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Great Batman Show!
This is such a good Batman podcast! It definitely focused on the movies (obviously from the name) but there is good stuff from the comics and cartoons and games. The host does a great job setting up the conversations and the guests are all fun and knowledgeable guys. I love the trivia game!
Just terrible. Jett is entirely too biased, never passing up an opportunity to dump on Zack Snyder, while simultaneously slobbering all over the mighty Chris Nolan. He is less a Batman fan than he is a Nolan fanboy.
The Best Dad-Gum Bat-Bros
I have to say as someone who initally couldn't have been more hesistant to jump into the podcast realm, listening to the BOF podcast over the years is a big reason why I started. These guys really continue to drive my passion for not only Batman, but this capes and tights stuff in general. They may tell you how it is straight up, and you may not always agree with them, but it always comes from a good place. Lastly, "I'M ZEDNIK."
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BOF Pod? Dead like the website
Jett has always come off like a self-aggrandizing douche on his website, with “scoops” or claimed insider knowledge, or judgment of fandom. But namely acting near responsible for TDK Trilogy LOL. But it’s taken to auditory levels here. And the other members of cast literally just circle jerk him. Only now, you get to listen to his dumb sounding Texas accent and idiotic Southern slang. Dad-Gum? Cringe. Well, I guess it’s unintentional comedy. Yet still, the Batman deserves a better podcast.
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THE Batman Podcast
Nikko Caruso here! This is a MUST listen podcast for all Batman fans. Garret Grev has wonderfully taken the baton and leads the show with class and insight. It’s a refreshing take that adds something new to a classic, well-known show while also protecting the tradition of the OG Batman podcast. Lower, spelled like lower, is stellar as always, adding incredible knowledge and passion of the character and its history. To cap it all off, you have King Pisan, Peter Verra who brings the wit and the sauce with pride. The legend himself Bill Ramey has assembled the perfect team to carry this show into the future. If you’re a Batman fan and don’t listen to this show... I’m sorry for you!
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Enjoyable group, great Batman content
I’m no super Batman fan, but I did watch a lot of it as a kid. I have enjoyed all the movies since and was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable this podcast is. At first I thought it wouldn’t be for me, but guys like Garret keep it interesting and the entire group seems very relatable. Check it out even if you are on the fence, it might be something you end up liking!
Nick Busch
Love the new set up
Big fan of this podcast. Love the new three guy set up with Garret, Ryan, and Peter. Keep it up!
Andy Luca
Still the best there is!
Been listening since the days of Nolan. From Jett to Hoss this show has aged like fine wine. Great topics, knowledgeable group of round tablers that don’t always share the same opinion. Love these guys. I’ve been a BOFer since day one and for good reason. These guys do it with class and respect. No spoilers no toxicity.
I’ve popped in to listen to a couple episodes here and there once major news is dropped so I can hear others opinions. Worth the time! Thanks guys.
Your podcast
I think your podcast is really amazing and you should really keep it👍❤️👌🦇🃏
Poop on a Stick
This podcast is straight garbage as is Rick Shew.
I know you guys are sick of talking about Ben Affleck, but I’m missing the news discussion podcasts. This is one of the only dc podcasts that wants to move on from Zack Snyder’s dceu. Jett is a much needed voice of reason.
matt guay
5 stars for the best batman podcast
I've been following batman on film for 12 years and still enjoy this website as much as I did back in 2004. Absolutely love listening to the podcast and enjoy hearing everyone's different perspective and reviews on our favorite superhero! Keep up the great work! I also enjoy watching the vlogs and listening to the commentaries as well! Your faithful follower, John
Best BATMAN/DC show in the internet
I've been following this guy for 10 years and all I've gotta say is that I don't think there's a more reliable and more honest podcast when it comes to Batman and all things DC. Keep up the amazing work.
Zauri Junior
Just don't waste your time. I don't want to spend time explaining why I don't like this show. If you are a real batman fan, this pod cast will drive you insane. Do yourselves a favor and just find something else to listen to.
The best in the business!
I have been a long time listener and must say if you are a Batman fan, this is the place to be. Everytime a new episode drops, I can't wait to listen. Everyone here is very knowledgable and entertaining while having great chemistry together, but most importanly the integrity you have is first rate. I appreciate all the work and effort you guys put into this podcast and it shows. I only gave you 5 stars because 6 was not an option. ;) Keep up the great work guys!
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Rob C. from Atlanta, GA
Great Batman Podcast. No nonsense!
Like this podcast. It's a great no nonsense Batman show that has a track record you can't argue with. Make sure you subscribe and checkout the website as well
Elitist Nolan nonsense
Sit back and listen to people talk about how they "had their Batman they wanted with Nolan" and tearing down the DCEU, while simultaneously saying they want this Universe to succeed. After a couple of episodes, you know in their hearts they are praying for their messiah Chris Nolan to come back and deliver us another sorry excuse of a comic book film. Some people like to dwell on the past and that's fine. But it's not for me. But if you like listening to people talk about how this vision of Batman isn't what they want it to be, subscribe.
