Beer and Battle :podcast
Beer and Battle :podcast a Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast
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Great stuff
So much geeky fun! A joy to listen to during my long and boring slog to work. One of my favorite podcasts!
Flippin' Great
Great cast with entertaining chemistry. Excellent DM, that's creative enough to run in the right direction with the nonsense the PCs deliver. Good quality audio that gets better over time; they leave the more amusing table-talk in, and always give a good laugh
Wesley Willis Fiasco
Five stars for a Wesley Willis reference. RIP in peace Wesley Willis.
A Much Belated Review
I thought I reviewed y'all before, but I guess I didn't. One of the first actual plays I listened to, and one of the only ones I can still stand. The audio quality isn't always the greatest, but it's always fun to listen to. I look forward to catching up.
Mister Boco
I used to love this podcast
However, the lack of dicispline with noises is simply too much for me. The sound of plates and cups, players having side conversations, and above all the horrible sound of people eating crunchy things right into the mic. It's all just too unpleasant that I'm no longer able to enjoy the characters, the jokes, and the stories. I want to love it, but I can't. If you can look past these things, then I'm sure this podcast is enjoyable. However, for those sensitive to these sounds...check out The Adventure Zone or Godsfall, for some much cleaner sounding actual play DnD.
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Entertaining AND Informative
What do you do when you are in the car two hours a day. Well, you listen to this podcast, that's what you do. I have listened to it all. Audio books, Learn To Speak <whatever>, history, comedy, blah blah ... blah blah blah. This keeps you entertained AND helps you brush up on your gaming. The DM's are knowledgable, the players are (usually, if not too drunk) engaging, and the intro makes you feel like you're part of the gang. Give it a whirl if gaming and booze seems like a good way to blow a Friday night. Brad
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Great Podcast
Awesome podcast. It gets me through my workday and gives me ideas in the game I run at home.
Racoon Balls
Download this one
This actual play pathfinder podcast is exactly what you want and expect, both for content and quality. They are an actual group of long time friends and band mates, sitting together at an actual table, and rolling actual dice. The group is very funny and the characters and their adventures are memorable. Peter is a great DM but even more so, a storyteller that adds extra depth to the adventure. The editing is done well so that most episodes last from 45 - 90 minutes. Occasional sound effects are added and contribute to the episode. No less important is the audio levels and mic placements. It's extremely rare that I have to adjust the volume of my car stereo during the podcast to hear someone at the end of the table. Bottom line - download, subscribe, give it 5 stars. Door Ghost says so.
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Door Ghost
One of the best
This is one of the best. They don't always nail all of the rules, and some people might get frustrated by that, however, the spirit and attitude of the podcast are spot-on. I really enjoy the PFS scenarios they've been using too. It keeps the story fresh. My only gripe is that it doesn't release more often!
Man! I wanna play with this crew!
Total window into gaming. Great way for the curious but novice to learn how these games work. Like being invited to a really friendly game with nice, fun, funny folks!
Um, yeah!
This D&D/Pathfinder game is the definition of RPG'ing. Friends sitting around the kitchen table having some drinks, playing some games and doing what its all about, hanging out with friends. These players cover the spectrum of tabletop gamers. From the brash frontman to the quit ground pounder to the occasional players, all are filled out with colorful personalities. Vivid DM descriptions are spot on. If regimental gameplay, with no shenanigans involved, is what you want this game isn't that. Its drinking, its gaming, its socializing its FUN!
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Troy from Michigan
Fun podcast
This podcast allows you to be a fly on the wall during fun games and banter.
Pesky without Fleksy
Very entertaining and hilarious
I like this D&D podcast. I find it entertaining and hilarious.
One of the greats!
This is simply one of the best podcasts I've listened to. It's been a long time since I've played D&D and am enjoying listening to this group play while writing a campaign. You guys rock keep up the great work!!
Love the BnB Cast!
Really enjoy listening. The personalities of every participant really helps BnB shine through the drab actual play podcast murk. Thanks Peter, Dave, Ryan, Scott, Kelly, Kelly, etc!
Great distraction at work
Beer and battle serves as a wonderful distraction while at work, oftentimes forcing me to stifle laughter. The stories are creative while not being overly serious. It's simply a group of friends having fun--exactly what the game should be. This podcast inspired myself along with a few friends to start our own pathfinder group, and it has been one of the best decisions we have made. Keep it up!
