Beauty Biz Bffs
Beauty Biz Bffs
Kasey Boone and Lorena Ashmore
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Game Changer for Beauty Students
This pod is everything I’ve been looking for and more. I can’t thank Lorena and Kasey for dedicating their time to sharing this valuable info with all of us. They’re not pretentious, they’re successful, and they’re spreading the gospel! Listening to this makes my brain buzz with creativity. Cheers ladies, thank you!!
Ryann the girl
Best pastime
My favorite pastime is listening to this podcast! Love these ladies, their knowledge, and all their helpful business advice. They keep it real. ✌️
Skincare by Jenae
If you are a business owner or esthetician this podcast is everything you’ll ever need. Always so pumped up after listening to you two!
Sara Penoyer
Love this podcast!
This podcast is so helpful and informative for me as I’m in esthetician school right now! I love all of the tips + tricks and great advice shared! Also the girls are so fun to listen to and follow! The only’s so hard to listen when the girls are eating and talking during their podcasts and I have to switch to another episode. Otherwise, love love love!
Nicole Dill
Awesome podcast!
Awesome podcast. I am an Esthetician of 6+ years and can’t get enough of their tips & tricks. It’s all extremely relevant to estheticians inside and outside of the treatment room. Thanks ladies 🤍🤍
Truly.. my beauty biz BFFs
Kasey and Lorena are killing it the esthetician game and in the podcast world. The episodes are my perfect weekly pick me ups. I look forward to each new episode!
The best!!!!
They are the best! Have inspired me to do so much 🥰 I love the podcast and the advice they give. They teach you so much and are so real!
Hailey Marie V
Love these girls!!
I just stumbled upon this podcast and I’m hooked!! Kasey and Lorena are so knowledgeable about the beauty industry and I’m so excited to learn from them! Love their real, honest insights and and tips about an esthetician practice.
love love love!!!
I’ve been an esti for about 6 years and i just love the honest, straightforward and easy to follow advice. the girls are so easy to listen to and super motivational!!
Brand new esti
I have recently found this pod and I am so thankful I did! I have learned so much about random but important esthetician/beauty related information! I feel like Lorena and Kasey are my accountability partners for excellence and efficiency. Coming out of esti school there is a lot I know but WAY MORE that I don’t and I appreciate the authentic guidance K + L provide. You have a listener for life ☺️
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Helpful, Hilarious, Relatable
As a new beauty bizz owner this podcast has been answering so many of my questions and ones that I didn’t even know I had. I love Kasey & Lorena’s personalities, they flow so well and they’re fun to listen to. Beauty bizz people NEED to listen to this!
Stef Pet
Love you both!!!
Everything you both talk about is super relatable. I feel like I have friends I’ve never even met lol I’ve learn so much and I definitely have recommended your podcast.
I listened to a few episodes of this podcast. I tried some old ones and new ones. The old ones are ok. The new ones were pretty basic. I didn’t get much out of them other than hearing two women chatting about themselves. Hard pass.
The Besti Esthi
best podcast ever!! So entertaining and helpful for those in the beauty industry. Low key have a whole note section on my phone dedicated to Beauty Biz Bffs bc it’s that good. I’m not an esthetician but I am in the beauty industry and find these episodes super helpful for every aspect of my biz.
Love these ladies!
Kasey and Lorena are so fun to listen to and have sparked a new found interest in lashes and esthetics! Not to mention they make you feel like you can conquer the world!
The Fashion Haus Boutique
Definition of narcissism
2 quintessential LA girls who spend an hour talking about how relatable and important they are to the industry. After the second episode where they laugh about “bums” — you know, humans who have no home, and suggesting that their facial towels can be thrown away after using once (instead of doing laundry), I just can’t.
