Bad With Money With Gabe Dunn
Bad With Money With Gabe Dunn
Gabe Dunn | Diamond MPrint Productions
Mailbag: Should A Doctor Tell You If They Recognize You?
36 minutes Posted Oct 28, 2022 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
This week, the trans femmes finally write in with costs of transition! Gaby learns in real time that trans surgeries are often denied to fat people. Cooper has three very specific things she wants to better herself. Kate and Caroline validate Mal’s opinions on IUDs. Ashley sends a shocking voicemail about working for commission. We also talk workplace accommodations, trans gynos who know you socially, banking rules, Mal’s turbulent experiences with condoms, and what we were told we should do as jobs when we were in middle school. Plus, the struggle of kink and sex podcasts to make money and get sponsorships. 
Tw: surgery, needles, transphobia, kink, fatphobia
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