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Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller
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EP 52 - THE PROBLEM WITH THE WORLD TODAY: Those Angry at G-Eazy & Megan Thee Stallion, Deciphering Race & Coronavirus, LakerScene, 4/20 NTWRK & more
30 minutes Posted Feb 6, 2020 at 11:58 am.
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You are listening to the greatest podcast in the world. We don't apologize and we talk a gang of sh*t! Today you are going Behind The Baller with Ben Baller to discuss: The problem with the world today, anger over G-Eazy & Megan Thee Stallion, treatment of Asian people over Coronavirus, deciphering race today, Tomi Lahren on Jay-Z & Beyoncé sitting during The National Anthem, Travis Kelce showing love, going to Lakers vs. Spurs, Tim Duncan's style, Rudy Gay & JaVale McGee showing love, The Kobe Riff T-Shirt, Being at Staples Center, Being posted on @LakersScene, who may run The Knicks, a big interview coming next week from Prison, Ben's kids being sick lately, starting making a small Kobe piece, disaster packs & traveling to Tokyo, getting a full checkup, Propofol, fans DMing and talking sh*t, 4/20 on NTWRK Live, guesting on upcoming podcasts, blog and site recommendations & more. This episode is not to be missed. 

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