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Babysitting Story
Hello I’m 11 and I babysit my cousins a lot. One day I was In my basement with my cousins trying to get them to come upstairs with me then my 2 year old cousin named Kelly started running to my dog zuri who was behind a door, my dog somehow closed the door just in time for my cousin to get slammed in the face by it he started crying I ran over with his 4 year old brother following behind he said “hot doggy” right now when I came up to him I had no idea what that meant but I picked him up and walked him upstairs while he was repeating hot doggy. After my cousin was fine I asked his mom what hot meant to him she said” it means bad” so I then realized that my 2 year old cousin was trying to discipline the dog after closing the door.
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Great Podcast
Love it!
2020 is not the year for epidurals
You are the 6th person I know this year to not have time for an epidural when they went into labor 😂 it sounds exactly like their stories
Ariel is so laid back and funny. I love y’all’s relationship so much! Very fun hearing y’all interact
So good!
I love you both! I watch everything from the second try company! I’ll support the whole group in anyway that I can! I love your perspective! This pod makes me laugh. I appreciate your experiences and thank you so much for sharing your life with us! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The cutest!!!
As a girl in my early 20s, I didn’t know if I would be interested in this podcast since I am a good few years away from even thinking about having kids. I listen to the Try Guys everything though, so I decided to give it a shot and I LOVE IT! Listening to Ned and Ariel engage with each other is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. You can totally hear the love between them! But the biggest thing I love about this podcast is that they are so relatable - even for someone who doesn’t have kids. They just take such a realistic approach to explaining their lives that is so appreciated! I love love LOVE all of try guys/try wives content and highly recommend this podcast along with all the others!!!!💓
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Rachel said The baby’s name?
Hey guys, love the pod :) but I think Rachel might have given away the baby name, she said “Everest is going to be a bonnet baby”
5 stars!
Abigail 4
Haha you all are incredible. That is from Ep. 10 and I absolutely love listening to both of you. I hope this continues even when the 2nd baby comes home. As a new mom-to-be, I enjoy listening to this podcast.
IUD loving gal likes to hear about families
I’m no where near close to having a family but it’s interesting to hear and I feel like I get to understand ned and ariel so much more through this pod! Love you guys
Not just baby steps
As my partner and I gear up to have kiddos it’s been really helpful to hear Ned and Ariel’s stories. There is so much more to parenting then just baby. I love hearing about the ways in which their lives and even their relationship has evolved after having Wesley and as they get ready for baby 2. It’s been great to get another couple perspective and experiences.
Happy way to start the week!
I have an adult child and a teen. This shop is closed. This pod is for more than parents with small kids. It’s just happy. It brings a smile to my heart. A must listen:)
Confused kid
Hi I am confused about if co sleeping is bad or good because my parents cosleep with my little sister but someone said something about it being bad so what is the deal with xo sleeping.
Raw sincerity?
Stolen name from a podcast about infertility.
encased meat
Baby Hack
Hey Ned & Ariel!! I just wanted to share a hack I learned recently with baby wipes. If you wrap a rubber band on the ends of the wipe container, it will hold the wipes in place while you pull one out so you’re not stuck with a million wipes coming out 😅
Sibling Horror Story!
