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Barnes, Cubby, Leslie
The Pop Culture Show with Barnes, Leslie and Cubby is a weekly deep dive into the world of popular culture. Join award winning hosts Steve Barnes, Leslie Fram, and Paul Cubby Bryant to fly through the latest TV, music, movies, celebrity sleaze, food and general observations from the crazy world around us. Have something to add? Call and leave a message on the Pop Culture Show Hotline: 404-939-3733. Download every Monday at 10 am est. on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio App, Pandora or wherever you get your podcasts.
Who Wants a Refund for 2021? + Celebrity News + The Weeknd Bandage Drama + Olivia Wilde
Update on Cubby's daughter's surgery + New Pop Culture Show blog + The suitcase that won't open + Barnes & Leslie have a David Bowie story + Olivia Wilde + Harry Styles + Love me like you hate me + Dr. Dre + James Corden + Chrissy Tiegen goes dry + Zoe Kravitz divorce + #1 album of 2020 + The Weeknd bandage drama + Taylor vs. Madonna + Kim & Kanye + Ariana Grande engaged AGAIN + Wonder Woman + Ben Stiller + Adam Sandler + Discovery+ new streamer + Rubiks Cube movie + Grammys delayed + #1 Starmeter on IMdb + Bridgerton + New Jeopardy guest hosts begin + Steve Gutenberg + BMW wing suit + New Clubhouse app + TV Talk + Netflix top 10 for the week + History of Swear Words + Top themes of all time + much more.
Jan 11
58 min
Best New Shows on TV + Who The Hell is Hilaria + New Fan Controlled Football League
Join The Pop Cult for insider info from our show + special guest is the CEO of the new fan controlled football league (FCF) + Nashville bombing was a block from Leslie + Cubby gets a shout out from an Oscar winner + 2021 Pop Culture Show Goals + Who the hell is Hilaria + Anderson Cooper wasted on live tv + Prince estate questioned + Larry King hospitalized with Covid + App that translates what your cat is saying + TV Talk + Best show on TV + Ted Lasso + Your Honor with Bryan Cranston + Wonder Woman 1984 + Bridgerton + Tenet + George Clooney's Midnight Sky + Greenland + On The Rocks + Bill Murray + The Last Shift + The Sound of Metal + A Teacher + Cobra Kai + Atlanta + The Bachelor is back + Purity Vodka Spritz recipe + Aly and AJ get NSFW + New Kings of Leon music + more.
Jan 4
58 min
Our 3 Favorite Interviews of 2020 - An Emmy Winner, A Rocker and a Singer with 100 Million Albums Sold
This episode is packed with good times as Barnes, Leslie and Cubby each pick and play their favorite Pop Culture Show interviews of 2020. You might be surprised who you hear from today! This episode is brought to you by Luna Nuda Prosecco...cheers with Luna Nuda.
Dec 28, 2020
1 hr 39 min
Jewel Interview + Tom Cruise Meltdown On Set (Hear the Covert Audio from the Mission Impossible Set)
Jewel interview + How do you get verified on Instagram + Another bribe for a review + True crime + Stop watching serial killers before bed + Bee Gees + Is Leslie mad at me? + Cubby shares some bad news + Smokey Robinson goes viral + Who are you in these countries... + Tom Cruise set meltdown + Leah Rimini + Safety movie + Chadwick Boseman's final movie released + The Accusation + Dave Chapelle + Pam & Tommy Doc Series + Katy Perry + Netflix testing audio only product + All My Children reboot in prime time + Coming to America 2 + The first rated R Batman +Mark Wahlberg + Dungeons and Dragons Movie with Chris Pine + Wonder Woman 1984 + Fantasy Island coming back + Kelly Clarkson Show fate + Led Zeppelin pinball machine + Highest paid celebs of 2020 + Ted Lasso + Cardi B + Top Google searches of 2020 + more.
Dec 21, 2020
1 hr 20 min
Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) Interview + Alpha Kenny One + This Week in Celebrity Sleaze
Raine Maida, lead singer for Our Lady Peace is our special guest + Your reviews matter + Leslie doesn't understand Alpha Kenny One + The first Apple product Barnes isn't buying + Marvin the magazine + I don't know what car I drive + Debut of "Cheater Trivia" + Taylor Swift new album + George Clooney Flowbee + Michael Jordan + Nic Cage new Netflix series + New "Safety" movie + "Hillbilly Elegy" + New Bee Gees doc + Johnny Depp sex with costars + Chipotle celeb menu + Lady Gaga oreo + Top Christmas movies of all time + Joe Exotic + No Zoom Oscars + Elf sequel? + Ellen has Covid + The Crown + RIP Charley Pride + Alex Trebek final words + Leslie gets a huge guest for next week + more.
Dec 14, 2020
1 hr 5 min
The Indecent Proposal + Michael Damian Interview
Michael Damian interview + New Pop Culture Show swag you can win + Woman of the Year honors + The Christmas card dilemma + Leslie gets challenged + You can tell when Leslie is pissed + Apple surprise + Cubby drips all night + What to love about Tesla + Barnes has a cryotherapy mishap + Cubby on games shows + The indecent proposal pitched to Barnes + Queen's Gambit mania + cheers to our new sponsor Luna Nuda Prosecco + more.
Dec 7, 2020
1 hr 16 min
Inside the NXIVM Sex Cult - Interview with India Oxenberg
The NXIVM sex cult has been brought down and no questions are off limits in this exclusive interview with India Oxenberg. India was at the forefront of this disturbing cult after being brainwashed and used as a sex slave. Warning: This interview contains explicit conversations about sexual abuse, psychological abuse and sex trafficking.
Nov 30, 2020
50 min
Did You Think You Were Having a Heart Attack? + Celeb News + Taylor Swift Gets Ripped Off
We tackle the week's pop culture news with a full dose of celebrity sleaze plus biting commentary from Barnes, Leslie and Cubby. This is our Thanksgiving show for your long road trip to help drown out your family driving you crazy.
Nov 23, 2020
45 min
Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys), Baylee & Leighanne Littrell + Latest Celebrity Sleaze
This week: Interview with Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys), Leighanne Littrell and Country Music Star Baylee Littrell + the week in popular culture.
Nov 16, 2020
53 min
Sex at Disney Land + Diet Life Hack + Tesla Model Y + Covid Dating Dilemmas
Cubby jinxed Barnes + Kanye isn't President + SNL with Chapelle + Barnes gets revenge on Cubby + Keanu follows Leslie on Twitter + Big guest reveal coming soon + Seduced + The Vow + Chadwick Boseman + Sup Case + Cubby gets a Tesla + Tesla tequila + Diet life hack that works + Covid dating dilemmas + Zumped + Firewood that smells like KFC + Cool new piano lesson tech + Secret Santa for 3 + Alex Trebek RIP + Johnny Depp loses + Sean Connery house for sale + A movie star moved into Barnes' hood + Drew Barrymore + Debbie Gibson naked + Bachelorette drama + Ruth Wilson accuses "The Affair" + Netflix linear channel + Barnes worked with Leslie Nielsen + Movies that make you laugh out loud + Yellowstone + Flip or Flop + Jeff Bezos + The Rock's cheat meal + Sex at Disney Land + Nicole Kidman + New Foo Fighters + Buy a school converted to a house + more.
Nov 9, 2020
57 min
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