Beautiful Writers Podcast
Beautiful Writers Podcast
Linda Sivertsen
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Way more to this podcast than meets the ear!
I came to get organized with my challenge of writing a book which I must do. I stayed for the wonderful heartfelt and gritty conversations with real people who have done this challenge, most of whom I’ve never heard of and some superheroes I do know. It’s wonderful to hear that they are normal people who struggle just like me. This is a blessing in my life, even if I never write a book.
So glad I found it
I blame the amazing Jennifer Rudolph Walsh for leading me to this podcast and I’m so grateful. Can’t. Stop. Listening!!!
I’m totally HOOKED, and you will be too...
Linda Sivertsen is the most engaging and sam Terdik interviewer. She manages to ask unexpectedly deep questions and more importantly, allows her often megawatt superstar guests to drop their guard, and allow the listener in. Get ready to get inspired!!
My soul swims in positive motivation
Thank you Linda for this podcast! I feel like I’m in a room of amazing people in the middle of a thoughtful conversation. Every episode is my favorite. You’re inspiring me to go to a retreat, to write, to live the life I’m meant to live and to understand life is a fun rollercoaster of processing. Thank you for this amazing podcast. Please, never stop.
first time author, living through this podcast
as I navigate my first book deal and book creation, this podcast has been a safe space for me to learn, contemplate and absorb. I listen early in the moring before I sit down to write, and feel filled up by the amazing guest insights and Linda's beautiful leadership. If you have an interest in writing, this is a must listen.
Maria Failla- The host!
Saved me during quarantine… AND inspired me to write!
Love love LOVE this podcast! I’ve always been a “write at the coffee shop” kind of gal, so when Stay-At-Home orders were first issued, I had to find a new ritual or risk losing my mind. I bought a French Press, eventually found my new favorite coffee (turns out I like Ethiopian blends best), and discovered this absolute gem of a podcast. There I found daily inspiration in the form of intimate conversation with authors I knew and new ones I’d yet to read. Laughter, tears, and surprising validation and encouragement for my own non-traditional path to writing. Linda’s style is approachable, her laugh is contagious, and I adore how much she loves what she does. Immeasurable gratitude for what she, Danielle, and this podcast have brought to my world. An unexpectedly beautiful gift out of crazy times. Write on!
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Booster dose of wisdom, mojo and comfort for writers
Thank you, Linda, for your work. Linda’s superpower and gift to the world is to jam-pack inspiration, motivation, practical tips, craft and comfort for writers into one hour. Just like a great book or movie, you can enjo an episode over and over again — and gain something new every time. I just listened to the "best of" episode off and on yesterday, and am about to listen again. It lifted me back into hope, re-inspired me and re-focused me on my "true north." Write on, beautiful writers! The world needs us and our work.
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Lisa Duchene
So enjoy you💗
Thank you for being here, I’ll listen to you as I ride my bike in the cool mornings. I just listen to the one again on Sue & Ann, I just learned so much. And for me right now during this “shift in life”I find listening is harder for me than reading, because reading for me is ‘my turn’, time when I listen I find a multitask and I don’t absorb it all. So we all have different ways of learning, listening,and pulling in information and pleasure. Peace to all of you that make this happen, and please continue on. Paula.
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Write on!
I love, love, love listening to this podcast. Amazing Writer’s with REAL advice and just keeping it 💯 Linda has the best voice and asks the questions that all writers want to ask!!! It’s my “go to” when I need the motivation & inspiration! So relatable! Keep those episodes coming!!!!
So inspiring
I’m so glad I found this. I just listened to the most recent episode with Valarie Kaur and I’m so inspired. I need to make sure everyone listens to this episode! Excited to listen to more of these.
Soulful book mama
Quick note to say thank you for the love you pour into each podcast. I’ve recently discovered it and it’s among few things I actually enjoy listening to during these pandemic-filled days. Well done, book mama. 💜
Love this podcast!!
This podcast is like poetry to my writer’s soul! It inspires me and introduces me to amazing authors and people. Thank you, Linda for sharing what you do with the world!
Like a fireside chat with your heroes
I love this podcast! It gets me up close and personal with all of my favorite writers - and ones I wouldn’t have found otherwise - to discuss the craft, life, lessons and more. 💙📚👌🏼
A lifeline!
Already a treasure, this podcast has become an absolute lifeline for my writing practice during quarantine. BWP never fails to deliver the inspiration, information, humor, and warmth that we need these days. Linda is an engaging and knowledgeable host, her array of guests is excellent, and she often asks the very questions that are on my mind.
Thank you! Love the wisdom that has come out of this podcast. Very grateful for you and your message and bringing this cool people together.
Miss Stacy Ann
My new favorite!!
Thank you for your incredibly warm, kind, fun, & wise presence!! Thank you for the exceptional quality of your topics, conversations, & guests. I am inspired EVERY time I listen to take what I learn and move it into action in my life. Love you!
Amazing !
This podcast is moving , incredibly insightful and full of wisdom. Thank you!