I’m not a parent, but I do have little siblings. One is 7 years younger and one is 11. When the first one was little she really liked baby powder. I had come downstairs in the morning to her, completely naked, covered in baby powder from head to toe. There was baby powder EVERYWHERE. In the carpet, in between the floorboards, all over the couch, everywhere. After cleaning that baby powder I’ve never looked at it the same 😫
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Born at 25 Weeks
First off, my husband and I wanted to thank you for making this podcast, the issues you’ve been addressing are hardly ever talked about and that is the main reason why we were completely blindsided going into the NICU. Second off, I’m sorry this is such a long post, but what you guys talk about really resonates with us. We had had a miscarriage the previous year, and so were a bit apprehensive when we found out about our rainbow baby. We had also been trying to conceive for over 3 years before finally trying Metformin, which seemed to finally do the trick, so we were overwhelmed and anxious. Around week 14, I went to the ER after bleeding pretty heavily, fearing the worst, but as it turned out, it was caused by placenta previa (which resolved soon thereafter). I also found out from that visit that I was suffering from gestational diabetes and had a short cervix. I was shocked to find that in one stroke I would have to take insulin, meet with an MFM every week, and take progesterone for the remainder of the pregnancy. We were so relieved when we made it to 24 weeks, because we knew we were at least in gestational viability territory. The MFM said my cervix was showing stable and we wouldn’t have to see her for over a month. The night before Annalynn was born, I had some back pain and some discharge, but when we called the ER, they said it was normal in third trimester and not to worry unless there was blood. My husband rubbed my back and we fell asleep around midnight. I got up the next morning and found blood. Without realizing it, there had been a blizzard the night before that was still building that morning, so we rushed to the hospital as fast as the ice would allow us (we lived about 30 minutes from the hospital on a good day). We called ahead to the hospital to let them know we were coming (a move which apparently saved our daughter’s life as it turned out). We sped into the ambulance port and a nurse ran a wheelchair out for me because I had a heavy pressure that made me feel nervous to stand. They quickly moved me up to Emergency Obstetrics and rolled in an ultrasound. Hearing my daughter’s heartbeat on that monitor was one of the best and most terrifying moments of my life. I was 10 cm. dilated and needed an emergency C-section. My daughter was born at 1 lb. 12 oz. and 12 inches long. Since the hospital did not have a NICU, a nurse had to pump Annalynn’s lungs manually for several hours. Since there was still a blizzard going on, Flight for Life from Denver couldn’t reach us, so we had to wait 4 hours for an ambulance to reach us (the ambulance said if the wind had been any harder, they wouldn’t have been able to make it either). They took my baby to the NICU with my mother in law while I waited two days in the hospital to finally be able to stand up. For the next 108 days, my husband and I would work out of the NICU and ferry back and forth from the Ronald McDonald House while COVID slowly built up around us. My husband had recurring panic attacks and we both lost a lot of sleep, but we finally made it through (in no small part because of our weekly Try Guys video binge). Annalynn turned 10 months in October and (as of her last doctor’s visit) was 14.5 lbs and 24.5 inches long. She has overcome ROP and chronic lung disease without requiring surgery and is a happy, growing little girl. Since we’ve been home, we’ve discussed our next child and have come to an impasse between surrogacy, adoption, or stopping all together. I hope you guys are taking some me-time before baby number 2 comes, but I was curious if you guys had discussed children going forwards yet? Again, we love you guys and can’t wait to hear about the next boy.
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Ash Mac 92
I’m sorry, but no.
This podcast is insufferable. You know those friends you had/have—the ones that got pregnant and had a child first in your friend group or family and they never shut up about the pregnancy or their perfect adorable genius child every time it takes a crap or eats dirt? This podcast is like having a never ending conversation with those friends over and over until you purposefully deafen yourself or die. I love the Try Guys, Ned and Ariel already annoy me as a know-it-all, holier-than-thou couple but this is next level annoying. Anytime single-child parents think they know everything, I laugh and roll my eyes so hard. They’re so out of touch with reality in so many ways, it’s just another example of how apparent that is. By the 38th time they mocked how Wes talks but during normal conversation, I immediately came here and had to write this. I have three children myself and I own and run a daycare. I absolutely love children and being pregnant, but this worked as birth control for me. I gave it 5 episodes and now I’m so happily done, yet still annoyed.
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my first thought after these last few episodes dropped. i’m like oh NOOO ARIEL WENT INTO LABOR EARLY but also YAYYYYY THE BABYS HERE!!! i’m thirteen and am severely tokophobic but this is such an amazing podcast. y’all are honestly so delightful and i wish you so much luck!! <333
Childfree but loving it
My husband and I have chosen to be childfree but I just love you guys so much I thought I’d give this a go and it’s very interesting. You guys are the cutest and I’m so happy for you both. You guys are the parents so many of us wish we had.
Professor Slughorn
Fun for everyone!
I love this podcast.
If you’re planning on having kids LISTEN UP
My hubby to be and I want kids— badly! And this show gives me a good perspective on the fragile knife juggling that is parenting. Ned and Ariel are funny and honest and very cute! They give real life stories and are vulnerable. If you’re planning on having your own little squish listen up!!
