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Accept the Witness—Richard Drew and “The Falling Man” - September 11th Encore Episode
52 minutes Posted Sep 10, 2019 at 11:25 am.
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Show notes

With the anniversary of the September 11 attacks upon us again, those of us in New York City, particularly, think back to that terrible day with great sadness, but also with a certain resolve and a sense of pride for the way we handled this tragedy, how we came together to support each other while fear, confusion, and anger swarmed. Mostly, we remember the friends, neighbors, and co-workers who lost their lives, and the families forever broken.

In September 2017, we published an episode of the B&H Photography Podcast with photojournalist Richard Drew who, like many photographers, raced to the scene of the terrorist attacks that morning, not knowing what to expect nor if they would even return alive. Drew captured the photo that for many encapsulated the horror of that day, so horrible that many outlets refused to print it, but with time, this image—now referred to as “Falling Man”—has become one of the iconic images of our still young century. 

Today we will republish our conversation with Richard Drew in memory of all who suffered on that day and in tribute to the journalists who risked their lives to cover this story and to all of the first responders who began the long process of building back our city. Thank you.

Guest: Richard Drew