Barn Management Radio with Sheri Grunska
Barn Management Radio with Sheri Grunska
Sheri Grunska
This is the place where REAL barn management issues are discussed and real solutions are achieved. A podcast for anyone who owns or manages a horse stable of any size.
The Many Stages Women Experience After Starting Their Horse Business
In this podcast Sheri talks about the emotions and stages that women experience as they grow as businesswomen with their boarding stables, training programs and other equine businesses and trying to do it all.
Dec 1
39 min
5 Things To Consider For A Successful Boarding Stable Business
Sheri discusses the 5 things that are often overlooked when setting up a horse boarding stable and why they are crucial to the success of your stable and business.
Nov 17
30 min
Challenges That Come With Boarding Horse Outside (Rough Board)
Boarding horses outside or what is known as "Rough Board" can come with challenges.  Sheri talks about some of those challenges and things to think about when setting up this part of your boarding business to make your job much easier.
Oct 29
27 min
Herd Management And Your Horse Boarding Stable
Good herd management is not something that happens accidentally. It takes thoughtful work and it will affect your horse business either in a positive way or negative. Get this part right and it will make your job so much easier!
Jun 15
26 min
How Trainers Can Affect Your Horse Boarding Business
Sheri talks about how to set up your business with horse trainers as a part of your boarding stable and how to do it right the first time.
May 18
26 min
How To Navigate All The Special Services And Requests At Your Boarding Stable
Boarding horses for a living is not simple anymore! Sheri talks about many of the requests you will receive and how to determine if those requests will become a service you want to include in your board rate or if you want to charge extra for the...
Apr 21
29 min
Expenses To Consider When Setting Your Board Rates
Deciding what to set your board rates at can be confusing and even frustrating especially if you are losing money each month.  Sheri talks about some of the most important things to consider when setting board rates and also the often overlooked costs...
Apr 9
24 min
Barn Management Radio 1st show!
Welcome to Barn Management Radio's 1st podcast! Sheri talks about how she and her husband started their horse boarding business from the very beginning and how to create a successful horse boarding business. Don't miss it!
Mar 26
38 min