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Behind Enemy Lines Radio
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Entertaining even to a liberal
As a liberal I try to listen to the other side of the table but sometimes it's REALLY hard to do that. I stumbled on this show and actually find myself enjoying it despite the fact that I don't agree with the points being made. That Gallo guy is pretty entertaining (thanks for his military service, too!) and Gene tries to present information in an unbiased way before giving his opinion on the issues, which is refreshing for conservative commentary. There should be more podcasts like this for the right-wingers.
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Great show!!
You won't be disappointed!!
Listen to this show!!
Russ has the funniest lines... Gene gets the greatest guests (and keeps Russ* in line...ish). You need to listen to this show to get the real deal on what's going on in the world. * by the time you read this review, Russell may have been arrested by the Obama administration for various thoughtcrimes. He'll find a way to co-host from prison.