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The Zettelkasten Method Means You'll Never Run Out of Ideas Again with Sascha Fast
27 minutes Posted Nov 2, 2020 at 6:00 am.
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Show notes

Earlier this year, I came across a strategy that dramatically changed how I research and write articles and books. 

It’s called the Zettelkasten or Slipbox. This form of research and note-taking was popularised, at least in Germany, by sociologist and author Niklas Lumen.

(Fun fact: Lumen used the Slipbox or Zettelkasten method of research to write and publish over 70 books).

Basically, it involves writing a web of thought around your ideas, research, and readings. I write five to ten entries a day in my personal Slipbox, which is a little like journaling. 

Fear not: creating a Slipbox is relatively easy providing you follow a few simple rules.

Create a single entry per idea

  • Link your entries to each other
  • Use descriptive headings 
  • Categorize your entries

There’s a little bit more to it than that. 

So, in this week’s interview, Sascha Fast explains:

  • What a Slipbox is and how to use one for writing
  • How to get started creating your Slipbox
  • Why a Slipbox is ideal for non-fiction writers 
  • How he’s using a Slipbox to research 70-YES 70!- books
  • The tools you need to create one



Day One 



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