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Great Podcast
I don’t have children, and I don’t really plan on having children. But I am an Aunt and my sister doesn’t plan on stopping. Great podcast, love hearing the nitty gritty of it all, and educational to boot!
Great podcast
This podcast has been such a welcome friend during my pandemic pregnancy and start of my journey as a mom. I think I would have enjoyed this podcast during a “normal” year, but having my first child in these Covid times without any family able to come help has been incredibly isolating and hard both physically and emotionally. I’m so thankful to have Ariel, Ned and the rest of the baby steps team to get me through it. It’s taken the top priority on my feed since it aired. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
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Puzzle-holic 85
Breastfeeding Episode
So much helpful information for current and future parents ☺️ In the next episode with the lactation consultant, could you please ask about breastfeeding adopted children?? I’m so curious about what is possible and what challenges might be present in that situation. Love the pod! Thanks guys!
I’m not even a parent
I’m not even a parent but I enjoy listening to this podcast.
Ariel’s mom has got it going on
Hi Try Wives! Omg Ariel’s mom is so precious! It was amazing hearing of a woman’s pregnancy and labor experience in the 80s vs in the 2010s/2020s (I had my son in 2015). My mom told my sister and I how they never had the option to fond out the gender prior to delivery and that was so surprising to me. Not so much that I didn’t believe it, but that it is so normal (if not expected) today. I absolutely love the amazing content you ladies provide. Sitting bed by myself with a full glass of wine (mom goals) I hope I can sit with you! Sending lots of love! Lauren P.S. my fiancé and I (he is also the father of my child) are getting married this November and I am SOOOOO excited for more wedding related content to come ❤️
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Shiny girl with broken neck
Fulmer goals fo’ life! Thanks for providing some normal adult conversation when I’m trapped in the house 24/7. I am binging all your old episodes and heard you mention that we should share a parenting story. So, my daughter is now almost 8 but when she was about 3 she had an imaginary friend that she talked about. She would wake in the morning and ask where the shiny girl went. She said the shiny girl was in her room at night in a very pretty princess dress but she had something wrong with her neck because she fell down the stairs and missed her mama. We have very steep stairs that have always made me nervous. She mentioned her a few times and didn’t again a few months later. Kids are creepy, yo!
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Listen in!
As a first time mom I am totally excited to listen to Ned and Ariel share their parenting experiences. I just had my little one at the end of November, and being a new mom threw out a pandemic is a lot. I need to hear all the ups and downs so that I don’t feel like I’m alone in this new role as mom. Thanks Ariel and Ned for keeping it real. I always feel right at home when listening in! Stay beautiful! 😉
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Irish eyes768
Ariels mom is so sweet!!
I would love another episode
Ariel’s mom
I loved hearing from Ariel’s mom, and the difference between her and Ariel’s experience. Would definitely like to hear more from her!
Funny, sweet and refreshing
Love this podcast! Appreciate the honesty and humor through all of it.
i’m 15 and just love to listen to for fun! super funny and relatable even though i don’t have kids
Fun and entertaining. Lacking in facts though
The podcast is fun and entertaining. However, I cringe as a nurse and a 2nd time mom listening to this podcast because there is a decent amount of misinformation sprinkled in. They aren’t medical experts, and they make no claim to be. However, I think some fact checking would go a long way. I’m still giving it 4 stars because for entertainment value, they do hit that out of the park.
Fun for everyone!
I don’t have kids, I don’t want kids, I don’t even like kids very much. But Ned & Ariel have always been a joy to watch/hear, and their podcast is no different. I love hearing their stories and perspectives. Most of my friends have kids, and this gives me a little more insight into what their lives are like and what they struggle with — and therefore, how I can support them better. Overall a lighthearted, enjoyable show.
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Exactly what I needed
As someone who has been struggling to conceive for over a year and a half and is about to start the grueling IVF process this is the perfect podcast for me! Covers everything from infertile struggles, the mans perspective, parenting tips and tricks. It gets me excited for the days to come! Love that Ned and Ariel are so open and willing to share their authentic selves. 10/10 recommend.
