Bad With Money With Gabe Dunn
Bad With Money With Gabe Dunn
Gabe Dunn | Diamond MPrint Productions
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Can’t get enough
I’m not sure why but I just enjoy Gabe so much - Gabe makes money so much more approachable and engaging
Love the show but SO many ads
I love this show and feel like I’ve learned lots of things, but oh my god there are so many ads now. The mail bag episodes are literally half ads. It wouldn’t be so bad if they’re weren’t so many in a row, but I’ll be driving listening to the podcast and all of the sudden there’s just six full minutes of ads. I don’t like to hit the skip ahead button when I’m driving but six minutes is like a third of my commute. So overall, actual content is good but too many ads.
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Money Fave
I am not a finance girlie by any means, but I have learned so much from Gabe. They have topical coverage of money issues and truly listen to what the audience is curious about. A great podcast for practical financial explanations and social justice perspectives about money.
He actually doesn’t talk down to you
Gabe is like my cool big brother. But we didn’t connect until adulthood so he doesn’t bother me in that brother way. He makes me laugh at the bar but then I break down crying and he gives me a hug. I love financial wellness podcasts, and this is the only one I know of where the host pauses to comfort strangers in every episode. Gabe rocks. You can do this.
All-Time Favorite Podcast
I have too much to say, so I’ll just leave it at the title. This is my all-time favorite podcast, hands down. Five stars for sure
Money from Every Perspective !!
I have loved this podcast since the beginning and often refer back to earlier episodes. I LOVE that Gabe mostly speaks with non-cis-straight-white men about money, since there are enough of those guys telling us how the system works for them. BWM fills in the gaps of…. Literally everything else. I was hooked from the beginning when they asked the most shamelessly simple questions about money. It was such a refreshing invite in. And now, years later, although I still have work to do… I feel empowered to make good financial decisions because it’s good for Me, and not because it’s what some guy said I *should* do. Plus, Gabe is super funny and relatable and open to listeners’ disagreement which I appreciate. I look forward to episodes every week. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you Gabe
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Always a good laugh
I always learn something from Gabby and have a good laugh.
Guess who’s back!
Gabe is back - back - back again! So excited for the next season!
From a barista
They’re back!!!!
Gabe and the show are right back in step. The first book break down of the season has the depth and discussion that are par of what make this show a great hour! Gabe is as always relatable and looking out for us.
is hot
Podcast is garbage
Assnap Kined
Mindless Drivel
The fried chicken/diet analogy ensured I’d never take financial advice from anyone on this show. If you’re going to justify eating crappy food because “It’s hard to diet” you have the financial literacy of a rock. Every sentence is riddled with virtue signaling nonsense and woke ideological platitudes. As an adult who’s existed in the real world for decades, I can tell none of these kids has ever had a real job or any serious responsibility. Knocking the rich dad poor dad author was the nail in the coffin for me. Total idiocy and ostentatious pontification.
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Social Issues + Money = Thought provoking
I recently tried to start another podcast about money, and it came across as incredibly privileged. This podcast has changed how I think about money, issues around money, and social issues generally. Season 1 is different than the rest, so definitely stick with it! I wanted to add in that the Takedown and Breakdown episodes have been THE BEST addition to the podcast. Thank you, Gaby!
Bad w/ Money is fun and funny
Found Gaby’s work through another great pod, TTFA and ever since I’ve been hooked! This pod offers relatable money advice that I feel is realistic for the average listener. I love hearing popular finance advice debunked and dethroned, about listeners with similar struggles to mine in the mailbags, and Gaby + Mal’s general banter!
Long time listener leaving
I’ve been listening from the start and really enjoyed the info and Gaby, but now it’s all listener feedback, mailbags, opinions on top of opinions, and every guest is the same. Adding Mal was a bad idea, sorry. But they don’t add anything educational to the show…I feel like I’m just listening to a couple hanging out and loudly laughing in my ears now. And I get that this is a progressive podcast, I’m wildly liberal myself, but Gaby has gone off the far-left cliff so that every moment of every episode has to be clocked for potential triggers, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, and mental illness. I believe all of those issues are valid and respect them, but Gaby can’t make it through one conversation without mentioning at least 5 of them, so now every episode sounds exactly the same. There’s a big audience for this type of talk, and I was there too in my late 20s, but I’m moving on to broader podcasts that discuss money and culture that still believe in these issues, but don’t have to limit their entire podcast around them.
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Thats Fresh
Anti-Money Laundering Laws
It's not that banks are not progressive, but Mal's stated objective to change names in an account without paperwork is lazy or naive, at best. It's not personal. Do the legal work and paperwork and the rest will follow. Banks are regulated entities and are beholden to AML laws.
Alessandra di Lampedusa
Listen to it!
