Purposeful Social Selling
Purposeful Social Selling
Kristen Boss
BONUS: The Importance of Friendship in Business
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Jun 9, 2021 at 6:28 am.
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Show notes

In today’s special bonus episode, Kristen talks with her business ‘bestie’ Samantha Siffring all about cultivating adult friendships and why it’s important to have business friendships as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can feel lonely and having someone by your side who understands the ups and downs of growing a business is key.


  • Why having people on your side who ‘get’ what you’re going through as an entrepreneur is so important
  • The behind the scenes stories of how Kristen and Samantha became so close and what makes their friendship work so well 
  • How to know when to coach and when to be a friend 
  • Why self coaching is an important part of friendship
  • How to set proper expectations when developing a friendship

Listen in on their thoughts on money, friendship, coaching, husbands, and learning to navigate developing a relationship with a friend as an adult. 


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