Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast | Business | Success | Motivation | Entrepreneurship with Chris Burns
Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast | Business | Success | Motivation | Entrepreneurship with Chris Burns
Chris Burns: Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster, host of the 12-hour marathon
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Awesome podcast!
Chris, host of the Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Chris is AMAZING!!!
Chris brings so much energy and value throug his show and the guests on it!
Amber Fuhriman
Hearing interviews from various backgrounds do a great deep dive that help me be my best self in this journey we are all on!
Chris Burns rocks it!
Such a great, informative show! So many shows can feel boring and stale but Chris really keeps you hooked!
Good stuff.
Chris’s energy is infectious and off the charts!
Phenomenal Podcast
Chris and his podcast are bothinspirational and powerful. As an entrepreneur this is a must listen!
Great Podcast informative and educational and most of all INSPIRING!
Love the energy and effort that goes into this marathon! Tune in and see what I am talking about.
Greatest Possible Podcast
Chris is committed to being his best, his guests being their best and his audience being inspired to take action to transform their lives
J Inspiration
Chris inspires by encouraging everyone to become the greatest possible self so you can become all you were created to be!
So much value!
Chris obviously pours his heart and soul into the podcast and marathon. He brings out the best in his guests, sharing their gifts with the world.
Jennie Bell
Inspiring and REAL
Chris has a genuine way of being that evokes heart opening connections with all he encounters. His upbeat and positive energy is contagious, I wonder how many cups of coffee he's had.. Really great guests and content combining humility with edge. Something for everyone.
Making a Difference
Chris is a good guy; he genuinely wants to leave a positive and lasting impact on people's lives. There's lots of contact here; you'll unquestionably find something that speaks to you! <3
Chris is inspired, fun, and SO DANG REAL. He hits the nail on the head OVER and OVER. The guests he hosts are absolutely next level and he is showing up fresh and razor sharp every dang day. So thankful for the work Chris Burns is doing in the world. This podcast is absolutely FIRE! HOT HOT HOT!
Energy Boost!
Chris is a light AND a force who delivers personal growth messages with a dedicated intention of creating a more loving, upleveled world for us all. His energy is infectious. He brings equally empowered and inspiring guests on the show and the conversations just flow!
Very inspirational and educational
This is the podcast to listen to if you are looking for both inspiration and education on a variety to topics to hlep you be the best you you can be!!!
mdavis 777
Motivational, inspirational, and insightful.
Chris Burns is incredibly down to earth and really cares about his audience. This really shines through when you meet his hand-picked guests who. Each one provides incredible insights, motivation, and a feeling that “I am capable”. This has become my new favorite podcast. Much love to Chris and his team. -Jackie
A Spiritbomb of Good Life Changing & Empowering Content
Chris has a great podcast that has curated some of Earth's most inspiring humans that deliver value. It's great when the host has energy and the guests also bring their A game. Give this a listen or over 9000 listens.
Dom Brightmon
Awesome podcast
Chris is one of the most passionate and driven people I know. His show is a must listen!
Valuable Information
Chris connects with guests and allows them to share valuable information with listeners. Entertaining and informative!
Aaron Seitz
Valuable & entertaining content
It’s obvious that Chris really cares about becoming his best self & helping others do the same. He listens well, asks thoughtful questions & highlights action steps his audience can take for personal & professional development. His energy & enthusiasm make his interviews not only interesting but enjoyable to listen to.
Fantastic content from experts about what it really takes to live a full, passionate, and purpose-driven life. Thank you, Chris, for all of this fabulous work!
Chris Burns is Burning It!
During a time when the love of many is waxed cold, Chris shows up on fire challenging the defeats we have accepted as if we are a failing society! All you need is a dose of Chris’s energy and philosophical flip, to realize that we are not only undefeated; our best is yet to come! Thank you Chris for allowing your light to shine through dark places with your marathons, one on one coaching, resource support, and ever increasing positive energy! May you be blessed beyond measure as you continue to advance your mission to make this world the better place we deserve it to be by committing to be our best selves 24/7/365! Peace, Dr Brenda Bowers PhD DNP RN
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Engaging to your heart story!
Thanks Chris for your marathons, one on one, and solo segments...all are filled with enthusiasm, positive story, suggestions to overcome challenges we all DO have. Love your "repeat" solo true, it is our engagement that makes what could become "boring yet necessary" activities to complete our goals.
Paula | Heartist Storyteller
Real talk!!
Many motivational speakers talk about their disappointments, but don’t address the emotions involved. I love how Chris shares how he felt during his down moments. It helps listeners relate and understand that they aren’t abnormal just because they feel negative emotions during difficult times.
There's personal development, then there's GPS
Chris, I loved your chat with Martha! Every tip to build rapport with romantic partners works in business. In love, you want yes. So it is in sales. Thank you for bringing on guests whose advice applies to 99.99% of life! P.S. You are so high-energy I feel the room come alive as I listen. 100%.
Joshua Lisec
Love the energy of this podcast
Chris is inspiring and energetic, his energy is magnetic and creates a desire inside to go create change within yourSelf. I’m honored to be a part of this podcast and share all the good JUS JUS with you!
