Beauty Beyond Basics : AKA Triple Bees
Beauty Beyond Basics : AKA Triple Bees
Sheryll + Kerry + Coco + Tiffany
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Sheryll, Kerry, Coco and Tiffany, hosts of the Beauty Beyond Basics : AKA Triple Bees podcast, highlight all aspects of beauty, culture and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Grown up cool version of beauty influence
Does that make sense? They’re just so amazing. I loveeee listening to them. They make me feel like I’m hanging out with them and having a conversation about beauty. They’re NOT into the whole Laura Lee, Manny Mua, Jeffree Star type of beauty. They’re like the grown up chic type of woman I’ve always aspired to be??? Like??? I can’t explain it. They love GOOD things and I discovered them so late, but now I really hope they come back with season 2. Plus I love that they curse, it relaxes me... weirdly. Makes it feel less formal.
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Everything I was looking for
Smart, funny, science-based skincare discussions. Definitely waiting for Season 2!
Not what I expected
I thought from one of the previous reviews that it was going to be people rambling and mocking people who don’t like skincare. Instead, I got a well-informed podcast. Near the end, they talked about orientalism in relation to K-beauty and for all of a minute (maybe) talked about how K-beauty woke up America to skincare. There was a moment of well deserved mockery for people who were trashing things they didn’t understand. There was no rambling. Only justified frustration with people who look down on Korean products for being from Asia. I look forward to more.
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Hearing them just ramble on and on about people who don’t care about their skin and all four hosts making fun of them gets old real fast. Not everyone cares about skincare. We do. Which is why y’all talking about it and I’m listening- That’s all we’re here for. Moving on.
janie cake
Major inspo
These ladies are very knowledgeable and I love the topics they discuss every week. It’s not the same content I hear on other beauty podcasts! Definitely learning something new and they keep it 💯
Eavesdropping on the cool kids...
Everytime I listen to this podcast I feel like I'm in my highschool lunch room and I'm eavesdropping on the table next to me full of all the cool girls in school. First of all, these chicks are funny, second they're full of information that I NEED! My life is and always has been about makeup, skincare, nails, body care and these ladies are speaking my ,language! This is a MUST and I recommend it highly!
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My new favorite podcast!
I’m a newbie to skincare and discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago. I love it, it makes time fly by and I learn a lot. I also love that they post all of the products they talk about on their instagram, so it makes it that much easier to follow. They’ve completely captured my feelings when they said “It’s not about collecting skincare products like they’re Pokémon”! They’re not your average product-pushing influencers. They’re worth listening to.
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I love these women! It’s like hanging out with a gang of funny, cool, very smart girlfriends who really know what they’re talking about. Every episode inspires me to take better care of my skin and treat my beauty routines with respect.
TN English Teacher
What a great start!
These ladies are only two episodes down and are already delivering a quality podcast. I can’t wait to see how you change and grow & I am Here. For. It!!!!
Dicy Ann
So much promise!
I have listened to both episodes now and have enjoyed both. Thanks, ladies! There was definitely improvement in the second in terms of focus and production. It still feels a bit...meandering. I wonder if a shorter, 20-30 min podcast, maybe with different combinations of hosts (not all four every time), might make the show tighter and more crisp. I’d also appreciate hearing the names of products reiterated and more description of the texture, smell, ingredients, etc. We need lots of description in lieu of pictures! Again, this is a great idea! Thank you.
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Triple threat Triple B’s
1. Quality skincare info 2. Funny 3. Hosts are WOC (and friends)
These girls have such great chemistry
It’s so relatable, since I’m obsessed with skincare, it feels like I’m just listening to some close girlfriends. Love the topics and I think that it’s great that they will be taking turns hosting! Thanks for putting out great info. Keep killing it ladies! Say no to St Ives 😂
Way too long, all over the place, and some people need better mics.
I literally lol'd
As Kerry of Skin & Tonics's sister, I was suuuuuuuper pumped when she first told me about this project. I finally had the chance to listen to the full first episode today and I enjoyed it from start to finish. It felt like they were in the room hanging out with me while I was cooking. I actually laughed out loud several times. I enjoy beauty and skincare to a point but I'm definitely not obsessed so I was secretly worried I that I wouldn't love it (like when your high school boyfriend wants you to come watch his crappy band) but I was thoroughly delighted and entertained the whole time and I can't wait for more episodes. Also Sheryll, Kerry, Coco, and Tiffany aren't some multi-millionaire professional podcasters with a private in-home production studio; they are putting in a lot of hard work to make this podcast the best it can be and it may take a few episodes to get everything perfect. If you can't tell already, these are four super classy ladies that strive for the best so if you have any helpful feedback, I know direct messages would be well received. This podcast is already awesome and will only get better from here!
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Okay but could use some work
I was really excited for this podcast because I follow a few of the podcasters and love reading their blogs. I was a little disappointed with the content of the first episode. I found it hard to follow with the conversation they were having, didn’t know who was taking and some of the mics were going in and out. I understand everyone is from different places but for radio mic quality is important. Also, I think maybe working on transitioning and reiterating the questions will help listeners to follow better.
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Content was an A+, production less so. The volume varied consider depending on who was speaking and made it impossible to listen to in the car (which is where I do most of my podcast-listening). I hope it’s just a first-episode blip and that there’s some post-production done on the next one.
My new favorite podcast
These women are smart and hilarious! They have such great chemistry together and the topics in their first episode were interesting and kept me listening! I usually get bored with conversational podcasts, but they had me rewinding to hear stuff again because I wanted to take notes! Great tips, I learned a lot and they had interesting content. Love, love, love. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Erica P MUA
This is the Coco Content the internet is crying out for.
Chandra Levy
Love their perspectives!!!
Finally!!! I needed a podcast like this. Real knowledge and HONESTY. Love listening to these women. Can’t wait til next episode!!!!
Justine Cammisa
Fun and Informative
These four women are funny, witty and are very informative and savvy about makeup and beauty. It will not be good for my budget, but I have already added several products to my shopping list due to their recommendations and descriptions. I am looking forward to their next podcast!