Awesome Friday Podcast
Awesome Friday Podcast
Matthew Simpson & Simon Best
Episode 109: Guy Ritchie's The Covenant & Extraction 2
1 hour 32 minutes Posted Jun 25, 2023 at 5:50 pm.
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Show notes
Greetings, Programs!  This week we're joined by longtime friend of the show Rachel Ho for our discussions of  Guy Ritchie's The Covenant, Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2, and subway systems around the world (no, really!).  We hope you like it! BONUS CONTENT:            Rachel also joined us for our patron bonus chat this week, in which we talk about film festivals and the films we see there that we know will be hits.  It's an interesting one, and patrons at every tier can listen.  Tiers start at just 2$ CAD/ Month!<>Patreon:           Ko-Fi:    We're also having a giveaway right now.  We have three digital copies of the hit movie Blackberry from our friends at Elevation Pictures.  Enter to win here: <>BriTANicK's Academy Award Winning MOvie Trailer:<>EPISODE HOMEPAGE:You will find JustWatch-Powered streaming links for each title, as well as our star ratings and all of our other content at this episode's homepage: <>  CONNECT WITH RACHEL:     Twitter: @_rachelkhWebsite: rachelkh.comPodcast: ContraZoomPod.comCONNECT WITH US:       Homepage:       Twitter:           Facebook:           Instagram:           YouTube:           Email:           SHOW LINKS:Apple:, relax and enjoy your flight.