Purposeful Social Selling
Purposeful Social Selling
Kristen Boss
50. Data Drama
38 minutes Posted May 30, 2021 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes

Numbers, metrics, data--whatever you call it, typically create some sort of drama in our lives because of what we make those numbers mean. Kristen hears it all the time: social sellers who never even look at their numbers because they cause so much anxiety, shame, fear, and doubt. But the numbers don’t create those feelings. 


Listen in as Kristen shares how we’re approaching the data in our lives in a way that isn’t serving us--regardless if the numbers are ‘good’ or ‘bad.’


  • Why humans hide from data and how that doesn’t serve us
  • How the number on the scale is similar to the numbers in our business (social media metrics, back office numbers, points, volume, legs, etc.)
  • Kristen shares how healing her story around the number on the scale is similar to how she healed her story about data around her business
  • What to do if you tend to panic or freak out when you check your bank statement or your back office report (or if you can’t bring yourself to check them in the first place)
  • How an unhealthy relationship with your data can breed hustle
  • The first step to fix your thoughts around your data
  • The best questions to shift into curiosity around your data


The data/numbers/metrics in your life don’t mean anything about you--they don’t make you less or more worthy of love or success. Learn how to neutralize the numbers in your life so that you can see what story they’re telling and then decide how you want to move forward with that information.


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