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I have been listening to #beautybizbffs from almost the beginning. I tune in religiously, on my way to work every Tuesday! It helps set my week up for success! I have enjoyed listening and watching them grow their girl boss careers. Lots of great tips and they are always willing to help. Can’t wait to see them live someday! Keep rockin the podcast world ladies! 🥰
Michelle Envy
LoVe ThIs
Love this podcast. Super real & funny. Always informative. <3
Anyone in the beauty industry needs this podcast in their life. You guys are funny and smart and naturals at helping others! Thank you ladies! ✨
Lovove this podcast so much! As a new upcoming esthetician I binge this podcast as soon as I found it! You guys are so inspirational, real and HILARIOUS! So much love and positive energy. Love all the way from Ohio!
I absolutely love your podcast!!! So real and helpful!! Love you guys!!❤️
I love listening to you ladies in the morning and on my way to my evening esthetic class ! Love all of the suggestions of yalls favorites and items in the treatment room. I’m so excited to eventually have my own treatment room whenever I get done with school. I have learned so much from this podcast and from following on social media . Keep it up ladies ! Y’all are amazing !
Absolutely LOVE them! They are hilarious and share so much knowledge 🙌🏼
Great ideas!
I have listened to this podcast for almost a year now, I love all the ideas! So many things I have related and put into my life and business! Great for anyone in the beauty industry! Thank you for all you do!!
Casey Lashes
Love your podcast!
The yin and yang of Kasey and Lorena makes my week! I’m a esthetician that runs my own skincare studio and there are so many relatable stories weekly that make me laugh out loud while giving me useful advice or tips in order to be the best at my business!
Mel The Skyn Distillery
Shop talk with your estie besties!
Kasey and Lorena are sincere, smart, and generous with their advice. All estheticians will love this podcast, whether you are an entrepreneur yourself or not! You’ll hear relatable stories, invaluable advice, and so much inspiration. These are successful women and their energy and passion for elevating and helping other create their own success is contagious! This podcast feels like chatting with your estie besties while sitting on the couch with a glass of wine sharing the ups and downs of the beauty biz. It’s therapeutic and motivational, and will put you in a great headspace!
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New listener
Just started listening to you ladies. I have to say I love this podcast.
Favorite podcast
I look forward to every new episode coming out! As an esthetician student I learn so much from every episode and value every bit of advice and perspective from these episodes. They make it truly entertaining and informational at the same time, and motivational
Highly recommend
I just started listening to this pod cast today for the first time on my way to work and I was literally Laughing out loud!! It made my hour drive into work not so terrible! Thanks ladies!
My favorite podcast for the beauty industry! I seriously look forward to Tuesday mornings every week knowing I’ll get a new episode from these ladies. They are so relatable and funny and share so many amazing business advice! Anytime I need a little pick me up or inspiration I binge listen to a bunch of episodes. Thanks for helping us out girls. 💕 Xo, Brittney Brittney Skin and Lash Artistry
Brittney Skin&Lash Artistry
Look forward to Tuesday’s
I look forward to Tuesdays because of this podcast! They truly feel like they could be everyone’s best friend- they are fun while also being super informative and encouraging. A little tough love and reality checks mixed with a lot of helpful information and entertainment! It’s seriously the perfect mix of everything.
My GO TO podcast!
I tune in every week to listen to these two! They offer a ton of FREE information & helpful tips on how to have, sustain & enjoy a successful business. I have incorporated so much of this knowledge into my own business & life. Thank you Kasey & Lorena for going above & beyond while continuing to KEEP IT REAL 💗 - @p.s.foreveraesthetics
Faith @ P.S. Forever
So. Good.
These two are a power house of female treasure for the esthetics industry, just trying to help lift everyone up with them as they climb. Can’t say enough good things, I’ve gained so much confidence in the spa from listening to them, from selling to financial advice to client relationships. Not to mention they have fun personalities and are entertaining to listen to! It really feels like we’re all friends hanging out talking esthetics when I listen to them. (lol weird I know) Please keep doing what you’re doing!!