Review Story Time
Hello I am Evie and learning about this makes me double check about if I want kids but I do have a funny story because when my mom was pregnant with me she was put on bed rest but... my brother was a toddler so I don’t know how that went down... !😂
Not a parent but love this
This is so wholesome and honest! Even though I don’t plan to have a kid anytime soon, this is still such a good podcast! I’m a big fan!
Loving The Pod
Hey Ned and Ariel! Been a fan for a while (since Buzzfeed days) and I congratulate you on Baby #2 on the way. My question is about baby names. I’m not close to having a child but I am always fascinated with names and how parents decide. How did you decide on Wesley for his name ? Do you have a name yet for #2? (You don’t have to say it) What do you think of people who use weird names for their babies? Thanks for reading the questions , love the podcast.
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Just to get space
Love it!
Amazing and relaxing to listen to.
Not a parent but still love this podcast!
I may not be a parent, but as a college student who nannied full-time over the summer for a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, I love hearing all the funny stories that only toddlers can inspire (I have endless stories about the kids I worked with, and that was only a couple months!). This podcast is really funny even if you can’t relate to parenthood, and I’m loving hearing from two people who don’t take themselves too seriously and are able to laugh about the funny parts of parenting. Ned and Ariel, if you’re reading this, my favorite funny parenting story my mom has about me is that, when I was a toddler, I put an entire jar of Vaseline in my hair while she wasn’t looking. We still have a picture, and I look so proud of myself for pulling this hilarious prank on my mom. I’d love to hear what the funniest thing Wes has ever said or done is. Great work on the podcast!
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How expensive can having a baby be?
Hey Fulmer Fam and Rachel! I’m 24, recently married, recently graduated from grad school, and recently started my first “big girl” job. I’ve always wanted kids and have expressed this all my life. Now that I’m an adult and married, I’ve been thinking about having a baby. However, my husband is still in grad school so I’m the only income we have. And since it’s my first real job, it’s not necessarily the greatest income. He doesn’t want to try for a baby until we are “financially stable” so I was wondering if you guys could talk about the money side of having a baby. What are the cheaper options for medical needs/labor and delivery? What are the more affordable options for baby/toddler items that we may not know about? And any advice on finances when it comes to babies? I’m praying for a smooth delivery and recovery for y’all! Can’t wait to meet baby#2 ♥️
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Jourdan Lynn
Childless but I love it
I LOVE THISSSSS. love ned and ariel so much :)!
My husband and I LOVE the Fulmers. I just listened to the last episode about fertility. We could definitely relate. We experienced a chemical pregnancy last November and have been trying to get pregnant again. It’s so great to have people talk about issues that are so occur so often, but are not commonly brought up in conversation. Thank you for sharing your stories! Keep up the great podcast!
Parenting Horror Story
So this horror story is actual my mother’s, I was just one of the babies inflicting the horror. So I’m a triplet, and have an older brother who is only 18 months older than us. So for a while, my parents had 4 kids under two, all in diapers. While that in itself is horror, that’s not the bad part. One winter when we were still infants, there was an ice storm in our town. The power was knocked out for days because of this. Unfortunately, at the same time, my sisters and I caught the rotavirus. It gave us horrible diarrhea, and mom was pretty much changing diapers 24/7. So my parents have a toddler, 3 sick babies, no power, and are pretty much stuck at home because of the snow and ice. During this time, a local reporter came by looking for stories of the ice storm effecting residents of the town. He stumbled upon our house and thought he had found an amazing story. My mom, who was exhausted from caring for her sick babies, told him to piss off. There was a lovely picture of my neighbor shoveling snow in the paper instead.
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Love the real-ness
Love this podcast. I have a nearly 2-year-old with a new little nugget on the way. I love the relatability of this podcast and it gives me ideas or things to keep in mind as Ariel is a few weeks ahead.
My husband and I are in the talks of staring a family and your podcast is so insightful for us! We are the first of our friends and siblings to have a baby so to hear this podcast it’s like you’re our friends giving us the low down on all things babies☺️ love the podcast can’t wait to hear more!
Froglover <3
Fertility Stress episode
Loved this week’s episode, especially hearing Rachel’s story about infertility. We went through years of infertility, and tried IUI 7 times before realizing that we were meant to grow our family through adoption. Adoption isn’t though everyone. It’s incredibly expensive, there are a LOT of misconceptions about how it works, and there is still a stigma is a “lesser choice” (it absolutely isn’t). You have to give up your dreams of being pregnant (which I never had, I just wanted to be a mom), and realize that being a parent is the most important thing. If you can’t do that, adoption isn’t for you. We weren’t there for her birth, never met the birthparents, didn’t know she was coming until she was already here. But we get to be there for her 1st words, her 1st steps, the cuddles in the middle of the night, etc.