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Wayne_by God_ Goins
Nice way to keep up on Batman related stuff
I've been a long time listener, first time reviewer, so here's my take on the podcast: Fun, enjoyable podcast pertaining on all things Batman. I like the fact that the podcast will call out Warner Brothers or DC Comics when they are doing something with Batman or the other DC Comics characters that don't make a bit of sense. Like Jett, I'm a Batman fan, first and foremost, and prefer Batman not be in Justice League, or the Super power/magic stuff to stay out of Batman comics or movies. Solid chemistry with all the people on the podcast, and a fun time to be had whenever any new Batman related stuff is released. One last thing: TDK Trilogy rocks!!!
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Five stars for first time reviewer.
Never written a review before or felt the need to but as a long time BOFer I gotta say this newest iteration of the podcast is fantastic. Listening to these guys talk Batman reminds me of being a kid in a comic shop and that is high praise! Been with BOF since 2003 and I've always respected Jett and the fact he sticks to his guns. So glad BOF has a regular podcast now and gone are the days of posting an episode occasionally throughout the year. My only recommendation is I'd like to hear more Batman comic talk. I know it's Batman on film but a monthly segment on what's happening in Batman comics, or just their thoughts on it, would be an added bonus.
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decent content but needs some work
Each contributor seems to be on a different audio level. Very annoying to have to adjust volume repeatedly throughout the podcast. Rick Shew's takes have been become so complex and melodramatic I usually hit fast forward when he speaks, it's Batman not Shakespeare. Lastly no idea where the "Jett" nickname comes from or why it needs to be mentioned on every intro.
Could be a great show if there was more Robin
Just kidding guys... I love what BOF does and how they lay it out on the line. Here are the facts. plain and simple. No sugar coating.... but yet the show stays sweet. Keep it honest, keep it real guys. Thanks also fo adding us guys.. RELTD podcast to the BOF family! -ROB PS... #3rdBoyWonder
Intellectual Batman Talk
Jett and the gang do a great job of speaking and debating intellectually about the character and his many forms in media. They don't always agree, nor do I always agree with them, but they state their cases in a way that makes sense and has you at least respect the other sides opinion. The only thing that prevents this from being a 5 star is the audio quality. Sometimes people are too soft, while others can be too loud, causing for constant adjustments to the volume, but other than that minor complain, any batfan should subsribe to this podcase!
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Best podcast on cinematic Batman/DCU
I listen to ALL of the comic movie review/news/analysis podcasts and this is the best consistently. They don't have the almost radio-DJ personality-types who laugh WAY TOO LOUD at their own jokes. They don't have the blind sheep mentality of "anything that has the DC label is great regardless of public reception or box office results". You have incredibly informed hosts with educated/reasonable expectations and the abililty to objectively look at not only the content of the films but at the cultural impact they are having in comparison to the cultural impact they SHOULD be having. Love this podcast. Also, I can oftentimes disagree with the point of view of presented but be completely respectful of the point of view because of the level-headed attitude with which it was presented.
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The best of the Batman podcasts.
I'm a casual superhero/comic fan, yet over the years I kept revisiting the Batman-On-Film podcast. And something happened to me while listening...I've become a bigger fan & gained a greater appreciation for Batman & comics. The show has a nice, no-frills rhythm to it. Host Bill Jett Ramey is the real deal - he's been 'carrying the cowl' for years. Level-headed & extremely knowledgeable - Bill is an old(er) DC pro. He keeps things focused & moving along, avoiding the rambling chit chat heard in many fanboy casts. Rounding out the team, the co-hosts bring a great balance of film analysis, journalism & youthful enthusiasm to the Batman ethos. The Batman-On-Film podcast is genuine & deserves listening.
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BOF Tells it like it is
I have been a fan of Batman-on-FIlm since 2004, and later when they started their podcasts I listened to every episode. Their first volume of podcasts were not coming out as often as I would've liked, but that never was to say that the quality was bad. Now with volume 2, the podcast is still in stellar from and being released on a consistant basis and it is great to listen to week in and out. Keep up the great work!
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Adam Snow
Fair,honest,informative & fun
If you're looking for spoilers,scoops,hype you won't find it here.What you will find is an honest,open and fair discussion of Batman & the DCEU leave your butthurtness at the door bring your fandom and an informed opinion and enjoy the Jett,Shew and the fellow contributors.