Quality PFRPG Actual Play
I first found Beer and Battle when I was looking for Pathfinder actual play amid a sea of 4e podcasts I was utterly uninterested in. Though I have since moved on almost completely to 5th Edition, I enjoy Beer and Battle so much I stay with them. If you are offended by profanity, this is probably not the podcast for you, but if you enjoy it or don't care, you'll probably enjoy their antics.
its fun
i enjoy the podcast at work, and look forward to each new episode.
Great podcast
Never played DnD but I live vicariously through podcasts like these. Just made it through the first set of episodes to the path finder episodes and it's really starting to take off now that there aren't multiple story threads to follow. I hope they stop playing music in the background, it can get a bit distracting, but other than that I love the personalities and the characters. Keep up the amazing work!
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Pathfinder Fan
Im a huge fan of RPGs and Pathfinder. I have learned so much about RPing from this team. Plus the DM does an amazing describing everything. Its a great RPG fix between my own games. Keep it up guys!
Good stuff for any DnD fan
Well done stories and easy to jump right in. These guys love DnD and it shows.
Luke Merrill
Waste of download time
Love It!
Thanks so much for the hilarious antics, guys! Almost reminds me exactly of the sessions my friends and I play, and is a great substitute when we can't game. Keep up the great work!
"Sorry, my balls." Beer and Battle is the best. This is the best actual play podcast. Sound quality is great, games are interesting and funny. players are very likable. Listening to the podcast is a joy.
Now THAT'S How It's Done
Finally, an actual play podcast that captures what a typical gaming session is like! Awesome DM-ing with great role-playing, jokes, references to nerd pop culture, tangents, profanity...these are the things that happen during a game. It's nice to hear a group of obviously great friends enjoying each other's company (and alcohol!). They make you feel like you're sitting at the table with them, favorite libation in hand. The editing and sound effects turn the podcast into something special that no other actual play podcast that I've listened to has come close to matching. Kudos to the entire crew!
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Awesome play cast
Great full play podcast, good humor and play info
A little RP heavy, but fun nonetheless
These guys and gals are super fun and can be incredibly funny. Sometimes the RP is a little too heavy and I wish they'd go back to Ryan's style of sword-swinging number-crunching, but overall it's fun to listen in on their games and get that RPG fix.
Mildly Entertaining
I’m normally pretty easy to please, but I found this podcast annoying. They all sound drunk and they cuss like they’re trying to get in as many f-bombs as they can before their parents get home. The main guy especially overacts EVERYTHING. I found it to be annoying. Plus, the music in the background was a distraction. Simply my opinion.
Really fun gaming audio.
I've listened to some cruddy rpg podcasting. This is not one of them. Sure they are recording in a echoey room. It keeps the feeling like I'm involved in their game and sitting at the kitchen table. Aquisitions inc and these guys are the only actual play I've ever really liked. Thank you guys.
Mike Trevino
Love it
This is a great podcast. I love these people.
Best Actual Play
I listen to Beer and Battle quite a bit. You can tell they are performers by the way they get into the characters (and voices!) but it never feels like they are putting on a show. Perfect balance of entertainment and actual dnd play. Highly recommended.
Let's Play TEW
Highly entertaining, great fun
This is a very enjoyable podcast. I have not played RPGs in over 20 years and this brings back many great memories of those times with my friends. What I love about this one is that they manage to work through very well managed, interesting adventures but don't take themselves seriously. They clearly enjoy eachother and get a kick out of eachother's jokes, often carrying them through the entire podcast. As I am trying to learn/re-learn this generation of RPGs, I also appreciate how they state their dice rolls clearly and what they are intended for as it helps me to understand. I used to skip the intros at the beginning of each andventure until I listened to one and found it to be just as fun and interesting as listening to the game. Great work guys.
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Dream Courier
A rollickingly raunchy good time!!!
The folks at Beer and Battle are an amazing mix of refreshingly creative folks who work some to let others enjoy their talents. The production level and quality experienced while listening to their podcasts is remarkably higher than any if the others. The skill and talent of the folks GM'ing the games is easily apparent, by the level of detail and breadth of the adventures they have together! If you looking for many many hours of fun, imaginative pen and paper gaming peppered with irreverence and gratuitous fun making ... The spend a whole with the folks at Beer and Battle... After you post some on their site and watch the live feed, it's get to be a little like Cheers... A place where you can go and everyone knows you name, (cue the music)
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Makes Me Laugh
I'm new to D&D and more specifically Pathfinder, and I've stumbled upon your podcast. I like the group dynamics in the PFCC adventures and can't wait for more to be released. The group is lively and has great dynamics that constantly make me laugh and keep me engauged in what is going on. Keep up the good work guys!
