BBB Podcast
BBB Podcast
JohnnyG, Hugo, TomDakers, Jessef
The fine folks at BlueBird Banter chat about our beloved azure-tinged corvidae the Toronto Blue Jays
Episode 20 - Blue Jay Hunting with Ian
Tom and Johnny are joined by Ian the Blue Jay Hunter from... well They talk about Ian's thoughts on the year so far, the injuries in the rotation, Bautista, the Lineup and Travis Snider. Recorded on Friday June 22nd 2012 after the game in Miami. GO JAYS GO!
Jun 25, 2012
Episode 19 - Minor Leaguer gets the call up
Johnny, Jesse and Minor Leaguer get together to discuss the Jays. The topics include the tweaked lineup, MLB schedule, David Cooper, The draft and Segio Santos. Plently of de-rails all around too. Due to technical difficulties no outtakes on this one though. Click Button, Download and Enjoy. GO JAYS GO!
Jun 9, 2012
Episode 18 - Don't Trust the Fish
The whole BBB podcast crew gets back together for this extended episode. The guys sit down to discuss the Lawrie incident, Adam Lind's demotion the Young Rotation before getting through some (not so) rapid fire questions at the end. GO JAYS GO
May 25, 2012
Episode 17
Johnny sits down with special guest Navin Vaswani (formally Eyebleaf) a mainstay in the Toronto sports blogosphere. Navin's work can be found at Not Graphs and on twitter @vaswani_ . We talk about Navin's early season picks for best players on the Jays and the general feelings on the team. We also touch on Navin's major league trip to every ball park in MLB. GO JAYS GO!
May 11, 2012
Episode 16
Tom and Johnny sit down to discuss the Jays recent struggles as well as the fans general reaction to the team.
Apr 28, 2012
Episode 15
Tom, Johnny, Hugo and even eventually Jesse find their way together to talk about the Jays opening two series of the year. Topics start off with early impressions of the Jays, Bautista and Santos. We go into first impressions on the rest of the AL East before going off on some serious tangents for the rest of the podcast. Fun times were had by all! GO JAYS GO!
Apr 14, 2012
Episode 14
Spring training is almost over! The guys get together to talk about McGowan, Thames, Vizquel, Drabek and play gamblers as we take the over/under a number of Vegas bets. GO JAYS GO!
Mar 31, 2012
Episode 13
Hey Look! In a somewhat on time podcast Tom and Johnny sit down to discuss our beloved bluebirds. Topics range on the GM's comments on the LF battle, Hechavarria, Brett Cecil, Trade Rumours, the Rogers Center and the Jays Spring Training record. GO JAYS GO!
Mar 17, 2012
Episode 12
Annnnnd we're back! Johnny, Tom, Hugo and Jesse get together to chat about the Offseason, LF, Rasmus and expectations for the year. Check us out online at, @bluebirdbanter on twitter and
Mar 2, 2012
Episode 11
Tom, Johnny, Hugo and Jesse all get together to discuss the end of the season for the Jays while looking forward to the future. Recorded on October 5th 2011
Oct 11, 2011
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