Please talk more about the batman news
I've been a long time listener and follower of batman on film, since before the dark knight. I'm disappointed in the last few podcasts. You guys have just breezed through the news not bringing up big stories that I value your opinions on. Biggest example being the latest podcast about suicide squad. You only spent 30 minutes talking about it like you ran out of things to talk about and never brought up and went into the Jared Leto comments where he talked about his scenes cut out and his frustration about it. Do you think he will play joker again? Is the fan response positive enough to motivate him? This is batmans greatest villain and these are important questions. Please spend a little more time on topic and be up to date on the news going on. Flickering myth spent 2 1/2 hours talking about all this and your podcast is named batman on film.
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Great Podcast
Full disclouser - I am co-host of the podcast "Robin Everyone Loves the Drake" and I am very grateful to Bill for making the podcast part of the Batman Podcast Network. Second co-host Ryan has been on our podcast and has been very supportive. That said. I have been a huge fan of the Batman on Film podcast long before I ever did my own podcast. Batman on Film is the best place for no nonsense Batman news and information. Bill and the guys tell it like it is. They don't hold their punches but they are very fair. These guys are true fans! They love and support DC Comics and the film franchises. Listening to this podcast should be mandatory for anyone who calls themselves a Batman Fan.
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I have to say I used to be a big fan of this podcast, but it has become unlistenable in the last 6 months or so. I always sort of rolled my eyes to the armchair inside movie knowledge presented here, but it was all in good fun. But lately it has become unbearable. I could not even finish the last few episodes it was so bad. Jett seems like a good dude, but on this podcast he sounds like what he claims to detest most- a whiny fanboy. I'm not saying everything needs be positive, and in the aftermath of the BvS reactions I can understand criticism of the choices DC has made, but good lord move on and lighten up. These are movies not politics. And no I don't need "sunshine pumped up my ***". I need a worthwhile podcast to spend my time with, and sadly BOF is no longer that. But hey this is their podcast and they can create whatever content they choose and for that I applaud them and wish them the best. But as a listener I have to bow out and listen to something else.
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Thor's Hammertime
The podcast Batman deserves!
I've been a fan of the BOF website for a long time, and I've listened to the podcast for quite a while now. The podcast is really good, the guys are well educated, they give thoughtful insights and their opions are generally unbiased. They've been getting flack from certain listeners/website regulars lately for their criticism of Batman V Superman, which is just ridiculous. Just because they find more faults with the movie than positive points (which is how I feel as well), it doesn't mean that they have an agenda to just bash the movie and make it sound terrible to some unknown end. I truly think that the people that believe that to be true are fans that need everyone to love BVS like they do because it validates their opinion on the movie and it doesn't make them seem like the minority to like it. Those fans remind me of myself when the 2003 Ang Lee directed Hulk came out. Because it was the only big-screen, big budget Hulk movie to ever come out, I convinced myself that it was a great movie. Looking back, it's really not that good. The fans that attack anyone who says negative things about BvS are really just trying to convince themselves that it's a great movie because it's the only movie with Superman and Batman that we have right now and they needed it to be good. In 10 years, the fans that praise BvS will probably look back on it and realize that it could've been much better. Also, why is it ok to bash and rip apart Batman & Robin, but you have an agenda when you talk negatively about BvS? It doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway, yeah, the podcast is good. My only complaint really is when Jett refers to Christopher Nolan as "Chris", as if they're on a first name basis and are best buddies, having barbeques together or something. That annoys me.
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Mighty Matt84
You guys ROCK
Awesome podcasts. People who complain you guys do nothing but bash DC movies and such are just ignorant. I have great respect for you all when you go against what might be the "popular" opinion. This is why i tune in every podcast, to hear your thoughts and ideas on the curernt topics. Keep up the great show. I'll be a fan for as long as you keep putting them out. OH .. and love the intro, gives me chills everytime i hear it!
