Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
Gaby Dunn
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Feelings, finance, and the f*cking system. Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America’s Deadbeat Sweetheart) unapologetically examines the intersection of finances and social justice. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with journalists, politicians, activists, and fellow deadbeats.
COVID's Economic Devastation on Tribal Lands
Gaby speaks with Karen Diver, appointee of President Obama as the Special Assistant to the President for Native American Affairs. They discuss tribal economies, the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, how Native American nations have been handling the spread of the virus and the ways the federal government has failed the tribes during this pandemic and beyond. Content Warning: Discussion of racism See for privacy information.
Jul 21
47 min
Cancel All Student Debt w/ Seth Frotman
Why can’t we just cancel all student loan debt? The Department of Education could do it right now. But they don’t. Seth Frotman, the executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center, comes on the show to talk about the 45 million Americans who get a student loan bill every month. Why won't the federal government just take this financial burden off its people? Plus, how the government has completely bungled helping those with student loans during a global pandemic. We absolutely can cancel all student loan debt. And we should. See for privacy information.
Jul 14
46 min
How Reparations Could Work with Economist William Darity
Gaby speaks with economist William Darity. He breaks down why reparations for descendants of enslaved people absolutely needs to happen, how reparations would work in the U.S., how much money could begin to fix the generational wealth gap and who benefitted from the labor of enslaved people. Plus, addressing assumptions and racist fears about reparations and what would need to change politically for reparations to happen. See for privacy information.
Jul 7
42 min
Profiting Off Prisons with The Marshall Project’s Joe Neff
Gaby tackles her latest research obsession -- private prisons. Who is making a profit from locking people up? The Marshall Project’s Joe Neff joins the show to talk about the mistreatment of prisoners in the time of COVID-19, who makes money off federal, state and private prisons, the ways prisoners are nickeled and dimed for everything (from soap to slippers to shoes), and the ways we can better rehabilitate people who have committed crimes.     Read more about the criminal justice system at See for privacy information.
Jun 30
48 min
Making Your Donations Count with Chloe Cockburn
Everyone is donating. But where should we donate and how do we know what impact our money is having? Gaby talks to Open Philanthropy's program officer for criminal justice reform, Chloe Cockburn. It's her job to figure out the best places to put your money if you want to help with criminal justice reform, ending bail, electing politicians and District Attorneys that share your progressive values, ending mass incarceration and tons of other worthwhile causes. Aside from donating money, we'll also discuss other ways to effectively get involved with activism at a local level.     Resources:   Chloe's Twitter Thread of Recommended Places To DonateA Criminal Justice Expert’s Guide To Donating Effectively Right Now See for privacy information.
Jun 23
49 min
Answering Your Financial Therapy Questions with Amanda Clayman
Gaby gathers listener emails, voicemails and questions about money during the COVID-19 pandemic. She invites financial therapist Amanda Clayman on to give advice about what to do about the stress of unemployment, loss of control, having more than your friends and family, and redirecting your long-term money plans now that the world is totally different. Clayman, host of Financial Therapy with Amanda Clayman, and Gaby respond to your voicemails and emails and try to provide context for the structural, systemic and emotional changes that need to happen in the U.S. See for privacy information.
Jun 16
1 hr 4 min
Defund the Police and The People’s Budget with Lexis-Olivier Ray
Can we decide what our cities spend money on? Should we defund the police? Gaby is joined by Lexis-Olivier Ray, a black journalist covering protests against police brutality in Los Angeles. He describes his most recent work, reporting on homelessness and the housing crisis’ tie to crime rates, funding and police brutality. Gaby and Lexis-Olivier also break down the People’s Budget LA, which seeks to defund the LAPD and redirect funds towards housing, parks, libraries, crisis management, mental health services and other proactive rather than reactive community safety measures.   Black Lives Matter. Learn more:   Black Lives Matter MPD 50 on Instagram Black Visions Collective on Instagram Coverage by Lexis-Olivier Ray at LA Taco Donation Option #1 Donations Option #2 Other Ways To Donate See for privacy information.
Jun 9
51 min
Being Sold A Better You During COVID-19 with Amanda Montell
We’ve talked about buying a better you. But how are we being sold our health and wellness during “these trying times?” Gaby talks to linguist and author Amanda Montell about the capitalistic language shifting to sell people wellness and “immunity-boosting” products of varying levels of harm during the coronavirus pandemic. What scams should we be looking out for? Is it possible to buy total safety from COVID-19? Why are we so desperate to believe the language of advertising? And, like in every episode of this season, we ask: Are we all just trying to buy control? See for privacy information.
Jun 2
52 min
Buying A Healthy Mind With Dr. Imani Walker
Can you buy better mental health? Gaby talks to psychiatrist Dr. Imani Walker, who works primarily with homeless patients and those who’ve been convicted of crimes, about mental illness in the time of COVID-19. What is it like to see patients now? What should mental health services cost when so many more people are suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD? And what are we realizing as a country are the basic necessities for at-risk populations to thrive today? Especially now that those same problems are affecting the wealthy and privileged. Content Warning: Discussion of mental health and domestic violence See for privacy information.
May 26
40 min
Buying Perfect Skin with Jackie Michele Johnson
Is it possible to buy perfect skin? And now, under quarantine, are we spending more on skin care products just to trick ourselves into an illusion of control? How has being forced to do beauty regimens at home changed how people are spending their money? Gaby talks to Natch Beaut podcaster and beauty expert Jackie Michele Johnson about aligning your self-care budget with your ethics, if it’s possible to buy “perfect” skin and how during a very scary and uncertain time, something as simple as skin care can provide ritual, control and comfort.    Listen to the Natch Beaut podcast See for privacy information.
May 19
35 min
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