Asian Americans Amplified
Asian Americans Amplified
Cambodian Association
A Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia original, we present a podcast to host conversations and discussions on everyday life details. What does it mean to be a parent? How was growing up in your city? What’s your favorite food? Imagine the company of friends or relatives over lunch. Come unwind with us and join the chat.
002: Becoming a Parent with Mr Johnay
Down at the Cambodian Association South Center, Sarun, Mr. Johnay, and Jenna join together over a hot lunch of "I Heart Cambodia" dishes. Two South Philly natives and a Northeast gal began talking about their favorite childhood dishes, what life was like growing up, and what family meant for them. It led us to the topic of fatherhood. Mr. Johnay is a proud father of four children and has lived in South Philadelphia his whole life. As he stepped further into his parental role, he enabled the lessons he had picked up from childhood to help him be the best father that his children needed.  STAY CONNECTED:// Instagram: @cambodian.association Facebook:
Oct 14, 2020
25 min
001: Asian Americans Amplified Trailer
Jenna Lam introduces the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia original podcast, Asian Americans Amplified. Through stories, reflections, and conversations, we’re going to dive deep in figuring out our identities in this wild world. We will drop an episode every Wednesday, so check us out! Instagram: @cambodian.association
Sep 28, 2020
1 min