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Beauty Business Game-Changer Podcast
Jennifer Jade Alvarez
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The Beauty Business Game Changer Podcast is a podcast for Stylists that want to learn how to build and grow a successful business in the beauty industry. If you believe that you want more out of your career and life then this is the place to be. Award-winning stylist and host, Jennifer Alvarez, shares her best tips and strategies on branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Her coaching will remove the roadblocks so you can overcome fear, shift your mindset and create your dream business and life. For more resources + tools visit Support this podcast:
How to go from a hairstylist to a salon owner Ep. 43
Salon Business Masterclass Registration page Ready to dive into creating a business plan? Start the course today! There seems to be a disconnect between going from a Hairstylist to a salon owner. Do you agree? I mean, there is so much to do, and so many hats to wear! The overwhelm of all the things to do can happen, but one thing I know is that most of us have roadblocks that are causing us to stay stuck and play it safe. Overwhelm is a real thing, and so is fear. However, the real reason we are playing small is that we don't have a business plan. Here are 11 reasons if you want to become a salon owner, you need a salon business plan: Clarity Action Plan Raise Money Help you achieve your goals Minimizes your risk Helps you grow 30% faster Creates Confidence Make Better Decisions Understand your Competition and Market Clear Path to grow Focus on strategies --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Oct 14
24 min
What type of marketing works best
Join us in the Free Facebook Community Every business is unique because you are unique. Personality, your style, your brand, your design, your techniques and approach to hair and makeup, what you think beauty, and how you operate your business Social media, website, google, advertisement Posting Ideas Creating educational content Entertaining Inspirational Shout out to your clients, team, or community Showcase your products Share behind the scenes :  Color process or haircut break down, tools used to create your design Be Authentic Why would you choose Instagram? ·  56.3% of Instagram users are Females and 43.7% are male. ·   72% of teens use Instagram. 1/3 of the most viewed stories are from businesses. Posts With a Location Get 79% More Engagement. Photos With Faces Get 38% More Likes. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement. Instagram videos get over 2 times more engagement than Instagram photos. Stories, IGTV, REELS (people who prefer quick-and-easily-digestible content. ) REELS-  Instagram Reels: a new way to record 15-second clips set to music Use Image cover, captions, Stickers, and Hashtags, or a CTA Why would you choose Facebook- o  Once you have a personal page create a business page o  Run Advertisement to your target market o  Facebook Messenger- connect with clients and potential clients o  Go live, create a video o  Post before and after images Pinterest-  Check out our latest episode on how to use Pinterest to attract your ideal clients Track to learn where your new clients are discovering you.  Put more time, money and energy into these areas. Be Consistent and relevant --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Oct 7
30 min
Secrets to Social Media with Bri Lueloff
Join the Facebook Free Community with like minded salon owners and suite owners  Dreaming of opening a salon?  Grab my free checklist of all the things you need prior to opening Get your tickets to Bri Lueloff's master class here 👇 only $99 use code GAMECHANGER for a our listeners exclusive discount Join me and Bri as we dive into all things instagram for hairstylist 💇‍♀️! She shares with us some golden 💣 nuggets that you can use TODAY to help you up 🚀 your instagram gram. From repurposing content to showing up raw and authentically, she shares her expertise on mastering Instagram in 2020. Don’t miss this new episode on the Beauty Business Game-Changer Podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sep 30
33 min
Get Focused and scale your business with Jasmine Jones
Join our Free Facebook Group Jasmine Jones is an online visibility and systems coach to beauty professionals and creatives who are looking to get seen online by their dream clients through intentional systems to grow your business without the burn out. She has been a licensed cosmetologist in the beauty industry for the last 7 years and owns a mobile bridal hair and makeup team of 14 that services 4 states and growing. Find more about Jasmine here --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sep 23
39 min
How to market and brand your new business
Join us in the Free Facebook community Why Marketing your business is important? ·  To keep your business relevant ·  To grow your clientele ·  To attract your ideal client ·  To share your brand + mission with your community Why Create your brand? ·  Creates consistency ·  Creates awareness ·  People buy brands How to create your Brand Identity ·  Colors, Images, and personality Why continuing to grow clientele? ·  As you grow you will raise your prices.  When you raise your prices a certain % you may lose that same % in clients.  By marketing you will continue to keep an ebb in flow in your business ·  People move ·  People Change their minds Why Market to your ideal client? So you can do the work that you enjoy most with the personalities you enjoy most How and where to start o  Figure out your specialty.  Your jam. What you would do for free (but you don’t) because you love it so much o  Start using and taking pictures of only that ONE THING to use when you are marketing yourself o  Where does your ideal clientele shop? Where do they eat?  Where do they live?  Describe this person as if you know everything about them o  What social media platform are they on?  Hang out and be social with then o  Speak as if you are only speaking to them Marketing and Branding creates a solid foundation for business growth and longevity.  It always can be tweaked if you are not where you want it to be.  Be consistent as possible so it is not confusing to your audience Happy Marketing + Branding --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sep 16
25 min
Everything you need to know about Facebook and Email Marketing with Stephanie Mitchell
Join us in the free Facebook group Find more about Stephanie Mitchell Amy Porterfield's Masterclass to learn how to launch your own online course: My eBook about creating Facebook Ads: My blogs about email marketing: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sep 9
43 min
How to Market your business on Pinterest with Rachel Ngom
Ever wondered how to use Pinterest for your local salon?  Use too!  Our guest built a six-figure business using organic reach on Pinterest.  She shares with us how we can use this platform to grow our email list and attract our target market. Join our free Facebook community --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sep 2
27 min
7-figure salon business owner with Kati Whitledge
Tune into this episode to learn more about how this successful salon owner started with a 750 square foot salon and built her way to a  7 figure business.  She shares her biggest secrets to winning and balance.   You can find more about Kati here: If you are looking for more connection and a community join us in our free Facebook group Join our Free Facebook Community  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Aug 26
55 min
3 areas of your business that you might be losing money
Join the free Facebook community Dialogue Consultations: Add-ons and higher average tickets Listen Recommend: Plant the seed What is the result: Solution focused Retail: Referrals and loyalty Introduction Show and tell…but not too much What is important to them? Smell, connivence, cost, quality, results Rebooking; Predictable income Remember the event Give two options Talk like your guest Repeat their concerns Repeat their goals Repeat their plans The Plan  Consistant Every guest : Consultation-closing Test what works Find your flow --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Aug 19
32 min
How to recover $10,000 from the shut down
Tracking Sheet Free Facebook community 18 months until 2020 is over!  It's time to create new goals or map out your existing.  If $100,000 was your 2020 goal you gotta listen to this episode on the smallest change you can do to recover $10,000 that you might of lost during the shut down.   --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Aug 12
25 min
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