Great Podcast
To be honest I found this podcast becasue I listen to another D&D podcast and really enjoy that one (Nerd Poker). I started listening to this one and became instantly hooked. I have listened to all of the current Peter episodes and once this game is complete will probably go back and listen to the other adventures. Fun players, good DM and a good story. This podcast is great!
I listen to Beer and Battle while I work overnight. I love listening to everyone's inputs, roleplays, and wonderful personalities. The comedy is something that makes me giggle because, honestly, who doesn't like a good penis joke? I wish I could make it to watch the livestreams! The only thing that I have any issue with, is the amount of Cutting content. I tend to like to listen to people talk, even if it's out of context, and doesn't have anything to do with the game. I just like listening to the group talk about their Lives, and stuff that has happened! But as long as there are more podcasts that you guys just talk to each other, and we get to know you, I'll be satisfied!
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Peyton 'The Notso Irishman.'
I just wanted 31!
Well I have to say I love it. I know I'm late to the podcasting however this is my first one to listen to, ever. I've been put off by any podcasting at all however I have found myself listening to these guys and gals to and from work every morning, and then some(at my desk?).. I'd vote it best I've ever listened to. ;)
This needs more reviews!
I was a huge critical hit fan, but these guys have secured my number 1 slot for dnd podcasts. Penny arcade and WotC don't release nearly often enough, and B&B does a fantastic job bringing good times all around. Keep it up, guys! Confusicorn FTW!
Geo Vaughan
For a small fee, I'll give an excellent review.
As one of the characters would say. This is an awesome podcast that makes people in the office worry about me. While I'm working, I'll randomly bust out laughing and everyone would wonder what's wrong with me.
Great cast
Excellent RP the playlist is kind hard to figure out when your shifting through the back log but they got great audio quality and excellent characters.
Winston puzzle ace
Love this podcast
This podcast (among others) has been keeping me company on the long nights that I work, I love it! But! I could make a drinking game out of hearing the latest DM say "uhm". Sometimes it's every couple of words! I realize how hard it is to DM, to read notes while speaking or to create an imaginary personality in your head and say what they would say, but my god! I would be drunk as a skunk after the first twenty minutes if I were to have fun with it LOL!
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Good story, bad sound quality
This podcast could be good: the players roleplay well and the narrative is even if the DM(Peter) can be a bit inflexible . However, the sound quality is terrible and it is very difficult to follow the story and the dialogue. Adding the voice distortion sound effects actually make it worst because sometimes it is difficult enough to understand the dialogue without the additional sound effects. I like the editing, but because of all the background noise, it makes the cuts really obvious and distracting. I like the bits at the start of every show where 2 of you are chatting in the studio because I can hear clearly what is being said, but that is only interesting if I can follow what's going on with the campaign.
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I'm a 30-year veteran of D&D and currently play Pathfinder. This group of gamers exemplifies what the game SHOULD be; friends hanging out and creating a story together. I love these podcasts. They are so fun!
David Hemenway
One of the Best
This is one of my current favorite Podcasts and one of the best Actual Play D&D podcasts. Funny and interesting while sticking with playing the game. Cheers to the group!
Best Actual Play Pod Cast
This pod is as good as they get. The DM'ing is great, the sence of humor amoung the group is dynamic and gaming is totally entertaining. I would write alot more but I've pertty sure i've summoned it up already. Thank You.
Great job
Have listened to many actual play podcasts over the years but this one is top notch! The sound quality and role playing is bowls of fun to listen to. Makes me wish I could have a beer with them aqs I listen...Unfortunately I listen at work, My loss. Thanks for a wealth of enjoyable entertainment, Mac
I play (3e) with a group not unlike these degenerates. B&B's alcohol fueled adventures make for the ideal way to get my fix between games. I'm jealous that you beat us to doing a podcast but I couldn't be happier to listen to such a great group. BTW, Peter's a kickass DM.
Never miss a podcast
Best Actual Play podcast on the internet. 'nuff said!
Such a great show!
Just Before 6:00
Love it
An absolutely wonderful podcast, you guys go so far beyond entertaining. You're absolutely amazing. I hope to see more podcasts coming out soon. Especially more pathfinder.
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