I absolutely love this show. From the hosts to the input from the listeners, I learn so much and hear so many different valuable perspectices. I wish that I had found this podcast years ago. I'm going back and listening to old episodes and will be so sad when I run out of episodes to listen to. I love the addition of Mal, they are delightful. I also love Gaby's screaming and screeching. There are more than enough podcasts with monotone hosts.
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blah blah amanda
Great Show!
Love , love, love this show. Listening at work helps keep me calm and makes my boring job a little more bearable, shh, don’t tell my boss. The episodes with Mal are my absolute fav!
10/10 would recommend
Gaby & Mal are the best. Mail bag episodes are my favorite because of the different topics listeners bring up. It helps me know what topics have been covered so I can go back to check them out. Also regarding the screaming review yes we can hear you but it also cracks me up every time you do it
Gaby…PLEASE stop screaming and screeching. It hurts. We can hear you, I promise.
Big fan
Love the show 🙂
Are in New Zealand not Australia.
Love this show
Gaby and Mal are great to listen to, informative and entertaining
Good topics! Host is kind of odd?
Great topics and most of the interviews are interesting. The thing that bumps for me is the host pretends like they grew up poor? They interviewed their mom (who is a divorce lawyer??) and their mom says that she would have given the Gaby money when they were financially struggling if only they had asked. Even Gaby’s mom said Gaby misrepresented things in their pod/book! Gaby also attended private school and an expensive private college. They went to Europe in high school? It’s just very odd that Gaby acts like they have a working class. I guess it’s to be relatable to listeners
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stroshine b
Star star star star star
I love love this podcast and I love the recent review of media through a money lens. I didn’t know I wanted it but it is my favorite thing. Right in my wheelhouse!
Being educated with every episode
It’s amazing how much I have learned about money, the economy and the ins and outs of achieving financial success listening to Bad With Money. Gaby and her guests approach each subject on a level understandable by financial dimwits like me. Bravo.
Cooper City Mom
Relatable and Interesting!
My name is Gabby and I’ve been BAD with money. Well, imagine my surprise when I was panic googling after taking a look at all of my debts and feeling like I’ll never be out of it… and I find a podcast called bad with money hosted by someone with my name. This podcast is relatable and not condescending. Being in debt feels so overwhelming, but worse, it feels lonely and shameful. It’s helpful to feel less alone and hear a number of different topics as I try to get better with money.
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Finances made simple
I have been listening to this podcast since the first season and enjoy every episode! It is filled with smart money habits and information that makes my feel empowered by finances instead of limited. Gaby is a compassionate host that listens to guests and can balance multiple perspectives at the same time, so refreshing!!! Mal is a great addition to the show and I relate to so much of what they have to say. Also, thanks for recommending the How to Buy a Home podcast! My husband were able to are about to close on our first home. We are able to take this huge step in no small part thanks to you and your podcast. Love your podcast. Looking forward to future episodes!
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Stick to what you know
Stick to teaching your audience about money and how money works in America. That was the original goal of the show and you did well. Do not ask your audience for content and then turn around and call them racist, homophobic, transphobic. It’s shallow and bland and easy for you. Gross.
Amazeballs podcast
Love love love this show! Both Gaby’s podcast and book Bad with Money have helped me navigate the money world more than anything else. They give practical real world advice and also help give voice to diverse perspectives on the ways that our system is messed up but also how we can move forward and challenge those systems. I love the mailbag episodes so much - I feel like it’s an office hours and Gabys the cool professor helping answer all the questions but also encouraging listeners to live their best lives.
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This show is…fantastic!! Super helpful.
The heroes we need!
It is so relieving to have the ability to listen to a show that actually gives usable advice without having to listen to the voices that I don’t need to hear anymore. Thank you so much to Gaby and Mal!
A rewarding roller coaster of facts & emotions!
If you’ve ever struggled with money, this podcast will make you feel seen and will provides a great many perspectives on how to deal. I love that the hosts truly tackle the messy perceptions around money and try to talk about what it means to thrive (OR NOT) in the fever dream that is America’s capitalist reality. There are so many experts to hear from, it’s always worth my time (which is money, obvs).
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Side A Says
The most important money podcast around!!
I love the blend of money and social issues that gabby tackles. Gabby rules!!
Smart without making you feel dumb
Funny inclusive and great information and debate
Love this show
Longtime listener and reader and watcher of everything Gaby does. Love the addition of Mal and their perspectives on money. This show makes me think differently about money and has made me feel seen when it comes to money trauma and insecurities.
Loving these conversations!
Love the new cover art! As someone who loves personal finance podcasts, I’m really digging this unique perspective in the scene. Gaby challenges their guests and pushes for real info. I like their sense of humor and voice. Thank you for putting it out there.
