rhymes and he said he stay in a apartment neighboring Tupac and omar epp’s. Was wondering if he was talking about the same you was staying if so did you ever speak to busta? It1teedoe
What's up Ben hyung! I was wondering if you guys got the coffee I sent you. (Ganzi Coffee) I hope you guys enjoy it and I'll be sending a box every time I get a shipment of my green beans. I have Nicolette's matcha coming soon as well! Also, I wanted to make some custom cups to pour my latte art in and was wondering if I could use your quote, "This is not your practice life" with the BB inside of the cups. I'll send you a box for you and the whole fam as well. I don't know if you read what I sent to BTB dm, but you're the main reason why I started Ganzi Coffee and I just want to show my love and respect for you and the whole team. Thank you and much love hyung! -Mehdi Chung
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What up
Man your podcast is so fire. So much game you spit and the guest you have. Hands down the best podcast I’ve listened too. Being disabled and not working as much as I use too. Your podcast motivates me but I can’t depend on people taking me to point A to point B. Any advice what I can do from home? I just can’t find my niche honestly.
Christian Allen from Northridge
Hey Ben, been following your grind ever since I started watching your show on YouTube and just recently started listening to the pod in January when you had your emergency podcast on the great Kobe Bryant (rest in peace). Laker4life. F**k the clippers. Since then I’ve caught up and I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon your podcast! Question, do you have any stories with legendary LA native Big Boy? Since you both are OGs and legends from the city, I’d figure why not. Anf if so, would you ever consider having him on the podcast? Thanks Ben. Sending love and good health to you and your family and please continue to keep it a thousand! Peace 🇵🇭💜💛
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“Vegas Dave” was a guest 😂😂😂
Dave lies about his picks, his results, and his reasons for being “banned”. He uses social media to scam people. Why doesn’t Ben ask him about buying and selling his fake Michael Jordan card? What about his past domestic violence and bankruptcy issues? Terrible segment and a boring podcast. Ben should have done more research. He sounds cool, but anyone that gives Dave Oancea a platform is part of the problem. I’m out.
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Best Podcast Out
Yo Ben thank you for all the great content you put out, for not being Ben Humble and keeping it 100.
HK Project
Braddah Ben, I remember you talked about working with HK ( Heckler & Koch ) and releasing a project. Any details that you can talk about? Most importantly... will it be California approved? Did you get get the Sig P365 holster I sent you? Thank you and have a Blessed Day! Chiropractor in Tustin John Park
Hey Ben, my name is Vincent and I am a really big fan of the podcast and like everyone else has been listening since the very beginning. I’ve also been following you since the Nike Talk days and when IF&Co was Icee Fresh. I have purchased a few pieces over the ear and my family and I love them. I was personal friends with Neek and Angela from Vegas, Just to give you an idea of how small the world is for us. The reason I am reaching out with my subject title is because previously there were times where you were talking about white tees. So I was wondering if you have ever heard of the company out in Vernon called Standard Issue Tees. I am a big fan of their stuff, it’s simple and straight to the point with minimal branding. Their clothes are pre-shrunk so they keep their fit and shape. And I just thought I wonder if Ben Baller has ever tried this company. I’m a big fan of their garments and since I know you are a tasteful guy when it comes to certain things that maybe you would appreciate the the tees they make. I was wondering that if you were too busy to check them out if I could send you a three pack check out. That’s pretty much it. Hopefully you get a chance to read this and I appreciate you taking the time if you do. Thank you in advance and always looking forward to every episode. Vincent from Ketchikan “K-Town”, Alaska
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Love You man
You and Michael Rapaport are two people I can listen to all day everyday.. I got a question for you.. on the pod can you sometime tell a story about your first time smoking weed and how that went.. thanks your boy Michael Kaspar
Keep it smooth!
Hope the family and you is healthy! I’m 27 and the first hip hop/rap music I was introduced to was the 2001 album, 50 Cent/G-Unit, The Game and a lot of the dirty south ATL! How’s your relationship to Tip, Young Jeezy, Etc!
Silver Spoon Korean
If you wanna hear COVID fear porn , this is the Pod for you.
Joey Rogan
Great podcast long time listener since day one.
A random question but what ever happen to your boy Eli ? He was such a motivator, and positive vibes. Was just asking how’s he holding up ? Also what advise would you give a young entrepreneur? Something that you wish you told your younger self ?
Carlos from san antonio
Great Podcast
Whats up Ben, Been a fan of yours for a minute, just started listening to the podcast. Any advice on networking? How did you amass such diverse group of friends celebs/businessmen/fashion designers/etc..... Seems like you done known everybody for 15+ years. Would you attribute all that to growing up and living in LA or is there a method behind it? Also did some art for you some years back you used it as a profile pic for awhile is there anyway I can send a mounted print out of it. Preciate all the game bro.
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Julian Wilson 3
Although you do drop some precious gems on this podcast.. the humor is what I mainly listen for! You be having me rolling 😂 the gems is a plus. Keep doing y’a thing!
What’s up Ben!
