Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller
Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller
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Ye Rants?
Yo Ben! Random but hilarious question, What’s The wildest thing you’ve witnessed Kanye say? Or even better have you ever witnessed a Kanye rant😂?
Dj Danny V.
Moving to LA Advice
Hi Ben. I’m a NYer who always wanted to move to LA. Your show motivated me and I am finally making that move! I got a job lined up by Hermosa Beach and I am moving me and my family to LA in the next couple months. It will be me, my wife, and two kids. We are looking for family friendly neighborhood with good schools, rent under $3000. Santa Monica is out of budget, we are thinking about Torrance/Redondo. What do you think about that area? Would it be too far from LA proper? Let me know if there are any other areas I should look into. Can you also suggest someplace cool in LA to take my family that wouldn’t be touristy. Thanks.
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Chuck Fawkes
Yo , What’s the deal Ben ! My name is Marco. Love the pod cast and thank you for the wisdom. I’m 23 years old and I’m about to be a father to a beautiful baby girl named Valentina Raquel González. I’ve started making sacrifices from the moment i found out i was going to be a father and the urgency i get from even thinking about her makes me not want to stop. you know the feeling. My question to you is what advice can you give a young father about fatherhood?
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Best Pod Out 🔥
Odds of getting Blacc Sam on the pod?
Kottonmouth kings + Cpt picks army!
What up Mr. Yang 😎 I was re-listening to the k-town hustler series and heard you mention the group kottonmouth kings. Since the group originated in placentia I was curious to know if you had any more connections and or stories about placentia Ps shout out to the captain army! Let’s keep on stacking dubs😈
Young Cheo
What’s good Ben love the podcast, been a long time listener. My question is back when you sold all your shoes and you traveled for a while, did you make any good memories or have any crazy stories?
Freshest White Tee?
What’s good Uncle Ben! Long time listener of the pod, thanks for putting on for the asians and I love that you been tapping into the skateboard community lately. I just want to know what’s your most essential, freshest, crispiest, go-to white tee to rock?? Shoutsour from Irvine!
Top 5!!!!
Whats good Ben! What are your top spots to eat in Northeast Los Ángeles?
Almost caught up!
whats good ben ! im on ep 162 atm almost caught up…ever since i heard your podcast i been more focused on my future and what i want to do in life. iv’e always had interests in fashion and music since middle school and in highschool i had a chance to intern for LYBB A$AP Twelevyy brand but i couldn’t move to NY sadly. im 22 now and i don’t wanna wait for a chance im going to make it. i asked 2 previous questions before about opening a nightclub or a medical spa which i havent heard yet if u answered dem but cant wait to! my question is what helped you find your passion for jewelry? im struggling on finding what i really want to do…
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What up Ben, I’m currently doing my research on diamonds for an engagement ring. My budget is around $15k-$20k and I’m looking for VS1 or better / Oval Cut / 2KT / G-J Color / GIA Tell me what you think about my choices and what you know about strong blue fluorescence. Thanks Ben! Also, do you have any close relations with DJ Franzen? Having him on your podcast would be dope.
Great last episode
Listening to the lad test episode man my daughter just started school and she is also ver shy won’t talk to the other kids I feel like she has anxiety it hurts me that I can’t help her make friends or just be there. Sorry to hear about you boy but I’m glad you recognize and getting him help. I’m sort in the same boat
A Must listen to every week !
Hey Ben, been listening since episode 1 , some episodes on repeat ! Inspiring and gems all over Question part Would or could you have Neek Lurk on the pod? Shirt /Hoodie size for you and Nicollette?
Droppin’ Science
Ben, love the realness and the honest advice in life you put out. Thank you and the younger generation is lucky to have you. Peace and love from the 206. If this makes it to the questions portion of the podcast, can you give us your craziest Seattle story?
Daddy Longstrokin
Best podcast out right now
Yo Ben...just turned 40 this year, what’s the go-to streetwear brand for us #washedlifegang with #disposableincome? *Particularly for pants/joggers.
Great pod. Send him questions on ig about crypto n NFTs and. Actually replies. Great pod for Hiphop history, finance,collectibles, and just real talk from an OG in the game.
🚨🚨🚨🇰🇷Baller ALERT 🇺🇸🚨🚨🚨
A billion dollars worth of free game! Great guest! Unbelievable true stories! Rags to riches! Touches on a little bit of everything!