Breast feeding
Ariel: Breastfeeding is totally a bonding experience between mom and baby but it can be very difficult. I nurse my little guy and I also pump while I’m at work so he is also bottle fed when I’m not around. The connection to him is amazing but it’s not always beautiful and blissful. It was a very difficult beginning to my breastfeeding journey because I wasn’t producing that much after my son was born. If you’d like to try nursing your baby you can pump a bit before you feed him and then nurse him and see if that works for you. If it doesn’t work out then continue to bottle feed. Like another person said: fed is best. Best of luck to you.❤️
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I just wanted to tell you that I breastfed my first daughter, and bottle fed formula the other. The bonds remained the same in each! N fact I think the bottle one is more bonded to me. :) Please don't feel like you are missing out. Fed is best and I know you know this. Don't let your brain fool you. You're doing great!!!
Favorite couple
This podcast is such a great podcast to listen to while your driving. I love how open you guys are with your personal life and it give me hope that I won’t fail as a dad in the future! :)
I love it!
I’m not even sure why I listen to this podcast, because I’m years away from having children, but I do love that you guys give a more accurate depiction of what being a parent means today.
Love this for existing or new parents!
I am in the middle of my first pregnancy and I have loved this podcast! I love the Try Guys and I am loving this step outside of the normal try guy shenanigans and into this honest look at parenthood. Congratulations to Ariel and Ned on their 2nd baby!
Almond tee
Most embarrassing parenting moment
I’m a mom of three kids. My oldest is now 12 and to this day the worst parenting moment I’ve ever had was when my oldest was a toddler. I was going to the grocery store, just me and her. I had a cart full of groceries. Suddenly my daughter starts violently projectile vomiting EVERYWHERE. I am shocked and panicked. So I grabbed kitchen towels off the store rack and start catching her vomit in the towels. I’m looking around and see literally no one. So I’m like, what do I do? Do I abandon the mess and cart or do I check out? After she was done she felt fine and I think it was because she ate too fast. But the end result was me using a bunch of kitchen towels off the stores rack to clean it up and I went to the check out with a ton of price tags from the towels. (I threw them away) I embarrassingly told the cashier that someone should mop that aisle. I have never gotten over that moment. I’m still surprised at how during all that I didn’t see a single worker or other customers. Haha!
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Babysitting Story
Hello I’m 11 and I babysit my cousins a lot. One day I was In my basement with my cousins trying to get them to come upstairs with me then my 2 year old cousin named Kelly started running to my dog zuri who was behind a door, my dog somehow closed the door just in time for my cousin to get slammed in the face by it he started crying I ran over with his 4 year old brother following behind he said “hot doggy” right now when I came up to him I had no idea what that meant but I picked him up and walked him upstairs while he was repeating hot doggy. After my cousin was fine I asked his mom what hot meant to him she said” it means bad” so I then realized that my 2 year old cousin was trying to discipline the dog after closing the door.
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Great Podcast
Love it!
2020 is not the year for epidurals
You are the 6th person I know this year to not have time for an epidural when they went into labor 😂 it sounds exactly like their stories
Ariel is so laid back and funny. I love y’all’s relationship so much! Very fun hearing y’all interact
So good!
I love you both! I watch everything from the second try company! I’ll support the whole group in anyway that I can! I love your perspective! This pod makes me laugh. I appreciate your experiences and thank you so much for sharing your life with us! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The cutest!!!
As a girl in my early 20s, I didn’t know if I would be interested in this podcast since I am a good few years away from even thinking about having kids. I listen to the Try Guys everything though, so I decided to give it a shot and I LOVE IT! Listening to Ned and Ariel engage with each other is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. You can totally hear the love between them! But the biggest thing I love about this podcast is that they are so relatable - even for someone who doesn’t have kids. They just take such a realistic approach to explaining their lives that is so appreciated! I love love LOVE all of try guys/try wives content and highly recommend this podcast along with all the others!!!!💓
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Rachel said The baby’s name?
Hey guys, love the pod :) but I think Rachel might have given away the baby name, she said “Everest is going to be a bonnet baby”
5 stars!
Abigail 4
Haha you all are incredible. That is from Ep. 10 and I absolutely love listening to both of you. I hope this continues even when the 2nd baby comes home. As a new mom-to-be, I enjoy listening to this podcast.