Been listening to your podcast from day 1 .. I have a question my dongsaengs mom found mad cards of his from back In the days and has some sick Gems like a Bowman Griffey rookie auto.. he has so many and wants to get them all graded, I know you said use Beckett but is there a faster way to get a bulk rating there’s like over 10k cards.. hit me on IG @mistajohnlee thx cuz !
Relationship with your dad
Ben, I found you by searching Jimmyboi, I listened to that episode and have been listening to you ever since. I wanted to ask, Even though you’ve had issues with your dad in the past, do you allow him to be a part of your kids’ lives as a “grandpa”? Thanks, Dustinn K
Are you going to extract CBD from your Jonas strain? It would be dope to see more kush out on the market with all of its cbd still in the bud. I know it’s money but I also feel ever since weed became legal it’s been Money over quality. The herb in LA nowadays doesn’t even come close to the Kush being pushed by your local plug back in ‘06/07. What’s your opinion on that matter?
Free Game
Hey Ben , Listening to this episode as I sit in the hospital waiting for my first child to be born. ( my girl is getting some rest at the moment ) Just wondering , besides the baseball cards and the bear bricks . What hobby do you think Is up and coming in the next 5 years that is currently undervalued ? P.S. love the project 2020 , been collection you and Don C’ s cards . Thanks, Marquis
Hey Ben
Hey Ben thanks for the sticker for my hard hat!! Im a day one listener! Question- how do you find time to live a normal life with your family being as busy and important as you are to many people
The Hobby
I’m making a framed case for your cards.. any horizontal cards on the back end I should be worried about? Keep it up stay blessed.
Word to Ben Yang
What up kuya, digging the pod from day 1.. enjoyed all the reality tv eps too. Couple of three things to some nice quality gold chains and pendants, including my mid size Jesus piece from IF&co.. but I have some that get no love (not that Icey Fresh tho!)..How do u suggest I get rid of the 250 grams of chains and pendants? Piece out on eBay, pawn shop, jewelry store? Bc its nice sellable stuff should I expect above ,below or at spot? I’m 43 and we have the same taste in music..Special Ed -I got it made -is that joint that gets me going, what’s ur golden era joint? Lastly, need one of them Ben Baller stickers if u got em! Stay up homie ✌🏼
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Dub from Anaheim
This guy wants to defund the police
This idiot wants to abolish the police and support the idea that Breanna Taylor was innocently shot.
BigBaller Djdonniewoo
Hey Ben, if you could buy back 1 specific item uve sold in the past (car, sneaker, piece of art etc) what would it be? How much did u pay for it originally, how much did u sell it for and how much would you spend to get it back?
The best business podcast.
Hey Ben, thank you for coming out with this podcast. Been rockin with you since you had your show on YouTube back in the day. I appreciate all the knowledge you have drop on the podcast. It has definitely sped up my thinking process on my ventures. I have a few questions for you. I run a few small businesses and I am having difficulties moving to the next level on a few of them. I’ve tried everything I could think of at this point. I almost feel like I’m running in circles 😣. What do you recommend me doing to take my company to the next level? Here’s a few things about me to hopefully make the question easier to answer: -I am Asian. My salary was cut in half due to the pandemic but I had a little money saved, made a plan and I bounced back. I run my side companies alone. I recently have purchased a small smokeshop during the pandemic with a buddy of mine.I am about to turn 28 in October . I have been building my side companies for almost 5 years now. My glass brand & distribution company has been getting more attention lately just having trouble taking it to the next level. I have a lot of trust issues sharing this company since I grew it from when I had nothing. It’s been a goal of mine for a while. When you were a young adult or even now , is there anyone you looked up to the most as far as mentors to help take your companies to the next level or just random advice ? Would you be down to do a collaboration on a product for the smokeshop industry in the future? I have a lot of other questions but I’ll just leave it at that. Hopefully this isn’t too much 😂 . Really Looking for award to your advice and answers , could definitely use it right now! Keep blessing us with that knowledge 👊🏽👊🏽🙏🏼
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Pokémon cards
Hey Ben! A long time listener since episode one. I’ve been shopping around Pokémon cards with little nephew. I remember on you mentioned that your nephew was flipping Pokémon cards, I was wondering which set or series cards I should be looking out for ? And maybe which Pokémon’s I should be looking for. Thanks for lookin out for the small fishes and always keepin 100. Love the podcast / love the dust bros.
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Question Mr Yang
Yo yo yo quick question. What’s the difference from PSA and Beckett? And why do you prefer Beckett? #LAKERSin5
One and only Podcast
Been a fan of you since NikeTalk / LRG days!! RIP Jonas!! This is the ONLY podcast that I listen too. You were build for this. I appreciate the game you preach to us with no filter. Will you ever have K-Town Destroyer in a video game? That would be dope!!
Love from Dallas.What would your last meal be?
Yo Ben diego from Seattle 20min from Mill creek.
Do you think hand sanitizer will go back to the demand it was once COVID started?
If you had to choose one champ!
Lakers, Dodgers, or Seahawks?
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