Back In The Closet - Two Crazy Cat Ladies
Back In The Closet - Two Crazy Cat Ladies
Jae & Adrienne
We're just 2 girls. Sitting in a closet. With wine and cats.
Are You A Judgmental Pet Parent?
We try our best to not judge other pet parents when it comes to how they care for their pets, however, this weekend we found ourselves in a situation where it was hard not to be judgmental... --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 26
27 min
How To Pick The Right Vet For Your Cat
Finding a vet that aligns 100% with you is nearly impossible, but here's how we've found a happy medium for our kitties... --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 19
47 min
Do All Cats Go To Heaven?
This week's episode was interesting, as we discussed the afterlife, religion and theories on if our cats go to heaven or reincarnate when they die. What do you think? Subscribe and comment to let us know! --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 12
31 min
The Importance Of Vet Visits For Our Cats
Let's face it. Most cat parents don't routinely take their cats to the vet for basic checkups or blood tests. Vet visits and car rides tend to stress cats out, so we often avoid these things. This way we and our cats don't have to deal with the hassle. However, these vet visits could stop disease in our cats before it takes over their bodies...  --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 5
42 min
Staying Sane In 2020
After of months and months of being quarantined, crazy chaos going on around the country and an election year... we realize that we haven't been taking care of our mental health and sanity. It's important, y'all.  --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 21
36 min
Being Proactive Cat Parents
If you rescued a cat that was dewormed, vaccinated, desexed and/or given medications before 6 months of age, this podcast is for you. In this episode we talk about how to be proactive instead of reactive with our cat's health... which begins in the gut.  --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 14
40 min
Litter Box Mistakes: Things You Should Know
We met with Feline Behaviorist, Dr. Marci Koski, to talk about litter box habits and how to help your cats be comfortable using them. In this episode we go over the mistakes we've made as well as the things we've learned from the experts on litter box habits. Often times cat parents think that it's simple... get a box and put litter in it. But there's much more to the story. Please subscribe and leave your comments on what you've learned when it comes to litter boxes! --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 7
33 min
Cat Food Matters. Are You Feeding Your Feline All Wrong?
We are super passionate about the foods we feed our cats, so this week we revealed many of the dirty truths when it comes to the diets that 99% of cat parents feed. --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 31
45 min
Tips For Entrepreneurs Starting A Small Business
This past week we celebrated our 5 year anniversary as Two Crazy Cat Ladies and the journey has been crazy! Crazy good and crazy bad at times. In the episode we share with you many of the lessons we learned the hard way and how to keep your focus on what really matters in business.  --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 24
50 min
With Age Comes Fear
Do you see yourself taking less risks as you age? In this episode we explore why so many people become more fearful as they get older. Opinions differ... but a compromise was made. :) --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 17
38 min
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