BACK TALK- The Podcast
BACK TALK- The Podcast
BACK TALK- The Podcast
2 badass black girls giving you lighthearted banter about buzz worthy topics within the POC community. Twitter: @_backtalkpod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Episode 116: We Are The Problem
But also, the solution! Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Sep 29
49 min
Episode 114: Seeking Entanglement
Congratulations to Naomi Osaka, Cardi B files for divorce, and "Walk Dates" Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast Twitter: @_BackTalkPod
Sep 15
45 min
Episode 113: Murda Monday
This is a Lil' Murda stan account. Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast Twitter: @_BackTalkPod
Sep 8
39 min
Episode 112: Who Said That?
Megan Thee Stallion update, and who will free Corey Miller? Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPod
Aug 24
44 min
Episode 111: Macaroni In A Pot
WAP appreciation episode. Twitter: _BackTalkPod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Aug 10
47 min
Episode 110: Stay Out Of Women's Business
Kanye update, payers for Megan Thee Stallion, and someone please take Meek Mill's phone! Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast Twitter: @_BackTalkPod
Jul 28
46 min
Episode 109: POPSTAR
More mess.  Twitter: @_backtalkpod Instagram: @backtalkpodcast
Jul 20
36 min
Episode 108: Lamborghini Me, Please
What's Good: Summer Walker Clownery: Chance The Rapper / Kanye West This week, the Will X Jada X August saga continues as we share our thoughts on Jada and Will's Red Table Talk segment. We also discussed the now infamous Lamborghini truck MoneyBaggYo gifted Ari. Twitter: _BackTalkPod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Jul 13
35 min
Episode 107: Denial
New Amine, Pop Smoke, and City Girls..  We also talked about the Viral Haywire Weekend pool party, as well as the Will,  Jada, and August alleged triangle. Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast
Jul 7
48 min
Episode 106: Beyoncé is King
Mercury Retrograde clearly has it out for us. The end of the episode is cut off, but we still wanted to put out something for you guys. Enjoy! Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast
Jun 29
44 min
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