Beauty from the Heart
Beauty from the Heart
Rose Gallagher
Beauty from the Heart is a podcast encouraging warm, meaningful conversations with some of the most inspiring people in the beauty industry. Hosted by @RoseGallagher. See for privacy and opt-out information.
The beauty of colour with Zeena Shah
Today’s guest is art director, stylist, author and illustrator, Zeena Shah. Zeena is one of the most uplifting people I know. She is always wearing colours top to toe and shares endless tips to upcycle and recycle what you have around you. In this episode Zeena tells us a bit about her many creative pursuits, how we can all get a bit more crafty at home and enjoy some mindfulness, and of course we talk all things beauty along the way. Here are a few things we mention in today’s episode that you may wish to take a look at… Zeena on Instagram:’s blog: https://heartzeena.blogspot.comZeena on Pinterest:’s husband Zach, Paper and Wood: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Nov 9
36 min
Finding beauty in home comforts with Laura Jackson
Given that we’re set to spend more time at home this autumn, I invited Laura Jackson to talk home comforts on the podcast this week. I think if we can bring some magic to simple rituals, like making an evening meal more special, we can find smalls ways to get by over the coming weeks and months. Laura is well known for her presenting roles, but her passion for food led her to launch her own supper club with her friend Alice Levine, and create her own podcast dedicated to hosting. So today, I’ve asked Laura to join me and share some of her expertise in the hope that we can find some comfort in the ordinary. As always, there’s some beauty chat along the way too.Here are a few of the things we discuss that you might want to take a look at…Laura on Instagram: London: Laura Jackson: https://hosteing-laura-jackson.simplecast.comRound to Ours cookbook: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Nov 2
30 min
Niomi Smart talks Smart Skin and her life online
Today I’m taking to one of YouTube’s most known and loved faces, Niomi Smart. Niomi is a content creator and author and has amassed a huge and loyal following over the years. In addition to all of this, she’s just launched her own skincare brand and I’ve invited her to tell us all about that today. I really enjoyed chatting to Niomi, I hope you love this episode too. Here are a few of the things we discuss in this week’s episode that you might like to take a look at… Niomi on YouTube: on Instagram: Skin: Harper on Beauty from the Heart:  Herbivore Botanicals on Beauty from the Heart: Jaffrey: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Oct 27
32 min
The power of sisterhood with Daisy Boateng
Today I’m talking to Daisy Boateng who joins me down the line from New York. Daisy has worked in the beauty industry for many years, with a career spanning brands such as L’Oreal Paris, Essie, NYX Cosmetics and Maybelline. With all of this experience to share, she has created the Step Up Sorority, aiming to mentor young BAME women and equip them to achieve their career aspirations. Here are a few of the things that we discuss in this episode that you may wish to take a look at… Daisy’s Instagram page: Step Up Sorority: https://thestepupsorority.comThe Step Up Sorority on Instagram: St John:, founder of Uoma Beauty and Pull Up for Change: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Oct 19
34 min
The beauty of transition with Juno Dawson
Today’s guest is novelist, screenwriter, journalist and columnist, Juno Dawson. Since I first met Juno I’ve learned so much about the issues facing trans people and I really admire her for always standing up for the people around her. Joining me from a cosy corner of Brighton, Juno joins me to talk everything from the Spice Girls to how trans people are represented in the media, and of course gives us a sneak into her make-up bag. Just to mention, in case these are sensitive topics to you, we discuss things such as body dysmorphia and anxiety, and there are some occasional swearwords in this episode. Here are a few of the things we discuss that you may wish to take a look at… Juno’s website: https://www.junodawson.comJuno on Instagram: Charity: Book Is Gay: Barber: Blac: https://jeccablac.comParis Lees: Bergdorf: Faye: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Oct 12
35 min
Mental health and the beauty of opening up with Bryony Gordon
