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Beer Sessions Radio (TM)
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Episode 463: Matthias Neidhart and B. United International: Importing Historic Czech Lagers
1 hour Posted Jan 15, 2019 at 2:41 pm.
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Show notes

This week on Beer Sessions Radio Jimmy welcomes Matthias Neidhart, the founder and owner of B. United International Inc. along with George Flickinger and Michael Opalenski, who manage sales for the company here in New York. They talk about the innovation that finally allowed B. United to import traditional lagers from the Czech Republic without interfering with the flavor or freshness of the beer. Their temperature-controlled containers convinced some of the most historic breweries in the world to ship their beer across the Atlantic Ocean. Matthias believes the market for traditional lagers will continue to grow in the US, recalling how dramatically attitudes have shifted over the past few years. Chris McClelland, founder of the Brew Enthusiast joins the conversation as well, contributing his passion for the culture, history, and high quality of Czech Lagers.

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