Beginners – Lightspeed Spanish
Beginners – Lightspeed Spanish
Gordon Smith
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40 Beginners     Spanish Listening Test
Why check my Spanish listening skills? There really is something very strange about what happens to people when they embark on the task of learning Spanish. In our experience, the vast majority of students only want to read and write most of the time. Of course, we know fine well... Read more »
Nov 24, 2015
11 min
39 Beginners      Verbs that begin with DES in Spanish.
Des in Spanish. In this podcast Cynthia and I realised something very important. That was that the verbs with DES in Spanish don’t always have a logical explanation to them. Of course, we have the same kind of verbs in English, only in English they tend to have many and... Read more »
Nov 22, 2015
10 min
38 Beginners  Lo in Spanish  and   Lo Importante
Lo in Spanish. So, just what is Lo in Spanish and what does it mean? Well, to answer the first question, LO is what we call an indirect pronoun. What that means is that it is a shortened version of certain Spanish words and we use it to speed up... Read more »
Nov 19, 2015
11 min
37 Beginners   The Verb Poder in Spanish             Such an important verb!
What is so special about the verb Poder in Spanish? Well, that’s an interesting question. A more appropriate one, however, would be: What’s so special about the verb To Be Able in English? Because to be frank, it’s quite weird and very irregular in English. That’s not to say that... Read more »
Oct 15, 2015
12 min
36 Beginners Spanish      The Definite Article in Spanish  A Real Puzzle
What is the Definite article in Spanish? Good question. Before we start to talk about how to use it, we had better clear up just what on earth it is. Actually, when you think about what it’s called, for once the grammatical name that they’ve given it actually makes sense.... Read more »
Oct 8, 2015
11 min
35 Beginners     Spanish Prepositions    The small, important words.
Spanish Prepositions….What the devil are they? Basically, these words are the glue that sticks sentences together. They are words like: with, without, for, from, between, to, along with many, many more. They are the words we use in our own mother tongue with grace, heightened ability and class. However, when... Read more »
Oct 1, 2015
10 min
34 Abs Beginners    Spanish Culture   Gestures
Spanish Culture and Gestures. I recall one of the very first times I went to Spain to visit my wife’s family and was introduced to her ‘tía Maribel’. Maribel was chatting animatedly with me and mid flow, without any warning she stuck her two fingers up at me. My immediate... Read more »
Jul 16, 2015
12 min
33 Abs Beginners  Saying ANY in Spanish   Algunos/Unos
Let’s help you to know how to say ANY in Spanish.   What’s really interesting is the fact that in English we use ANY in a couple of ways. We have this way: 1, Do you have any glue in your workshop? and then there’s this kind of ‘any’: 2,... Read more »
Jun 16, 2015
14 min
32 Abs Beginners Spanish Test your Level The Mónica Naranjo Concert
Your Listening Spanish Test. In this Podcast we offer you a story about a concert that we went to in Barcelona. It was a show put on by Mónica Naranjo to celebrate her 40th birthday.  Mónica has probably the best, strongest voice in the whole of Spain and yet during... Read more »
May 12, 2015
13 min
Beginners Spanish Pronunciation 31 LL, Y, B, V.  Let’s clear this up!
The confusion around Spanish Pronunciation One of the most confusing issues with Spanish pronunciation is knowing how we should pronounce the Y and the LL, closely followed by the B and the V. In this podcast we cover the correct way to pronounce these letters according to what is called... Read more »
Feb 20, 2015
12 min
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