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A podcast that used to be great, but has lost it's luster
This is a hard one for me to write. I discovered the BOF in 2008 around the time when THE DARK KNIGHT came out, and soon afterwards found the podcast and began listening. It was great! It featured Bill, Sean Gerber, and an assortment of other guys. I appreciated their in-depth analysis and insight, as well as how they would show no hesitation in sharing their love for Batman and what they loved about the films they discussed. I've continued to follow Sean Gerber as he's developed his career as a website host and runs multiple podcasts of his own. Unfortunately, this "second volume" of the BOF podcast has really lost a lot of what made it great before. The podcasts are a lot shorter (I preferred when they were longer), and Jett always seems to be trying to rush through their discussions on the given topic. In general, the tone that these guys have taken is much more cynical. Rick and Shew tend to be more negative in their outlook for the DCEU going forward in the wake of the fallout of Batman v Superman. While I appreciate them speaking their mind and not sugar-coating things, they let their negative attitude overrule any positive opinions or perspectives that might be had. I am one of the fans who loved BvS, despite it's flaws. Honestly, there have been times when I have felt bad for loving it as much as I do as a result of listening to this podcast. I know they always say, "If you like it, that's great. BUT. . ." So even though they encourage fans to like BvS and be ok with it, Jett and Rick's overall negative tone makes it hard to maintain that. The BOF crew would rather spend more time talking about the things that they didn't like or be naysayers about the future of DC on film. They are not very optimistic or hopeful when it comes to future DC films, except for Ben Affleck and Suicide Squad. It would mean a lot more to me if they bothered to take the time to discuss things they perhaps liked about BvS or other things going forward. I hope they take the time in future episodes to celebrate the things they like, or at the very least allow someone with a different (perhaps more positive) perspective discuss their take on things. For me, a lot of what made this podcast special was lost whenever Jett and Sean had their "breakup." I have no idea what happened, but they have clearly gone their seperate ways, and that is a sad thing. Even in the latest episode, Jett made a point of thanking all of the past contributors to BOF and naming them, expect for Sean, and very poignantly stated "I'm going to leave someone out so I'm gonna stop." I much prefer Sean Gerber's podcast the Batman-News podcast, as well as Andy DiGenova's Holy Batcast podcast. Both of those shows are much more positive in their overall outlook on all things Batman and DC. Even when Sean expresses his disappointment in Batman v Superman, he at least is able to celebrate that other people (like his co-host Andy) really like it and allows that space for it in his show. This is something that Jett and his crew do not do well, in my opinion. This podcast is still in my subscription feed, but it is not a podcast that I look forward to anymore. I used wait for the latest episode very eagerly. So this show is still ok, and I think Jett and Rick and their crew all mean well. It's just not as fun to listen to anymore for me. I just wish they would drop the cynicism and negative outlook and try to be more positive overall. Minor quibbles: I think the applause sound effect is annoying, I'm not into the Batman 66 background music, and I would rather they just dive into the discussion rather than Jett doing an unnecessary intro. Like I said, those are very minor issues.
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This show is bat-tastic
Been listening to the podcast for a few months now but have been frequenting the website since the viral marketing for the dark knight movie started in 2007. I love listening to you guys because you guys are honest and you keep it real. Keep up the good work guys. Also its great that in this weekends podcast, no ones computer had a hang over. Can't wait for next weeks show.
Men are brave
Been following BOF for 15 years now. It's an absolute joy to listen to this bat-men on a weekly basis bringing their knowledge and honest opinions on everything DC related, specially Batman and DC Films. Keep up the good work Bill and team! Note: Bill, the background music intro sounds like 80's porn. Sorry, had to say it.
Great Show!
I throughly enjoy this show. The sound quality isn’t the greatest, but that’s forgivable. The guys have great chemistry and a great passion for Batman. I look forward to more episodes!
Great stuff
Great panel of knowledgeable and respectful people. Great insight from the industry side as well
This is one of the greatest Batman podcasts ever. The host, Bill is kind of weird though. And I wish you would stop chewing tobacco while he's doing the podcast. I can hear it in his mouth when he's talking.
Great podcast
The folks at Batman on Film are pithy, informative, and entertaining. Thanks for the great content!
Jett has the respect of the industry. He does not pander to fanboy click bait. He just delivers legitimate Batman news and breaks it down. I love that he will not "break his one rule" and that is why he is well respected. Even better now that the show is coming out more frequently!
As Good As Podcasts Get
All of your theories regarding the Nolan films are interesting and thought-provoking. You guys are the best. Peace.
Great, but not CLEAN as advertised
I love this podcast and always have loved the BOF site. I like to be spoiled alot of times (as that is part of the experience for me) but I do respect Jett and his site's reasons for not wanting to go down that road, so it's a refreshing place to catch up on news without being spoiled! My only complaint is that this podcast is not CLEAN as it says when you go to download it. I learned this the hard way when listening to this on a long road trip with my two young kids in the car - be sure not to listen to this around virigin ears as they will let the occasional profanity fly!
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Great Podcast!
Finally an intelligent look into Batman on the big screen!
This is a delight for Batman fans!
It is great to hear knowledgeable Batman fans talk about my favorite comic book hero with such great respect and not exploit every little detail that leaks by someone's cell phone and only discuss the facts and give logical opinions on where batman is going. I love this podcast and I listen to each episode over and over. It makes the wait for the Dark Knight Rises a little less painful.
Captain jones
Finally Batman on Film is on iTunes
I discovered Batman on Film when they started covering Batman Begins and have been a fan ever since. Everyone on the site is enthusiastic about Batman and it was cool watching them follow the production of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I could tell that they were eager to finally watch a true depiction of the character on the big screen. I listened to their podcasts on the site, but I had to download it and then transfer it to iTunes and then my iPod. I am glad they are finally on iTunes and am looking forward to listening as they follow the release of The Dark Night Rises.
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