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Attorney At Sports, Cisco The Realest, and Lestro discuss a weeks worth of the greatest American past time!! Tune in to baseball talk each and every week during the MLB season.
MLB Mid Season Breakdown | BaseHeads Ep. 14
It''s the Mid-Season Break and MOOKIE BETTS has the RED SOX red hot, the MANNY MACHADO SWEEPSTAKES are in full swing and the CHASE UTLEY Hall of Fame Debate has begun! Plus, The AttorneyAtSports_ is watching... The Mets? Then, who got SNUBBED at this year's ALL STAR GAME? What are the MID-SEASON SURPRISES? Who's Cisco the Realest got as the REALEST this week? Fantasy tips! What to watch! Play Ball!
Jul 18, 2018
1 hr 4 min
Yankees & Redsox | Allstar Ballot | BaseHeads Podcast 12
The Boys are back and it seems like all three of them are watching the YANKEES as the battle with the RED SOX this weekend and The Attorney@Sports_ has decided they don't need an ACE at the deadline and Cisco The Realest says GIANCARLO STANTON is starting to let the game come to him.. The AL EAST Race is one of the best in baseball but the NL EAST is the most surprising as the BRAVES and PHILLIES lead the heavily favored NATIONALS. Is DAVE MARTINEZ in trouble? Then the guys fill out their ALL-STAR BALLOT on the air, THE REALEST with LUIS SEVERINO, CLOSING ARGUMENTS puts SONNY GRAY AND BRYCE HARPER on the stand and the guys have your fantasy tips and the GAMES TO WATCH this week! Play Ball!
Jul 7, 2018
1 hr 17 min
MLB Talk Podcast #7 | BaseHeads
We're a 1/4 of the way through the season and the Atonrey is convinced the YANKEES NEED BRYCE HARPER, but Lestro and Cisco are not sure! Cisco is still watching MOOKIE BETTS while Lestro wonders of the PHILLIES BULLPEN BY COMMITTEE can work. Then, the guys discuss the ROBINSON CANO SUSPENSION and it's affect on the AL WEST and his legacy. Meanwhile, in the NL WEST, does the AJ POLLOCK INJURY open the door for the DODGERS AND ROCKIES? Trade season is nearly here, SHOULD THE YANKEES AND METS MAKE A DEAL? Then, Cisco proposes a trade for MANNY MACHADO that Lestro loves! Plus, the REALEST, the CLOSING ARGUMENTS and the week ahead in FANTASY! Play Ball!"
May 20, 2018
1 hr 19 min
BaseHeads Ep 6
The BASEHEADS are back for EP. 6! This week, the guys are watching MATT HARVEY and MAX SCHERZER, but NOT the FACEBOOK games. Why would they do that to fans? Then, the YANKEES and RED SOX battled for AL EAST supremacy, but in pure Yankee Fan Fashion, ATTORNEY is talking TRADES?! Then, it's the YEAR OF THE PITCHER with more K's then Hits and THREE NO-HITTERS so far. What's the cause and the guys worried? Are the DODGERS running out of time? The BRAVES and PHILLIES are at the top of the NL EAST but can they hold on? Oh, and LOLMETS! Plus, which hitters and pitchers are the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS this year? THEN, it's the REALEST, the CLOSING ARGUMENST and FANTASY TIPS! Play ball!
May 12, 2018
1 hr 5 min
BaseHeads Ep 5
It's Ep. 5 and the BASEHEADS are in full swing! This week, ALBERT PUJOLS notches his 3,000th hit, but would it be a bigger deal in St. Louis? ICHIRO retires (kind of), but where do the guys rank him among the ALL-TIME GREATS? The DODGERS are flailing. Will the SEAGER injury make them sellers or bring them MACHADO? Meanwhile, the DIAMONDBACKS and MARINERS are surprising, with UNDERAPPRECIATED PLAYERS making huge contributions. Plus, the YANKEES are on fire, the guys discuss the current PLAYOFF FORMAT, and of course, the REALEST, the CLOSING ARGUMENTS and your look at the week in FANTASY rap it all up. Play Ball!
May 8, 2018
1 hr 6 min
BaseHeads Ep 4
It's EP. 4 of BASEHEADS! This week, the ATTORNEY AT SPORTS and CISCO THE REALEST have their eyes on the STREAKING YANKEES and the SUDDENLY VULNERABLE RED SOX while Lestro loves the 21-PITCH AT BAT from Brandon Belt! Then, the Future Is Now as the Braves call up RONALD ACUÑA JR and the Yankees bring up GLEYBER TORRES! Are the PHILLIES for real? Are the NATS in trouble? Is DAVE MARTINEZ on the hot seat? Plus, what makes an ACE? Is the old JAKE ARRIETA back? And what's up with YU DARVISH? Then, this week, DIDI GREGORIOUS may be The Realest, but in the Closing Argument, the Attorney puts the idea of him being Captain on the stand! PLAY BALL!
Apr 28, 2018
1 hr 2 min
BaseHeads Ep 3
BaseHeads Ep 3
Apr 21, 2018
1 hr 9 min
BaseHeads ep 2
The Baseheads are back! This week, the guys have their sights on the AL West with the Attorney at Sports watching the Angels force their way into the conversation while Cisco the Realest has his eye on Gerrit Cole's hot start in AL for the Astros and Lestro is in awe of Shohei Ohtani's amazing opening weeks. Then it's on to the Mets hot start, Giancarlo Stanton's cold start and the big Yanks-Sox BRAWL! This week in the REALEST, Cisco makes the case for Barry Bonds making the Hall of Fame and dissect the steroid era's impact on the Hall. Finally, in the closing arguments, the Attorney puts Luis Perdomo on the stand for throwing his glove at Nolan Arenado! PLAY BALL!
Apr 14, 2018
1 hr
BaseHeads EP 1
OPENING WEEK and life begins again! Attorney is all fired up about the Orioles bunting through the Twins shift, but does that break an UNWRITTEN RULE? Cisco was stunned by CHARLIE BLACKMON's contract extension; TOO LITTLE TOO SOON? And Lestro is all over Gabe Kapler for losing games for his team this year, but IS KAPLER ON THE HOT SEAT? Plus, will the YANKEE BATS come around? Can Shohei OHTANI keep up this RUTHIAN PACE? Is BRYCE HARPER worth $400 MILLION? Is anyone? Cisco has some thoughts on COORS FIELD in the REALEST SEGMENT and then the guys make their 2018 PREDICTIONS with everyone picking a different WORLD SERIES matchup and winner! BASEHEADS, Ep 1! PLAY BALL!
Apr 7, 2018
1 hr 8 min