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Dani in CO
Fan in general
Hello Ned and Ariel, and Rachel in the background, love the Podcast. I do not have a question. I am not a parent but I found your fertility podcast interesting because hearing Rachel’s story with her journey to have June and Poppy. Got me thinking about my parents own journey to have me and my siblings. Long story short I am a quadruplet (there is four of us and we are all 22). I laughed out loud at all of your reaction about triplets. Rachel you are doing an amazing join with June and Poppy. Ned and Ariel you are doing an amazing job with Wes and having another one on the way. Keep up the good work guys. Love all the things you are apart of!! Love the Podcast!! Ashley P.
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How do you prepare your dog for a new baby?
We have been moving quite a bit in this last year and we have a baby girl coming in December 😇💞. I don’t want to stress out my dog any more than she might already be. I was just wondering how you guys helped Bean prepare for Wesley & any tips and tricks you might have. Love the new podcast!
tiktok made me do jt
Love You Guys (and Rachel) My Twins Story
I love listening to your podcast. The fertility one was my favorite so far. Probably because my husband and I struggled with conceiving. It took us 3 1/2 year of trying to conceive and reach full term. We had one rough miscarriage around the 9 week mark after trying for a month or two and then nothing. Our insurance didn’t cover fertility treatments either and we couldn’t afford to do it on our own. So we just kept trying. We took a trip to Vegas and decided having the ability and money to travel occasionally was kinda cool. We decided to stop tracking and just let life happen. We would just be the cool aunt/uncle. Literally the cycle after Vegas we conceived. I kept having dreams that I was having twins. Not awe twins are so cute dreams. More trying to hold and feed two babies at once type of dreams. I was also really hesitant to get excited because of the previous miscarriage. So when the technician said it was two babies I was pretty mellow. It freaked her out a bit. My girls are modi identical twins. High risk pregnancy but not as high as momo. We didn’t know if it was modi or momo until 18 weeks. The membrane was very thin. At one point I was having two ultrasounds a week because I was borderline ttts. We made it to 35+5 weeks which is pretty good. I am considering trying again but I don’t know what I would do with a normal pregnancy. I never went more than 2 weeks without an ultrasound. From 24 weeks on I had them either weekly or twice a week. You guys began to speak on baby gear. If you do an episode on that (and see this) I have a question for Rachel. What was her favorite tandem carrier for the girls as they got bigger? My girls are 9 months old now and the mini monkey to got too heavy. Plus one wears a cranial helmet and kept smacking me in the chin.
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Unlikely Story from Parents-2-Be
First off, my wife and I listen every week and are so thankful that this podcast has magically started right as we are beginning the same adventure. As the title suggests, we are expecting, and the story of the odds that we defied to make it happen are truly outrageously fortunate, especially after hearing Rachel’s story this week. To give an idea of the situation, I am 32 and my wife is 30, also she’s tiny... like 4’11”. After my wife’s OB told us that we would have difficulty conceiving on our own due to my wife’s PCOS, she recommended us to start seeing a fertility specialist as soon as possible, even though we had been trying for less than two months. The fertility specialist told us after we take all the tests and start down the road of different fertility treatments that it would be roughly 4-6 months before we would likely see a positive test... The next day, they called to tell us we could no longer proceed with their line of testing because we were most likely pregnant, as her HCG’s were high. 10 tests and a surprise pizza spelling out “DAD” in pepperonis later, I got the surprise of my life. Due to our finding this out during the care of a fertility doctor, we continued with him until we reached the 10 week mark. Just as Rachel described, we were getting to see the baby (hehe) on a weekly basis in ultrasounds. And then, roughly week 8/9, he discovered a second void next to the void we had been watching. 10 days later, we see a second gestational sac with its own embryo and yolk sac. So after being told that it would take us 4-6 months to get pregnant, using various fertility methods, we are now pregnant with fraternal twins. They had told us this is incredibly rare without fertility treatments, which was further confirmed by Rachel in this weeks podcast. That on top of the astronomical odds of even getting pregnant on our own so soon. Now we are sitting at roughly the 16 week mark, and thanks to the amniocentesis, we know now that we will be having two little boys to call our own and entirely low risk. We doubt we will make it fully to the April 1st due date, as I mentioned before, she tiny. Mostly we just want to extend our gratitude for this podcast, and give a 5 star review as faithful listeners and co-passengers on the baby train!!!
