Awakening the Phoenix
Awakening the Phoenix
Malina Tabakova
Join me on my enlightening and spiritual awakening journey
Becoming the Phoenix
Here we talk about some touchy subjects. Past traumas, how to heal through them, narcissistic behavior in relationships and childhood as well as the upcoming sick joke of a day.. April 24. Stay safe. Love and light.
Apr 21, 2021
12 min
Healing your Inner Child
Accompanied by healing frequencies, this is a podcast where you'll need pen and paper. To go through a healing journey. Take as much time as needed. Love and light
Apr 17, 2021
2 min
Awakening the Phoenix- INTRO
Welcome! I'm so glad to have reached you, I hope that with sharing my journey, my life and my dreams, I am able to help even ONE person. Love and Light Raspberry Phoenix
Apr 16, 2021
3 min