Heidi and Emmy
My heart
This is the place I can be quiet, laugh and learn. Many thanks for allowing these words to hold us, for providing this space.
Learn Passion Behind a Writers Success
If you want to learn more about one of your favorite writers, this is podcast to listen too. You get the behind the scenes methods and passions behind their success.
SO Real !
The interviews are authentic to the core. As a writer I feel the guests grit, honesty and generosity of their process . After each podcast I am up lifted ! Keep them coming PLEASE ⭐️
Chris T's Tunes
This! Self-care for writers and creative seekers.
When I paint, I listen to music to inspire me. When I write, I read and/or listen to this podcast. But even when I’m not working on a piece, I love to listen to great minds who are humanly frustrated, unsure, funny, angsty, endearing and inspirationally flawed in their life and writing. It gives me hope that through their stories and life as a writer, I too am among them in some way. Keep on writing and sharing!!!
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Great for Anyone Looking for Creative Inspo!
I discovered this podcast only a few months ago through Gabby Bernstein’s email newsletter, and I’ve been hooked since. I love the rapport between hosts and guests, which is fresh and unique in every episode. I myself have been struggling to get back into writing, and listening to these episodes has given me support, guidance, and that “hell yes I can!” motivation that some of us need. Linda, thank you for being a kind, empathetic and insightful host—maybe, should the Universe lead me there, I can sit down and speak with you someday. Until then, keep up the great work and doing what you feel led to do!
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So inspirational
Thank God for this podcast. Let’s me know I’m not alone, that being a writer is beautiful and that writers are MAGIC MAKERS. Great advice, inspiration and lessons here. A treasure!!!!
Inspiring episodes — I find myself listening to just *one* more.
Just recently discovered this gem & have been binging the episodes... definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re a writer. I love all the insights, tips, & the flow of the conversations. I also like to have a little fun and visualize myself being asked some of these questions in the future!
Master class
I am spoiled forever by Linda Sivertsen’s masterful storytelling and her interview style. Truly, she is to the literary world what “Inside the Actor’s Studio” was to the film world. Groundbreaking. She thinks of her listeners throughout and prompts the interviewee to share the response in relation to what her listeners want and appreciate. Her questions are thoughtful and insightful and deep, and offer a delightful morsels of wit and wisdom that I can anticipate because she really knows her format. Like a longer form of the now defunct “10-minute writers workshop podcast.” I am sick to DEATH of other podcasts that sound like backyard chitchat at a cook-out. E.g. “Tell us whatcha been up to!” I’m pretty discerning as I mow through podcasts with no patience for inane chatter and annoying overlapping voices and lack of takeaways. Linda needs a bigger platform.
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I am new to listening to podcasts as of summer’19. I found several that caught my interest, enough to listen to and search for more. Then I discover BWP! I am in love. I have found my other half in Linda, the cohosts, and the guests. The content, quality, personalities all zap me right in my soul and now that I’m caught up I am not so patiently awaiting the next episode. My goal for 2021 is to attend Carmel Writers Retreat. Until then I will listen, learn, laugh, write, and be inspired! Thank you Linda! 🙂🙏🏻✍️
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I am obsessed!
I’m obsessed with your storytelling and passion for all of your guests! Your positive energy is infectious!
So much more than a writing podcast!
Great interviews and life insights! I’m not even a writer and I love this podcast . There is so much life wisdom shared whey each of these writers interviews and I love hearing the stories of their lives and how they cane to answer their callings in the world :-)
Abby Wambaugh’s book Wolfpack
This was the first time I listened to your podcast, ironically while working out at the gym. I enjoyed the interview, even though I didn’t know who she was beforehand. Where have I been? Anyway, empowering listen. I loved her intelligent, thoughtful words and the down to earth vibe of the podcast. Abby is an eloquent speaker and I enjoyed the interview. I look forward to listening to her book on audible. Susan M.
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Su Zen
Great insight into the writing process
I love, love, love this podcast. The conversations about writing are both joyful and authentic. There is a wide range of writing styles captured. It has a great list of accomplished writers. The host, Linda asks great questions. I am a librarian, so I am immersed in the literary world—this is my favorite podcast. It actually inspires me to write and to try to get my work on the stacks too.
Thanks for sharing the wisdom, warmth, and magic
It’s like being at the table with my besties only the besties are bestsellers. And your interviews give so much nourishment and encouragement and joy. I will never run out of things to read. Thank you. And when a book does call yo be written I know where to find help.
Auntie Tamara
Thank you.
Your conversations move me deeply always and in the moments when the distractions of my life throw me off balance, and away from creating, they are a godsend. Reminding me to renew focus on doing what I love, growing my light from there.
Love the show!
Hey Linda I have been listening to the show since you and Danielle were 40 minutes, thank you for keeping it going I’m loving waiting till the end of the previous month so that I can listen to it the whole following month!
Gold for aspiring writers
Every episode is packed with wisdom nuggets and encouragement! Great guests and topics. I’ve listened to multiple episodes over and over! Loved the rob bell one.