IUD loving gal likes to hear about families
I’m no where near close to having a family but it’s interesting to hear and I feel like I get to understand ned and ariel so much more through this pod! Love you guys
Not just baby steps
As my partner and I gear up to have kiddos it’s been really helpful to hear Ned and Ariel’s stories. There is so much more to parenting then just baby. I love hearing about the ways in which their lives and even their relationship has evolved after having Wesley and as they get ready for baby 2. It’s been great to get another couple perspective and experiences.
Happy way to start the week!
I have an adult child and a teen. This shop is closed. This pod is for more than parents with small kids. It’s just happy. It brings a smile to my heart. A must listen:)
Confused kid
Hi I am confused about if co sleeping is bad or good because my parents cosleep with my little sister but someone said something about it being bad so what is the deal with xo sleeping.
Raw sincerity?
Stolen name from a podcast about infertility.
encased meat
Baby Hack
Hey Ned & Ariel!! I just wanted to share a hack I learned recently with baby wipes. If you wrap a rubber band on the ends of the wipe container, it will hold the wipes in place while you pull one out so you’re not stuck with a million wipes coming out 😅
Sibling Horror Story!
I’m not a parent, but I do have little siblings. One is 7 years younger and one is 11. When the first one was little she really liked baby powder. I had come downstairs in the morning to her, completely naked, covered in baby powder from head to toe. There was baby powder EVERYWHERE. In the carpet, in between the floorboards, all over the couch, everywhere. After cleaning that baby powder I’ve never looked at it the same 😫
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Born at 25 Weeks
First off, my husband and I wanted to thank you for making this podcast, the issues you’ve been addressing are hardly ever talked about and that is the main reason why we were completely blindsided going into the NICU. Second off, I’m sorry this is such a long post, but what you guys talk about really resonates with us. We had had a miscarriage the previous year, and so were a bit apprehensive when we found out about our rainbow baby. We had also been trying to conceive for over 3 years before finally trying Metformin, which seemed to finally do the trick, so we were overwhelmed and anxious. Around week 14, I went to the ER after bleeding pretty heavily, fearing the worst, but as it turned out, it was caused by placenta previa (which resolved soon thereafter). I also found out from that visit that I was suffering from gestational diabetes and had a short cervix. I was shocked to find that in one stroke I would have to take insulin, meet with an MFM every week, and take progesterone for the remainder of the pregnancy. We were so relieved when we made it to 24 weeks, because we knew we were at least in gestational viability territory. The MFM said my cervix was showing stable and we wouldn’t have to see her for over a month. The night before Annalynn was born, I had some back pain and some discharge, but when we called the ER, they said it was normal in third trimester and not to worry unless there was blood. My husband rubbed my back and we fell asleep around midnight. I got up the next morning and found blood. Without realizing it, there had been a blizzard the night before that was still building that morning, so we rushed to the hospital as fast as the ice would allow us (we lived about 30 minutes from the hospital on a good day). We called ahead to the hospital to let them know we were coming (a move which apparently saved our daughter’s life as it turned out). We sped into the ambulance port and a nurse ran a wheelchair out for me because I had a heavy pressure that made me feel nervous to stand. They quickly moved me up to Emergency Obstetrics and rolled in an ultrasound. Hearing my daughter’s heartbeat on that monitor was one of the best and most terrifying moments of my life. I was 10 cm. dilated and needed an emergency C-section. My daughter was born at 1 lb. 12 oz. and 12 inches long. Since the hospital did not have a NICU, a nurse had to pump Annalynn’s lungs manually for several hours. Since there was still a blizzard going on, Flight for Life from Denver couldn’t reach us, so we had to wait 4 hours for an ambulance to reach us (the ambulance said if the wind had been any harder, they wouldn’t have been able to make it either). They took my baby to the NICU with my mother in law while I waited two days in the hospital to finally be able to stand up. For the next 108 days, my husband and I would work out of the NICU and ferry back and forth from the Ronald McDonald House while COVID slowly built up around us. My husband had recurring panic attacks and we both lost a lot of sleep, but we finally made it through (in no small part because of our weekly Try Guys video binge). Annalynn turned 10 months in October and (as of her last doctor’s visit) was 14.5 lbs and 24.5 inches long. She has overcome ROP and chronic lung disease without requiring surgery and is a happy, growing little girl. Since we’ve been home, we’ve discussed our next child and have come to an impasse between surrogacy, adoption, or stopping all together. I hope you guys are taking some me-time before baby number 2 comes, but I was curious if you guys had discussed children going forwards yet? Again, we love you guys and can’t wait to hear about the next boy.