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Love this
I’m going through the fertility journey and it’s helpful to hear a conversation from people that are also winging it and trying to figure it out.
I hate being pregnant
Hey guys! We have two beautiful girls 18 months apart. We tried for 15 months with our first, had the sperm cup ready to send off and finally got a positive test. And SURPRISE I got pregnant ON THE PILL with my second when my first was only 9 months old. Both pregnancies were terrible. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with both. Which is extreme morning sickness. I threw up 20 plus times a day for 28 weeks with my first, lost 25lbs, had to quit my job, and was hospitalized 6 times for fluids and to be monitored. My sickness wasn’t as severe with my second, but lasted almost 6 weeks AFTER I GAVE BIRTH. It seems like everyone always says they loved being pregnant and I hated every minute of it. I wouldn’t trade my wild girls for anything and would go through that or worse for them for the rest of my life if it meant they were happy, healthy, and safe. The strength of a mother’s love ❤️
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Big fan
I listen to all of your podcasts attached to the Try Guys and watch your videos all of the time! You guys always make me laugh super hard! Love you so much!!
Let’s talk about Meconium...
Meconium is essentially the first few poops of an infant’s life. They’re usually really dark as they contain everything baby ingested while in the womb. My first born cleared all her Meconium in about a week. My second born, not so much... He was born on a Sunday afternoon and we got to go home on Monday. Monday night, a couple friends stopped in to meet him and hang out. About an hour after friends arrived I smelled the unmistakable smell of newborn baby poop. Thinking to myself “Newborn poops are tiny, I’ll change him on the couch quick and not interrupt conversation” I went to work. And I was correct, it was a very small poop, until I got the new diaper under him. Have you ever seen the play doh toys where you push the lever and a big snake of colorful goo squeezes out the hole? Yeah, my son cleared all his Meconium in much the same fashion. On the couch. With no diaper strapped on. In a whirlwind of wipes and more diapers we did manage to salvage the couch! But I never expected a full five minute dump from a one day old baby. Lesson learned: be prepared for anything because just when you think you’ve got it figured out, something will happen to prove you really don’t have a clue. Also, you will forever be comfortable discussing bowels movements of all sorts with friends and strangers alike. Happy parenting!
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Entertaining and helpful for parents-to-be!
Ned and Ariel are the sweetest couple that I’ve discovered through The Try Guys! I’m so thrilled that they have their own parenting podcast as I am due for my first baby in January 2021. They are entertaining, easy-going, and helpful with each episode. My only suggestion would be to have detailed show notes as they talk about helpful books and products. I often find myself wanting to recall these information and needing to re-listen to several episodes before finding them. Please share show notes with all the resources you discuss and continue producing these episodes for us!
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Funny Parenting Fail Story
We brought our baby girl home, and needed to give her the first bath. We were using the Moby tun that is shaped like a whale, and I forgot to add water to the tub itself, so I basically was giving her a sponge bath, her little lips were quivering, and I rushed through the process so I could get her bundled up and warm! It took me three days to even realize what had happened and why she was so cold. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. 🙃 sweet girl loves bath time now though!
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Teri Peppers
Love you both so much!
