Bad With Money With Gabe Dunn
Bad With Money With Gabe Dunn
Gabe Dunn | Diamond MPrint Productions
Breakdowns and Takedowns: Black Women and Money (B.A.P.S.) with Melisa D. Monts
56 minutes Posted May 23, 2023 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Welcome to another series we've been doing on Black women, money and the movies! This week, we have B.A.P.S. with Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle Reid, a dive into class, inheritances, and upward mobility. Plus, ICONIC fashion, Roger Ebert's shortsighted review, and how it eventually became a cult classic. Producer and writer Melisa D. Monts joins the show to talk "Black famous" vs. "white famous," the flimsy but hilarious plot of this 1997 film, and what the film says about money.

This has been a Noted Bisexual and Diamond MPrint Productions

Produced by Melisa D. Monts

Edited by Diane Kang

Post-Production Sound by Coco Llorens

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