Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
Gaby Dunn
Defund the Police and The People’s Budget with Lexis-Olivier Ray
51 minutes Posted Jun 9, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Can we decide what our cities spend money on? Should we defund the police? Gaby is joined by Lexis-Olivier Ray, a black journalist covering protests against police brutality in Los Angeles. He describes his most recent work, reporting on homelessness and the housing crisis’ tie to crime rates, funding and police brutality. Gaby and Lexis-Olivier also break down the People’s Budget LA, which seeks to defund the LAPD and redirect funds towards housing, parks, libraries, crisis management, mental health services and other proactive rather than reactive community safety measures.


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Coverage by Lexis-Olivier Ray at LA Taco

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