Great show!!
The host Chris is awesome. He brings high energy to every show and as a result makes each episode exciting. He brings very knowledgeable guests to talk about business. But he isn’t solely focused on business. He also provides powerful information about how to succeed as a person and become your greatest possible self. I highly recommend this podcast!!
Christian Modjaiso
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Chykalophia
Chris's energy to help others to become their greatest possible self is really empowering. You can feel how he's being honest, laid back, and genuinely want to help listeners get the best out of each episodes.
Ari Krzyzek
Love his energy
Chris's energy is amazing and you can tell that he cares so deeply about his guests and has so much fun while interviewing.
No BS Sweetheart
Great Show!
Love Chris's energy, mission and voice he's bringing to so many topics that need attention. Great job!
Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN
inspiring podcast
Love Chris's mission and attitude toward life. I gain a lot of great tips for self development and running my business through this content!
Stephanie Zito
Great Content and Energy!
I am a newbie and am already improving what I do daily from the great content! Thank you!
Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self
Chris is and inspiring breath of fresh air. This podcast will enlighten and encourrage even the thickest skinned of us, to shed the tough exterior and dive deeply inward.
Helped me shed my layers
Amazing and insightful show!
The energy that Chris brings to the show and his commitment to the guests is outstanding. If you want to be inspired, look no further than this!
martha riley
Love this podcast
This podcast is so motivating. I love the caliber of guests and the energy Chris brings to the show each and every time.
Jen Hudgens
Authentic and Energetic
Chris is as authentic as one can be. He loves helping people, and his energy is infectious. Watch this show if you want to become your Greatest Possible Self!
Brian Kelly - Reach Your Peak
BEST THING you can listen to, to stay fired up about your life!
Even if I can't listen intently for whatever reason, I ALWAYS have Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast on in the background. The vibes coming from Chris, the guests, and this show in general, are SO good! It's like an IV of goodness for your soul! Listen in and your life will change!
Jessica Dugas
Chris is fantastic
The first time I listen to Chris I knew he is the real deal, he will inspire you to move up higher in the ladder of life wherever you are, as long as you have the desire to learn. Thank you Chris for the great work..
David Shihadeh
This Guy is on FIRE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 OBSESSED
Every Wednesday I tune in to watch and listen to Chris Burns live. He has the best guests and his energy is contagious. This is so helpful for me mid-week when I start feeling overwhelmed. As a podcaster my self he is one of the few people I regularly listen to. Go listen and subscribe now!!! Love this guy.
Like a Nav system for your soul!
This podcast is aptly named “GPS”! The majority of men and women lead lives without a map, an overview of the Big Picture. This podcast will help you navigate through life and truly become your best possible self.
Chaim K.
Chris brings the fire!
Great energy, great insight and great guests.
Inspiring and Energizing!
Chris brings on so many fascinating guests with uplifting messages, inspiring missions, and stories of tragedy and triumph. Plus Chris himself is a living role model of the journey of growing into your Greatest Possible Self. After listening to this show, I feel pumped up to go out and strive to be my best self!
K. Joia Houheneka
Chris Burns Brings Out The Best In All Of Us
I have listened to several of the podcasts and I am continuously impressed with Chris' genuine enthusiasm for not just his guests but for a life worth living. I highly recommend the Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast and suggest you add this to your list of must-listen-to podcasts!
Thomas S. Russo, Jr.
Chris the man Burns
Every podcast episode gets better and better! Not only that, you can tell how present and interested Chris is in each of the experts he brings on his show.
Clarity Explained: Simple yet Moving
I listened to my first Chris Burns podcast and I’m blown away. He makes it so clear the power of clarity and exactly what we can do get it!! I’m excited to hear more 🔥
Nikisha Ware
This podcast is fire!! 🔥
Chris Burns, the host, always bring the energy, enthusiasms and excitement. His passion for life and becoming your greatest possible self is contagious! He also brings on amazing guest from all different industries so you will always learn something new and different each episode. Highly highly recommend listening!
Chris is articulate, knowledgeable, and eye-opening! Each show is put together very well, he’s articulate and offers a ton of valuable information that really helps us to up-level our mindset so that we can become the BEST versions of ourselves. All his guest speakers are extremely motivational and inspiring as well. If you want a self-developmental show that pushes you past your limits, this is the show for you!
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Chris - a fireball of energy with wizard interview skills
Chris brings insightful questions with a deep understanding of what us listeners *need* to hear, even when we don't know it yet. Energetic and authentic, he's on a mission to help his audience become their greatest possible selves, and it shows. Thanks for your contribution, Chris!
Yelena R.
Chris Is A Force Of Nature
I met Chris in person, and knew he was a very special person. With a very clean and vibrant energy, and a heart that fills the room, he’s a joy to know and even more of a joy to learn from. I’m super grateful that he does what he does!
Actionable Tips to Uplevel Your Life
I absolutely love what Chris has done with this podcast! He brings such great energy to each episode and really leaves you with actionable tips you can implement TODAY to make a change. So grateful to be taught by him!
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