Uncle Ben
Looking back would you have like to have started your family earlier in life? I’m 34 my fiancé and I are ready to start a family. So for you in what ways do you feel like your kids changed your life? Also I was wondering if you had received my wedding invitation & mookie betts card I sent it out about a month ago. @mrpedror
F**k Vegas Dave
Podcast is like when Jeezy dropped Motivation 101 in 06! IYKYK
This show motivates big time
Love the show Ben, been a huge fan for awhile. I noticed that you mention my boss on the show a few times in your show. When you are you gonna have DJ Skee on the pod? I’d love to hear you two chop it up. Shout out from Dash Radio’s Latin X fam. -Drewskii
My Top Weekly Listen
Wassup Ben Baller(ina)! You’re confidence (not to get twisted with cockiness) is a big inspo for me. I want to start a hobby in collecting watches and the resell market is insane, crazier than the shoe game. How does a newcomer like me secure Rolex’s or Patek’s at retail? I’ve been trying to build a relationship with my local AD but there’s not even any inventory to purchase. Same with Patek; the AD wouldn’t even give me time of the day and said all of their sports models are sold and accounted for indefinitely. Help a young donsaeng out! Bless you.
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Den Franklin
Youve mentioned how u ended up hating the music industry and fell out of love with it, but ive also heard u tell stories about the great times u had and how u loved working with some of the ppl around u. Can u tell us what sort of things were happening that made u hate the business?
Sending it your way!
Ben, don’t know if you seen it yet or it’s been recommended , ZeroZeroZero on Amazon Prime is a must watch.
Hottest in the game 🙌 Holding the podcast game down, keep shinning and dropping all the knowledge 🙌🙌
Daily listener
Question for Ben: I’m a self made law student trying to start a streetwear company called The Prison Art Exhibit. The idea is to recruit designers that are incarcerated and let them design some dope clothing. Proceeds from sales either get put back on their books, go to their families, or onto a trust that can be accessed once they are released. In your experience, what platform should I market this on? Any tips? Thanks for the fire content, Ben. You’re an inspiration to us all. Sam (@theprisonartexhibit on Instagram)
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Plastic Jesus piece x Kanye question
What happened between you and Kanye’s collab idea of the affordable plastic Jesus piece chains?
Chiropractor in the OC
Braddah Ben, This is John Park the Tustin Chiropractor. Give me a call and I’ll adjusted your neck & back. Did I mention, I make house calls. Thank You & have a Blessed Day! Dr. Sports 2600 Walnut Ave, Unit F Tustin CA 92780
Diamond hands
Ben Baller. Real talk. Korea represent! With love from the Queens, Charlotte, Atlanta. Word up!
Hey Ben, When is your next topps chrome dropping? Been buying some of your cards from the last set. The die cuts are super clean and the whole set in general I feel is very undervalued. Ps.. Please don’t stop podcasting
Wassup MrBenBaller
I need advice , ima make a t shirt should I pay people to promote it or just give it to them and hope they wear it? Thanks Ben, Best podcast in the world !!
Fight back
Yo Ben, what’s good? We’ve met a couple of times (I work in the hospitality industry in LA). Big fan since the Youtube days ! My question is very personal and I actually can’t relate at all because my dad is a great man and he’s never hit me, not even once. But I wanna know, have you ever tried to fight back or thought about punching your dad when he was hitting you? I see how you are with your kids, and brotha you broke the curse. If your dad was beaten by his dad and his dad before than and so on… you changed your family’s curse, so props to you Ben. Keep up the good work with the podcast ! John C.
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Vax talk by box fan Binny
Ben honestly thinks private medical records of 2,800 billionaires was surveyed with actual facts 😂 Aside from hipaa laws how do you reckon one entity was able to sit down with every billionaire on the planet to get a truthful answer on if they’re vaxed or not??? Only a mentally compromised person could say that with 100% conviction. Cmon Ben…
Angelo Dominic
Things to watch
Hip Hop FX Documentary (Dr. Dre, Haitian Jack, Ice T, & more) Miles Ahead (directed by and starring Don Cheadle) Wu Tang Series on Hulu
Krispy Kreme
I have taken so much knowledge away from listening to your show. So many moments that I have lived thru you. I continue to be amazed by everything you do and everything you share. I have shown so many people the Krispy Kreme/in n out burger that I always a credit to you. Keep doing what you’re doing !
Love it
Great podcast pare! One of the best! Long time listener first time commenter! Met you a long time ago at factory 413 for one of Chad Muskas shoe parties. We had tacos! @notthemattyt on the gram much love and respect!
That one fools house
Fuego Episode 200!