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I love this podcast so much and it has taught me more than esthetic school ( LOL ). My only thing is I wish they’d not eat while recording because of the chewing but that’s just a personal thing for me. Love these girls! (Update after September 1st episode) I’m sorry if my review offended you but I found your words hurtful, I am an OG fan, I listen to every episode, and I have bought from both of you. I really looked up to you guys.
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I absolutely love the content, but please please please stop eating when you record. Mouth noises are actually a pretty common human aversion. Or finish chewing before you speak? Otherwise keep up the great work. ❤️
Chunky buttface
So much room for growth
I have been listening to the podcast for a long time now. I have to say since the pandemic things have been less than beneficial. I thought this time would have been utilized wisely to interview others in the industry or more time to impact others on how to prepare and get back to the industry. However, that’s not the case. I listened to 1/4 of episode 97 before I turned it off. I’ve never purposefully turned an episode off. Their words are lost in translation by the amount of curse words that are constantly coming through. Meanwhile they’re eating while talking and it’s just not worth listening to. It is not a podcast you can listen to with anyone around. In fact I feel like I’m listening to the 21 year old girls at the office I use to work at years ago that would come in to discuss how drunk they were and complain. It just isn’t full of informative information anymore and is all bias opinions on their circumstances. Example, I’m in Florida and we were only shut down for 6 weeks. I’ve been back to business as normal and full swing. This podcast makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong to support my family, and continue on my career path. It is not uplifting, or motivating anymore. It is filled with downer conversations, cursing, and drinking conversations. Granted, their prior content to the Pandemic was uplifting and inspirational. Since they’ve moved out of the treatment room and just have product lines I do not find that there is common ground that’s relatable anymore. I do enjoy following Kasey’s IG. She does post way more valuable content there for facial specialists, it’s filtered and not the same vibe/feeling (No cursing or party rockstar). Maybe I’ll give the Podcast a break and come back to it, but I’m just not feeling the way it has shifted and where it is going.
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Absolutely Amazing!!
These two always keep it real and give great advice in the beauty industry. I love and appreciate the real life advice they provide! What works, what doesn’t, what they love, what they hate, I could go on and on....on top of that they have recently provided a workbook for each of their podcasts to take notes, simply subscribe to their newsletter! How awesome is that!
I’m loving everything y’all are sharing!! I opened my own business last week! Vanity - A Facial Bar. I am an esthetician as well. Thank you for all the valuable content. I can’t wait to follow along and see what else I’ll learn from y’all! My question.. or topic, tell me your favorite skincare brands. I want to stick with one brand in my facial bar, one or two brands. But I don’t want random products from all different brands. I’d love to hear your opinions! @alexis_winston Xoxo Lexi 💋
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Esti Lexi
They keep it REAL
Love listening to these ladies! They give you no BS and all the tips and tricks behind their businesses. My question for a podcast topic- For someone that is a licensed esthetician but has not used it for 10+ years and feels SO out of the loop, what is the best way to get back in and upkeep my knowledge? Instagram: tbbyhrdn
Great advice!
I love this podcast as an esthetician student opening her own business. Kasey and Lorena give great tips and advice while making it fun. During this pandemic they have helped keep me moving. 😊
If you are a esthetician you HAVE to listen to these ladies!
This podcast has helped me so much with my business and my mindset! You can really connect with them even through the phone.
Kasey + Lorena
I’ve been listening for about a year and a half and you ladies are apart of my life now, forever! Every industry pro needs to listen to this podcast. The information, tips, assurance, experience, etc. that is shared in this podcast is everything I’ve looked for in a industry related podcast. 100/100 recommend 😉💕
Love you’d
Just stop eating while you record lol 😂
A gem of a show!