Great tool for a new author
I stumbled on this podcast and I am hooked. I went back and listened to all of them. Even the ones before the sound quality improved. Linda is upbeat, real, and asks questions that allow listeners to get to know the authors. I can’t say enough about this podcast.
My Soul is Happy!
I am so very glad I discovered this podcast! Every time I hear the music cue in, I can feel a giddiness up in my Soul! Linda is such a gracious, happy host and the interviews are fun, informative and it’s like I am there having a chat with friends! Thank you so much and I love your sign off- “Write On”! And I shall! I am home..
Love learning craft & truth from the pros!
I’m so grateful each time I listen to this that as a writer, I am not alone. Even the pros that Linda brings on struggle with the things I am. I learn so much and feel better (and most importantly, get to work) after I listen!
Best Podcast For Writers
Guest are amazing! I learn so very much not only about the process of writing, the art of writing, but also feel less alone in the writing journey. If you are a writer this a must listen and learn!
Lover inquires
So Much Love!!
I just found this podcast and I can’t get enough of it!! I am a mostly unknown writer, but I have found that I can no longer deny the gift of writing in myself. This Podcast is packed with Love, Whimsy and Wisdom. I can’t say enough good things about the value of finding the people who are serving others with Complete Honesty, Love, Humility, Humor about the process of creating stuff that Matters. Honoring What is Sacred and Human. That you can be Both! That you can Pray and Cuss!! So Much Love For you All !! Thank You for All the Things!!
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Inspirational and Magical
This podcast has not only inspired me to become the writer I’ve always wanted to be, but has moved me to grow as a person. I absolutely love this podcast. I can’t get enough!
One of my Favs!
Linda Sivertsen is a beautiful gift to all writers, actually all people, and her podcast is packed with stories, insights, suggestions for craft and for life, and love in abundance.
unplugged ...
As we've said before Linda ...the universe and life has a way of reminding us and more than that lifting us up when we're feeling a little unplugged ourselves !! I really enjoyed Ann and your honest but upbeat reminded me with my first book out with publishers that thanks to you and your love of my story, that the door did open for me as an unknown author and I'm now with an agent who's passionate about my story....we now just have to find the publisher who will share in the vision and love too!! These podcasts help us all stay real, feel part of a community, knowing we're not alone and most of all grateful ...even when we're felling unplugged!! love you dalring ...diane danvers simmons xx
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Diane Danvers Simmons
For all who write
I’m an academic and I write about my research. I have the same struggles as other writers! This podcast has helped me be able to say “I’m a writer” and to realize that I have to love that part of my research as much as I love the other parts.
The energy that zooms through me when I listen to one of the "Beautiful Writers Podcast" episodes is just like the energy that zooms through me when I eat a pieced of a dark death by chocolate piece of cake. I savor each and every morsel of tid-pits that enters my mind. I listen, rewind, listen more. Soak it all in. Learn and can feel myself sitting right in front of every speaker, laughing, crying and sighing with each one of them. So far, I can not get enough of the latest episode with Steven Pressfield and Tim Grahl! Yep... replay over and over. Absolutely delicious! Thank you Linda for your diligence in presenting the best of the best! Namaste and Blessings to you!
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Writer or reader, fascinating...
I just LOVE how easy these conversations are with Linda and whoever she's interviewing. She does her homework and makes me feel like I'm sitting in her living room listening to two or three incredible people who are just chatting over a cup of coffee. Such an entertaining way to get inside the heads and lives of some of our most interesting living minds. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a treasure!
As a stay-at-home mother, and a lifelong wonderer about whether I might be able to write something worth sharing with others, I savor this podcast. I find it inspiring and encouraging, even in my very non-celebrity life. My Iowa kitchen gets cleaned to this podcast, and I stay up a little longer some nights to work on my craft, carrying the helpful and heartfelt messages from these interviews with me. Thank you, Linda, for doing what you do and making this available for all to hear. Know that you are blessing my life.
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Love the Podcast, Needs Better Audio!
My kids hate when I listen to this podcast in the car because the sound quality is always so poor. I love it so I’m usually able to tune out the staticky quality, but I hope it improves eventually!
Inspiration for the writer’s soul
I came for the tips but I stay for the inspiration. Linda Sivertsen is the best writer’s coach, cheerleader, and friend you could ever wish for. She knows the business and has a wonderful way of bringing out the best lightness in people. I’m so grateful fortune brought us together. And now, if you’re reading this, you can thank your lucky stars too - hit “Subscribe “ already and start listening!! 🌟
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Mercury Forward
“The” Melting Pot of Inspiration and Joy
This podcast has given me such a gift. My drive to work has turned from a boring commute to a time where I can “hang out” with like-minded woman and laugh and think deeply about things and get inspired. I find myself parking at the parking lot at work and wishing I had gotten there even earlier so that I could have time to journal afterwards. It’s become the “me” time my soul is craving so desperately right now and I just can’t get enough of it. Love love love it, THANK YOU ❤️
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Full of gems
I love this podcast. It's full of so many gems. The Steven Pressfield one is my absolute favorite but so much thoughtful advice for writers at any stage of their career.
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