Purposeful Social Selling
Purposeful Social Selling
Kristen Boss
51. Misunderstood
33 minutes Posted Jun 6, 2021 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

Are you living to your fullest potential or are you shrinking yourself to fit other people’s expectations of you? Many times we live in fear of what other people--typically the people closest to us--will think of us. We fear their judgment. But really, they’re misunderstanding our actions. Kristen’s sharing why people misunderstand us and what to do about it!


  • Why we feel rejected when people misunderstand us
  • What core/primal feeling is triggered when we’re misunderstood
  • What it means if you’re uncomfortable picturing the most successful version of yourself 
  • Why some people are more afraid of success than failure in life
  • What to expect when you take the less beaten path in life or business
  • When we decide that we don’t belong we self-sabotage to make ourselves more palatable to others
  • Why deciding how you’re going to think and feel when someone misunderstands us ahead of time allows for your most epic growth


When you’re doing the unconventional thing--such as growing a successful direct sales company--you have to learn to be okay with the judgement/misunderstanding from those who want to stay on the conventional path. Get comfortable with being misunderstood and your success is inevitable.


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