Welcome back to a new series of Beauty from the Heart! I’m delighted to be back with journalist, author and mental health activist Bryony Gordon. She’s shared so much of her  journey with her readers, from mental health challenges or alcohol addiction. And her openness, in turn, encourages other people to share their stories. I feel such a warmth from her because she is proud to simply be herself. Today we’re talking all things mental health, how beauty can impact self-esteem, and generally reflecting on musings from her latest book, Glorious Rock Bottom. Just a note – there is some swearing in this episode. If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in this conversation, here are some helpful resources. Alcoholics Anonymous: Mind, mental health: Here are a few of the things we discuss that you may want to take a look at…Bryony’s Instagram page:’s podcast: Health Mates: Health Mates on Instagram: Rock Bottom: Girl: edition Becca Under Eye Brightener: Heart is a Lonely Hunter: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Oct 5
36 min
How make-up inspires inclusivity with Gary Thompson, The Plastic Boy
 Today I’m talking to Gary Thompson, also known as the Plastic Boy. Gary shares his insights on the beauty industry, from how we can all work towards a more inclusive landscape, to the importance of being a role model to younger LGBT boys like him. We also reminisce on both of our experiences working in beauty in retail, and have a few laughs about experiences with disgruntled customers… if you’ve ever worked on the beauty shop floor, I think you’ll relate to this one! This episode marks the end of series 2 of Beauty from the Heart. Thank you for listening and I’ll be back soon with more guests to get to know and feel inspired by. XXX  Gary on Instagram: on YouTube: 1Xtra Talks, LGBT and Black:  Gary’s Eylure collection: Cosmetics: Defreitas: Jewel: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jul 6
31 min
The life and times of Val Garland
Today, I’m talking to one of the world’s greatest make-up artists, Val Garland. Val has been in the industry for 30 years, known for everything from iconic celebrity photo shoots, heading up teams at every major fashion week show you can think of, and a whole host of memorable magazine covers. As a judge on the BBC3 show Glow Up, Val searches for Britain’s next big make-up talent. So, ahead of the series 2 finale this week, Val shares her own make-up journey from the beginning, and how her learnings have shaped what she looks for in a great make-up assistant. If you love fashion or have aspirations of a career in make-up, this one is totally for you! Val Garland at Streeters: on Instagram: book, Validated: Glow Up, Britain’s Next Make-up Star on iPlayer: Glow Up on Instagram: Skinner’s episode of this podcast, her fellow Glow Up judge: Judi Dench British Vogue cover: and Lady Gaga: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 29
36 min
What Black Lives Matter means for beauty with Dr. Ateh Jewel
Today, I’m joined by an award winning beauty journalist, producer, brand founder and diversity advocate, Dr. Ateh Jewel. For as long as I can remember, Ateh has been at the forefront of conversations within the beauty industry about how we all need to work towards creating more of a diverse landscape. When the world became aware of the story of George Floyd in May 2020, a widespread conversation ignited about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. Within the beauty industry, Ateh was encouraging this discussion to create a wider awareness and ignite positive change. So, today, she joins me to share her experiences of being a black woman and mother in society today, and how the beauty industry can work together to create a better future.  Ateh’s blog: www.jeweltonesbeauty.comAteh on Instagram:’s foundation range, coming soon: for Ateh’s foundation: in conversation with Susanna Taylor from Get the Gloss: in conversation with Caroline Hirons: Space by Space NK with Ateh: Gary, the Plastic Boy: Fetto, Palette: Braithwaite, I Am Not Your Baby Mother: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 22
39 min
Decoding Clean Beauty with Tata Harper
From a sunny farm in Vermont, Tata Harper joins me today to tell me how she created her clean skincare brand. When her step father was sadly diagnosed with cancer, her family made the decision to remove all kinds of toxins from their everyday routines. What ensued was a journey of research and knowledge that inspired her to create her own beauty line that was luxury, potent, and clean.  I loved learning about Tata’s upbringing in Columbia, where beauty routines were a celebration and a ritual. If you want to learn a little more about what ‘clean beauty’ really means, this episode will be for you…  Tata on Instagram: Harper Skincare on Instagram: Harper website: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jun 2
38 min
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