Axis II Podcast: Personality Disorders & Psych Talk
Axis II Podcast: Personality Disorders & Psych Talk
Dr. H
Examining psychological and psychosocial issues, with a sometimes irreverent style. Specific focus on Cluster B personality disorders: Histrionic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. Subscribe, donate & share.
Ep 2: Chemical Imbalance is a Real Thing - Right?
A discussion about the theory of chemical imbalance in regards to psychiatric illness and treatment. Source studies and articles:
Jun 20, 2015
14 min
EP. 1: Are Hoarders Actually Narcissists?
An informal discussion exploring the similarities and parallel behaviors between pathological narcissism and compulsive hoarding.
Jun 19, 2015
30 min