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Ash Mac 92
I’m sorry, but no.
This podcast is insufferable. You know those friends you had/have—the ones that got pregnant and had a child first in your friend group or family and they never shut up about the pregnancy or their perfect adorable genius child every time it takes a crap or eats dirt? This podcast is like having a never ending conversation with those friends over and over until you purposefully deafen yourself or die. I love the Try Guys, Ned and Ariel already annoy me as a know-it-all, holier-than-thou couple but this is next level annoying. Anytime single-child parents think they know everything, I laugh and roll my eyes so hard. They’re so out of touch with reality in so many ways, it’s just another example of how apparent that is. By the 38th time they mocked how Wes talks but during normal conversation, I immediately came here and had to write this. I have three children myself and I own and run a daycare. I absolutely love children and being pregnant, but this worked as birth control for me. I gave it 5 episodes and now I’m so happily done, yet still annoyed.
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my first thought after these last few episodes dropped. i’m like oh NOOO ARIEL WENT INTO LABOR EARLY but also YAYYYYY THE BABYS HERE!!! i’m thirteen and am severely tokophobic but this is such an amazing podcast. y’all are honestly so delightful and i wish you so much luck!! <333
Childfree but loving it
My husband and I have chosen to be childfree but I just love you guys so much I thought I’d give this a go and it’s very interesting. You guys are the cutest and I’m so happy for you both. You guys are the parents so many of us wish we had.
Professor Slughorn
Fun for everyone!
I love this podcast.
If you’re planning on having kids LISTEN UP
My hubby to be and I want kids— badly! And this show gives me a good perspective on the fragile knife juggling that is parenting. Ned and Ariel are funny and honest and very cute! They give real life stories and are vulnerable. If you’re planning on having your own little squish listen up!!
Review Story Time
Hello I am Evie and learning about this makes me double check about if I want kids but I do have a funny story because when my mom was pregnant with me she was put on bed rest but... my brother was a toddler so I don’t know how that went down... !😂
Not a parent but love this
This is so wholesome and honest! Even though I don’t plan to have a kid anytime soon, this is still such a good podcast! I’m a big fan!
Loving The Pod
Hey Ned and Ariel! Been a fan for a while (since Buzzfeed days) and I congratulate you on Baby #2 on the way. My question is about baby names. I’m not close to having a child but I am always fascinated with names and how parents decide. How did you decide on Wesley for his name ? Do you have a name yet for #2? (You don’t have to say it) What do you think of people who use weird names for their babies? Thanks for reading the questions , love the podcast.
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Just to get space
Love it!
Amazing and relaxing to listen to.
Not a parent but still love this podcast!
I may not be a parent, but as a college student who nannied full-time over the summer for a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, I love hearing all the funny stories that only toddlers can inspire (I have endless stories about the kids I worked with, and that was only a couple months!). This podcast is really funny even if you can’t relate to parenthood, and I’m loving hearing from two people who don’t take themselves too seriously and are able to laugh about the funny parts of parenting. Ned and Ariel, if you’re reading this, my favorite funny parenting story my mom has about me is that, when I was a toddler, I put an entire jar of Vaseline in my hair while she wasn’t looking. We still have a picture, and I look so proud of myself for pulling this hilarious prank on my mom. I’d love to hear what the funniest thing Wes has ever said or done is. Great work on the podcast!
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How expensive can having a baby be?
Hey Fulmer Fam and Rachel! I’m 24, recently married, recently graduated from grad school, and recently started my first “big girl” job. I’ve always wanted kids and have expressed this all my life. Now that I’m an adult and married, I’ve been thinking about having a baby. However, my husband is still in grad school so I’m the only income we have. And since it’s my first real job, it’s not necessarily the greatest income. He doesn’t want to try for a baby until we are “financially stable” so I was wondering if you guys could talk about the money side of having a baby. What are the cheaper options for medical needs/labor and delivery? What are the more affordable options for baby/toddler items that we may not know about? And any advice on finances when it comes to babies? I’m praying for a smooth delivery and recovery for y’all! Can’t wait to meet baby#2 ♥️
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Jourdan Lynn
Childless but I love it
I LOVE THISSSSS. love ned and ariel so much :)!
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