I’m not a parent, but I wanted to tell you guys something great about my mom. She is my best friend and the greatest mom ever (sorry Ariel!) and I am so grateful to be more and more like her every day! One of the greatest and cutest things about Anne (my mom) is that she makes up little songs about just about everything she does, so when she walks around the house you will hear her singing about doing the laundry or making some food and now I find myself doing it all the time! It’s so cute and I love it! I know some people don’t want to end up like their parents but my mom is everything I want to be. And Ariel and Ned, if Wes grows up to be anything like either of you, he will be kind and intelligent and making the world a better place. So much love to you both and to all the Try Guys and Wives!!! Y’all are seriously some of my favorite content creators<3
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I have a question for you guys!❤️
Hey! I am a big fan of your new podcast! I tune in each week to listen to you two. My question is actually for Ariel, the interior designer. I have a son that is about Wesley’s age and I am about to renovate his room. What are the essentials for a toddlers room and some ‘out of the box’ things that you came up with. Jeeva
Labor in an Uber
So this is the story of how I went into labor. My headline is a little bit of clickbait, but both labor and an Uber are involved. So I’m single and live alone. My dad had been in town visiting for the weekend when I was nearly 38 weeks pregnant. He was about to leave on Sunday when he suggested staying longer because I seemed “off”, I sent him on his way. Where I live my closest relative is my mom, but she’s still about a 3 hour drive away. So Sunday night I go to bed and have a pretty crappy night. My insomnia was always bad but especially so that night, and I kept getting up to pee (or at least I thought it was pee). Around 5-6am I realize I’m not getting any sleep and finally give up and get up. I’m kinda going about my morning routine, when I start feeling cramps in my belly. I thought “I’m only 38 weeks, it must just be Braxton Hicks” so I ignored it. It progressively got worse, so 9am I called my mom. She told me to call my doctor or go in just in case, and let her know something as soon as possible so she could start driving. (My mom has multiple grandchildren from my brothers, but I’m her only daughter and she wasn’t gonna miss this delivery. Not to mention that without her I would be giving birth all alone). So I shoot a friend a text letting them know I may need a ride in a bit to the hospital to go see my doctor (I don’t have a car), and I jump in the shower. I wasn’t in the shower 5 seconds before I felt a huge gush and feel fluid running between my legs, which wasn’t water. I had a moment of fear, excitement, worry, and joy, not to mention relief that my water had broken in the shower and not on my kitchen floor. I quickly finish, get dressed and check my phone. My friend hasn’t responded. I call her. I call all my other friends. Nobody is answering. This is a problem because 1) I don’t drive and 2) I have hepatitis C, so it was important to get to the hospital as soon as my water breaks to help prevent my baby from catching it during delivery. So I do what any logical woman does, I call an Uber. Shortly after I’m in the back of some random guys car, with a diaper bag and my hospital bag, having contractions, and probably leaking onto his seat. Thankfully I got to the hospital, my friend finally saw her text and came to stay till my mom arrived, and 12 hours later I had a perfectly healthy baby boy. Feel kinda bad for that Uber driver though 😂 he made it pretty clear he didn’t want me having that baby in his car.
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Bradley's Mommy
Parenting (but not) story
To preface...I don’t have kids but I babysit quite often. A dear friend and her husband had just had their son, they also had a two year old toddler running around and they had asked me to come over to babysit so that they could go out. I came over just before dinner time so that I could cook and give the two year old dinner before feeding the baby from the bottle. Halfway through dinner, toddler starts throwing food across the room, laughing and playing around, at first I laughed with him but it very quickly turned into a “let’s throw everyone’s food around” situation. So I asked him to not throw the food and he stopped! He took a while to eat and it was time to feed the baby, I decided to do it on the floor next to the dining room table bc I could be close to toddler in case of choking but also hold the baby in a comfortable position, so I’m feeding baby, he spits up ALL over, like the most spit up ever and I put him in the baby rocker thing to grab a new onesie. During the time I’m away, which was maybe 30 seconds, toddler starts throwing the food around again, mind you, we had broccoli and bits of chicken, so there’s green covering the floor, some on the baby, on the walls and table and chairs... I let the toddler out of his chair to let him play while I change the baby and finish feeding him. As soon as I’m done changing baby, he spits up again and it’s just as bad as before, so I had to change him again. I didn’t notice during this time that toddler has started smearing the mashed broccoli on basically every surface, coffee table, dog, doors, windows. Then, I clean up the baby and the onesie was tbh really confusing. Long story short. The parents came home with a toddler that was green, I managed to clean the surfaces, a dog that desperately needed a bath and a baby that had its onesie on backwards... and one hungry babysitter.
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this makes me so happy 😭
Hi friends! I respect the heck out of your relationship, and your choice to be so open and honest. I’m a 25 year old lesbian and with same sex couple go through sooo much just to have a kid. Have you thought about hosting different types of parents as guests? You have such a safe platform and it would be cool to hear all different experiences! I love y’all so much!
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