Beauty Is Your Business
Beauty Is Your Business
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A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.
Lynn Power of MASAMI - Clean Beauty Meets Performance
MASAMI (which means truly beautiful in Japanese) is a DTC premium hair care line designed for superior hydration, texture, and shine, and features mekabu, a nutrient-rich ocean wonder botanical. CEO/Co-Founder Lynn Power shares the story. See for privacy information.
Oct 29
48 min
Silvia Galfo of Revlon - From Heritage Brand to the Modern Age
What does it take to build a brand legacy, managing a global brand with international relevance?  Revlon's Global Brand President Silvia Galfo takes us on a journey into product innovation, how teams adapt to adjust to the needs of the market, and growing from heritage brand to the modern age.  See for privacy information.
Oct 22
55 min
John Demsey of Estee Lauder - When Art and Science Converge
This "powerhouse extraordinaire" has created multiple phenomena in the beauty industry with his unique career path and compelling social media presence, from taking Mac Cosmetics from a small brand to a global presence and identifying Tom Ford as a cultural icon to disrupt the fragrance category. He identifies with pop culture to recognize and set the stage for what is new and next! John Demsey, Group President for Estee Lauder, shares his heart, soul, passion and purpose in everything that he does for the industry and for the people he shares his life with. From his 12 year old VSCO girl to his 10 amazing four legged friends, he makes the magic happen when art and science converge. See for privacy information.
Oct 15
51 min
Kerry Benjamin of Stackedskincare - Feeling Great In Your Skin
Are you sure your skin care routine is really state of the art? Technologist-turned-celebrity aesthetician Kerry Benjamin has rethought that very skin care routine, using advanced techniques to develop individually tailored skin care regimens into a signature treatment. Kerry shares how she grew into a multi-faceted consumer product business, finding her passion and bootstrapping that business to profitability - - as a vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, sulfate-free, and a clean skincare line developed using U.S. pharmaceutical grade ingredients. StackedSkincare is known for tools like the dermaplaning tool, serums, and dramatic results by "stacking" tools and skincare for scars, fine lines, dark spots, sun spots, etc. See for privacy information.
Oct 8
34 min
Abby Wallach of Sparti Scents - It's a Revolution!
The vision: to re-think new forms of fragrance, new delivery systems and new experiences to make fragrance a part of your every day lifestyle and routine. Abby Wallach shares how Sparti Scents' unique forms deliver fragrance at pure and concentrated levels for intense, lasting delight. Packaged in a cool twist-on portable swivel stick so you can Sparti anytime, anywhere! All Sparti Scents fragrances have been developed by a world-class senior perfumer, and Sparti Scents evolved from a 15-year friendship and a desire to create a new voice and vision for the fragrance and beauty category. After interviewing hundreds of fragrance fans from around the world, award-winning entrepreneurs and executives Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas set out to revolutionize the way consumers use, love and wear fragrance. See for privacy information.
Jul 29
27 min
Michel Brousset of Waldencast - Incubating Beauty and Wellness Brands
Imagine starting a career at some of the biggest consumer product and beauty companies in the world, skyrocketing to the head of L’Oreal in the UK and U.S., then pivoting to incubating burgeoning beauty and wellness brands. Veteran beauty executive Michel Brousset (Founder and CEO of Waldencast, a holding company and investment fund that incubates and accelerates early stage beauty and wellness brands and helps them rapidly create scale and profitability) delves into how to run and build brands that last a lifetime, why product performance is key in beauty, but a point of view and emotional connection direct to the consumer is king. Plus, the biggest reasons brands fail, how indie brands can scale, and the evolution of marketing in a digital age, how much has changed (you can now launch a brand with a cellphone), yet much has stayed the same.  See for privacy information.
Jul 22
51 min
Sasha Plavsic of ILIA - Skin-Powered Makeup Brand
How can an indie brand break through the notoriously tough category of natural makeup? Get an insider’s take on how this entrepreneur started - well before the “birth of clean” - went from a single lip balm to scaling a SKIN POWERED makeup brand that has attracted the likes of Sephora and top tier investors. Founder Sasha Plavsic shares how ILIA continues to innovate, pushing the envelope on complex product challenges that labs initially thought would be impossible to create, and why the collision of natural and synthetics is the key to efficacy in clean beauty. See for privacy information.
Jul 15
43 min
Mabel Lee of Velour Beauty - Luxurious Lashes
Velour Lashes is the preeminent name in the make-up industry when it comes to high-end luxurious false lashes. Launched in 2011, Velour was the first company to introduce the concept of 100% authentic mink lashes. Founder Mabel Lee offers and inside look at the company that has featured in a number of beauty publications and has expanded its client list to include A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kate Upton and many others.  See for privacy information.
Jul 8
39 min
It's a Matter Of... BEAUTY
With a vision of holistic plastic surgery - person before procedure - Doctor Shirley Madhere knows what beauty means in both theory and practice. Beauty is a heady topic that incorporates the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and, in the case of plastic surgery, medical. Anti-Aging as a term is out, and Self-Care as a concept is in. On "It's a Matter Of..." podcast, BeautyMatter's CEO Kelly Kovack talks with Dr. Shirley about how she has become an authority in the field on her own terms, and how the implication of a shift in the consumer mindset opens the borders of the conventional beauty landscape. See for privacy information.
Jul 1
56 min
It's a Matter Of... PROOF
Toxic ingredients in beauty products drove Hillary Peterson to found True Botanicals to transform the beauty industry. The backlash against traditional beauty brands may have been inevitable, but there was a time not that long ago when "natural" products were a fringe category. For Hillary and True Botanicals it’s a matter of PROOF.  They are driven by a mission to transform beauty.  One woman, one result, one moment at a time, creating a collective force of wellbeing. On "It's a Matter Of..." podcast, Hillary talks with BeautyMatter Founder Kelly Kovack about how the beauty industry needs change-makers willing to break the rules and have the commitment to establish new ones.  See for privacy information.
Jun 25
56 min
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