Decent Advice, Intolerable Host
there’s decent advice in the podcast, but Gaby’s woe-is-me victim mentality gets progressively worse throughout the seasons. she tries to make things seem 10x worse than they truly are in what I believe is an attempt to radicalize people. then when a guest comes in with logic and reason, she argues it.
A Must for Anti-capitalists
Gaby is the best! This show has been such a huge part of transforming my relationship with money for the better. It’s been my guide for leaning how to talk about money openly and without shame. With exceptional nuance and an intersectional perspective, if you’re an anti capitalist who doesn’t want to get run over by our financial system, this show is a must. Thank you, Gaby!!
I love you Gaby
That’s all :]
Kind with money
Money intersects with everything. Gaby respects their listeners and gives us a show about money with a unique perspective that incorporates gender, class, race, sexuality, history, culture, and so much more. It is relevant, fascinating and educational. Also very funny! And very vulnerable and endearing. Also it helps that Gaby comes from a professional journalism background and tons of experience as a comedy writer and performer for some big name media company that you have heard of. This show is broadcast quality and very professionally produced.
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Getting better with money
I have learned so much from this podcast and have always felt empowered and supported by Gaby - which is NOT how other financial pods have felt! And the centering of marginalized voices is a huge plus!
New fan!
Im loving this podcast, which has practical advice without buying into messed up financial systems
Informative, fun, and thought provoking!
I’ve been listening to this show for years and never miss an episode- you’ll find me listening on the days they drop episodes- (Wednesday’s and Friday’s!)- with ears… glued? I have learned so much about money management ideologies, money systems, and the larger cultural systems within which these are situated. My real rating? 17/10 deep thoughts about money.
The only money show that makes me feel empowered
As a queer non-binary folk human raised by a single mother. While trying to protect me or to protect herself from her own anxiety, she just kept me in the dark about her finances.I was kept in the dark about money in general. I just knew that to get what I wanted I needed a job to give me money, so then I can buy what I wanted. So this has changed my life. I’m not made to feel stupid,And also I’m glad that they address the fact that part of the reason I have no education is intentional. Thanks for killing it my fluid friend!
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Could it get any better, grateful for this podcast
Great work good information inspiring keeep it up you go girl
Podcast 🖤 + Spending Money on Pets
Hi Gaby! I recently discovered your show via recommendation from a colleague. He said I might enjoy it (I do!) and happened to mention that the host (aka you!) is “queer, too.” This was my first time being called out as “queer” because I use they/them pronouns. I’ve been wrestling with my gender identity ever since and (probably expectedly) long before I started using my preferred pronouns. Anyway, from a recently certified CFP® professional (aka me!), I do enjoy listening to your show! In response to your prompt about spending money on pets, I have a (wonderful and spoiled) cat named Coco. She’ll be 14 on July 10! I adopted her at age 3 as a fully declawed and spayed “Bengal” from the humane society. She’s a wonderful “booper” (as I call her), and my partner of nearly 9 years lovingly adopted her as a “Co-parent” (pun intended). After spending over $1,000 last year on vet care for her alone at the (overpriced) local university’s veterinary school (she was overgrooming; had low platelets and some serum chem levels that were off and later identified/discussed as “her normal”), we spent $760-ish on her dental appointment earlier this year at a wonderful (non-university) veterinary clinic and saved over $1,000 versus going to the university oral clinic. She’s on Prozac for her overgrooming (which is working! like mother, like daughter?). Anyway, we went to the vet the other day, and we found out that her tooth issue is progressive instead of a one-time thing, and she’ll have to have a dental every year, likely around the aforementioned price point. My partner’s job just closed, and I am lucky enough to have just earned a bonus at my firm. With our emergency funds in place, we can easily plan for the expense. But with preexisting conditions, would it be worth it for us to look into pet insurance for Coco, especially since she’s an elderly lady in cat years? Thank you so much! Regi
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Learn things and be entertained!
I love this podcast. I love the themes of the last few seasons. It’s been awesome to watch the Gaby’s views and values evolve. It’s about money, sure, but it’s about so much more. Because let’s be real, money touches everything! ps. I live for conspiracy corner. Learning about socialist financial ideas from a fellow skeptic is thrilling.
A good starting point, but not for people needing serious advice
The podcast started as an open, frank conversation about how bad our money situations can get when we are afraid to either ask for help or even admit to ourselves that we need help. Over time, it has shifted to a quasi-personal finance podcast with more of a focus on social justice and inequality issues. Often, this is to the detriment of providing good financial advice. I distinctly remember Gaby butting heads with an EXPERT because Gaby wanted them to explain to her listeners how to invest based on ESG (Environment, Social
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Edwin Johnson
Amazing Podcast
I enjoy listening to Gabby and her guests and their insights. Hopefully one day Gabby can guest on Slates’ Money podcasts and really expand her messages to more people 🥺😌😊 Keep up the amazing work and I hope you are around for many more amazing years 😀
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