I’m fairly new to the aesthetics world, graduating as a licensed aesthetician in August 2019. I started looking for all the business help and tips I could get my hands on, having to do with the aesthetics part of the beauty industry. I found this podcast gem while I was still in school. I’ve loved it so much that I’ve gone back and listened to every episode. I’m not new to the spa world as I’ve been a massage therapist since 2009 and own/operate a massage studio (no employees just me) since 2010. Even with many years of experience as a business owner and being in this industry I’m still finding great information from these two ladies. Thank you so much ladies, please keep it up! I would be so sad if I didn’t have you two to usher me to and from work most days. A topic I would really like you to cover is: The Treatment Menu. How many services offered is to many? Is there a limit? Does it become overwhelming to a prospective client reading the menu? I want to be able to showcase everything I am able to offer. I only bring this up because I’ve heard in a few places that having too much on your menu people get overwhelmed is this true in your opinion? Thanks again ladies! -Morgan @cascara_body_works
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A must listen
You will NOT regret listening to a single episode of this podcast Kasey & Lorena are so informative on so many different topics in the beauty industry and I am freaking obsessed with them! So happy my friend shared this podcast with me!
Best show! So real so relatable
These women gave me the push I needed to venture out on my own! They are real, relatable and really give you that inspired feeling! I look forward to every Tuesday for their podcast I’ve learned so much and not to mention they are also so funny. I was hoping you could talk about inventory. You just did a podcast on finances which was great but I was wondering how you keep track or things in you business such as inventory what you are selling and what you are using in the treatment room ect. I feel like it’s super easy to get lost in what’s going out and what’s coming in. I would love I hear how you break things down! Thanks so much for everything! Jillian ig: @JillianBlairSkin
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You never regret listening to an episode from these babes!
Iv been following Kasey & Lorena’s journey for quite some time now & have fallen in love with their podcast. Beauty Biz Bffs is like personal coaching, a business best friend, & a life mentor wrapped up in a collection of creative, useful, & personable messages you can listen to during any part of your day. Having these babes in your pocket will empower you to be the best, & most authentic version of YOU. Cheers to women supporting women, falling deeper in love with your passion, letting go of non-toxic BS, & stepping up your business game in a community of fierce & inclusive leaders! So thank you to these ladies for your hard work & dedication. It means more than you know. Ashley | The Cheeky Parlor
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Beauty Biz #1 Fangirl
Hi! I love your recent podcast addressing business finances because it’s so easy getting caught up in making money that we can easily forget about our expenses. So, THANK YOU!! I’m venturing into a brand new baby business (in the middle of a crazy pandemic) with one of my closet friends— now business partner. Whenever we share our new business venture, we always get responses like “Be careful of partnerships” and “Be sure to get an operations contract”. Both responses obviously come with wisdom, but we can’t help but feel a little nervous that people have such little faith in partnerships. So my question is— how do both of you maintain such a healthy, professional, and happy friendship, all the while being full blown partners? Again, love love love your podcast! And I can’t wait to learn more! Xo, Lianna @yourskinbestie_lianna
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I love this podcast!
I’m new to esthetics. I’m graduating school in August and lash artist certified. I love what these ladies stand for and all the advice they give. It’s stuff I’m taking into my new job Ig: GlowAesthetically
Professionalism from an employer standpoint when searching for new talents!
Hello Kasey and Lorena! I really enjoyed this week and last weeks episode.... great insight. Not sure how to sum this up in a short note review, but can we please talk about professionalism in our industry from an employer standpoint? One thing I’ve been coming across a lot recently has been potential employers either not being super responsive or professional in their pursuit of new employees. I feel like someone who is trying to hire a great employee should follow up and be courteous and respectful of someone’s times just as much as the potential new hire. As an esty who is relocating, this in search of a new job, I’ve had so many “interest” from people who don’t follow through with their emails or phone calls, etc etc. I had one lady who was opening a new spot completely ghost me on the day of my interview and even previous to that was only communicating via text in an obviously lazy way. I think should you choose to text someone it should still be presented with a professional tone. Overall, my point being, that it’s a two way street on this subject. Love you guys so much and thanks for reading! This podcast has been the highlight of my week a lot lately! Cheers! Kindly, Kelly @laurenkelly_lashandesthetics
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