Big congrats on reach 200 episode of fire podcast content Ben! Loved Cudi’s interview and the fact that he came up with Day N’ Nite while working his security job! A couple of fan question episodes ago I submitted a question asking if you’d be up for the offer of me doing some free painting for you. After hearing that you were up for it and would like having your office painted, I wanted to know if you were still up for it and see what would be the best way of me getting in contact so that we can set something up for me to come out and get it done.
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Alan the Painter
Best podcast on this platform.
Since Day 1!
Been a day one listener and a big fan of the show since the jump, watched almost all the episodes since then and it’s been great hearing your takes on all the current events. My question is if you were to have your own radio station on GTA 6 what would it be like and what songs would you play? Much love from the OC!
To my dad
Ben you an idol and I’ve never had so much guidance in my life you literally changed my life and looking forward to follow your steps in life hope I meet you soon, every time you pop up in a city I’m across. Hopefully I meet you but I know the universe is right ✈️ Pod is always 5 stars
IF & CO in Texas
Ben, much love I really enjoyed the IG stores of your vacation especially that steak 🥩 and lobster 🦞 you posted. Made me want try that restaurant some day. Question, do you plan to ever open an IF & CO in Texas and if you do what city and why?
Objective Review
Ben is a cool guy, but the last 2 months or so the show sounds like an ad. He keeps talking about Vegas Dave (only know who he is because he was on the pod - he has beef with him for some reason). The show was great early on, so I’d recommend listening to the show’s early on.
Cash & Cade
Wassup ben! huge fan! thanks for the free game! My question is what made you want to go to school for cinematography? im 20 years old and i’ve been thinking about going to school for it. i feel like it’s something i might be passionate about but i’m not truly sure yet, also i’m trying to find my passion right now. do you have any advice on trying to find your passion as a young man? much love bro, thank you for all the free game.💯
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Andrew 2001
IE love
Yo Ben what’s up ?! Congratulations on making it to episode 200! I’ve been tuning in episode 1. From the IE you know we got love for you big bro! Monday 7/19 is my 30th birthday if Miles would pick my question and you answer it for my bday that would be 💯 you said it’s been a while since you been in the IE on episode 199 what’s your craziest/dopest memory while visiting the area??
Female listener
Podcasts just aren’t my thing. I’m more of a YouTube watcher, but my husband introduced me to Ben Baller and let me tell you.. I am now apart of the BB army. I love his washed up ways. He’s raw, honest, and caring. I love his love for his family. His loyalty and respect for his wife is admirable. We have a daughter similar to kaia’s age so hearing stories about her and the boys are my favorite. (I hope she doesn’t get drawn on anymore during her naps lol) Keep it up BB!
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Hey Ben, it’s me again, nothing serious I don’t really care tbh but I won the bearbrick and still haven’t received just curious as to what happening to the NTWRK guys lol, blessings my G
jodye joe
Hey Korean Kusack aka K-Town Don
Yo man just saying thank you for all the free game Uncle Ben been following you since the MySpace Days. My question is how do you manage to move from a 9-5 to working/managing a successful business and becoming successful? I’m from South Phoenix,Az thanks Uncle Baller! Much love
Joe from Queens
Ben what’s good? Now that everything is opening up. Can the east coast can some love with a meet & greet in Queens or something. Maybe when the dodgers play the Mets, you and Dwight can finally do the autograph signing. Peace out Ben
VD is a Samoan sumo wrestler aka midget E. Honda
Do you think the watches like RM, Patek, AP, and Rolex are in a bubble? They are fetching the biggest premium yet. How do you price your watches?
Behind the Baller Podcast
Straight forward commentary. Real life talk! Ben Baller tells it like it is. Yo Ben can you not give dwarf VD the chance to be any part of Samoan? Come on now call him a 33 gallon Rubbermaid trash can or something! He will never be Samoan!
Day one listener 💁‍♀️
Tto Ben! Thanks for the consistent dope recommendations - just started Bosch. 🥵 all the movies too. Love from nova Ps more “she e o’s” po Bless
Engagement ring question!
Whats up Ben, my name is Israel and have been listening to the podcast since day 1 and never miss an episode, you get me through the hard days at work and put me on game, thank you for all the work you and the team put into the show, listening to other podcast you can really tell the difference in production coming out of the Behind the baller pod! Im looking for advice/help on choosing out an engagement ring! I want to propose to my high school sweetheart of 7 years and have been shopping around at jewelry stores but I feel like all the sales people are trying to get over on me on not only price but also quality! My girlfriend is not materialistic at all so she doesn't care how much it costs. she just wants a simple silver band with a single diamond, I have about 2-4k to spend! Any advice ? Thank you Big homie, keep the episodes coming! P.S can we get Drake on the pod👀
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