Art Fair Artists Success Show
Art Fair Artists Success Show
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Art fairs are our business. If they are your business, too, tune in for all the news and insider tips about the nation's top juried art fairs and craft shows. The Art Fair Success Show is hosted by Connie Mettler, publisher of and
Can Facebook Really Help You Sell Your Work?
The high overhead of doing 30 shows a year exhausting you? What if you only did 20? or 10? When I first started my websites I thought if I only I could earn an extra $500 a month that would be great. Now nearly 15 years later I'm no longer putting up a tent and traveling to events. Social media, learning its ins and outs, made the difference for me. Dave Emmons shares some of the same background I do. He has participated in art fairs for 27 years. A whle back he thought there "might be a better way" to sell his work, he was starting to hate what he was doing. Whether you are new to this business of art fairs and are intrigued with having more freedom in your life or you are a long time veteran and just want to slow down, Dave's and my premise is "let's get online." Your customers ARE online, an international audience, online 24/7. You have (or should have) mailing lists. You probably have a website. You're probably on Facebook, maybe even a FB business page. Can you put it to work to improve your life? Dave is an artist who also coaches other artists on the skills needed to sell their work online. If you're saying, "I've tried that"; "I'm too busy", "It's too complicated" or a myriad other reasons, give a listen to this podcast. I think it might help you. Get started with Dav's free online masterclass. To register visit Learn more about Dave Emmons and his ideas:
Feb 13, 2019
49 min
Is Anyone Here Earning a Living?
The premise: As a "new" artist attempting to earn a living at the nation's art fairs I often think about the business side of things. People are suprised that I even attempt the notion of doing it full time... without a pension!  We speak with art fair artists who actually pay the bills and make a living, BUT they do so without a pension or some other significant source of income. In other words, these are people who figured out how to be profitable at art fairs! Are there people like that? This is a very practical nuts and bolts discussion of entrepreneurship. Creating art and earning a living with it are two separate endeavors. Our guests are long timers and new people just starting to hit the road, they include Joe Zinn, a photographer, Loc Tran who is a t-shirt designer and owner of Dog N Frog, painter Margaret Luttrell, and painter Jill McGannon, We'll also be taking calls from you.
Jan 31, 2017
1 hr
Should I Open an Art Gallery?
The fastest way to earn money with your art is to participate in art fairs. The buyer enters your booth, loves the work, hands you the payment and your work has found a new home. It's not always that easy of course, but it has worked for years for thousands of artists.     Many artists have multiple streams of income including gallery representation, selling work online, image licensing, hosting studio tours, participating in small boutique events and being in gallery shows. How about your own gallery? The nearby empty storefront beckens you. Today's show includes digital artist John Leben, supporting himself for over 40 years in the arts who is contemplating opening a gallery. This will be a 365 day commitment. John wants to know: should he do it? Joining the discussion is artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold, the "Queen of Junk Mail Art." About a year ago she posted Towel ... Throwing ... in on where she announced she was opening a gallery. Sandhi will share her adventures in moving from the streets to her own art gallery. Terri Belford is a business consultant. She started her first business in her 20's and has developed numerous others since then.  Her last business was a gallery of fine art and contemporary craft that continues to thrive under the direction of a new owner. She blogs at Should John open a gallery? Sandhi and Terri give him some answers.
Sep 27, 2016
59 min
Selling Art Face to Face
(If this show does not play, please click this link: Mckenna Hallett, a professional trainer and consultant for small business, shares strategic tips from her 25 year career that has covers the entire spectrum of earning a living as an artist: developing a jewelry line, selling one-of-a-kind work to fine art and craft galleries, servicing wholesale accounts (including Neiman Marcus) and selling at a weekly retail show near her home in Maui.  During this time she has always mentored other artists including teaching seminars on how to sell art. Mckenna has developed a selling system, the E's of Sellling. We talk about what she has learned and share her very solid selling advice. This is not about selling online, but rather how to make more sales in your face-to-face engagements at your shows. Ever hear, "I'll think about it? " Gain confidence and learn what to DO and SAY when they say they need to think about it! Did you know you are a already a perfect "salesperson" when you are recommending a good book or a restaurant?  You share good things naturally, until it's YOUR art you are recommending. We're not talking about being salesy or “closing deals”. Listen to find out what to do next including solid tips to take to your next show.
Jun 22, 2016
1 hr 2 min
10 Tips to Use Now for Artists & Show Organizers
The guests: Scott Fox, author and e-biz strategist who focuses on online marketing, e- commerce, using the Internet to build businesses and finally doing the work you were born to do. His popular books include Click Millionaires, Work Less, Live More with an Internet Business You Love. Larry Berman is the recognized authority on "all things photography" involved with the art fair business. Larry's extensive technical knowledge makes him the answer man for creating digital images that get you into the shows. He consults with art fairs and blogs about the business at Connie Mettler is the host at and creator of,, and She has worked in all facets of the art fair business for over 30 years, as an artist's partner (participating in over 400 shows), show director, juror and consultant to events. Do you have questions about using the Internet to further your career or better position your art fair online? Anything Internet, Scott can answer and point you in the right direction. Concerned about your jury imaging, booth design, visual appeal, digital help? Larry is the expert. All things art fair: marketing your show, connecting with customers, making the sale, travel tips, organizing your schedule, Connie can help.
May 26, 2016
59 min
10 Reasons "You Didn't Get In" (the Art Fair)
It is application season! Anyone active in the art fair business is deep into preparing applications for jurying into the nation's art fairs. What are the odds you'll make the cut and get into your most desired festival? Our guests are long time professionals from the business including Cindy Lerick, executive director of the Saint Louis Art Fair, Christine Berthiaume, Crafts Manager for the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Marguerite Esrock, executive director of the St. James Court Art Show. We'll talk about: As an intro we'll hear how each show prepares their jurors for jurying and the process of showing the jurors the applications10 worst things you can do to sabotage your chances of "getting in" Have paper and pencil ready. This one is sure to bring you useful information applicable to your finding success exhibiting at art fairs large and small.
Feb 3, 2016
1 hr 1 min
Keep them Coming Back - Marketing to the Art Fair Patron
The interested parties have come to your party: that Art Festival you have been planning and marketing for 364 days. How do you make sure they love the show, bring their friends, buy art, spread the word about what they found there and can't wait for next year? Sharon McAllister, Executive Director of ArtFest Fort Myers (FL) and Jenny Wright, Festival Director of The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival (TX) join the conversation and share their best tips for building a memorable experience for their patrons. We'll learn about their decisions on: public relationsmarketingcommunity relationssponsor buildingartist relationshipsplus what works and even more interestingly what they've done that doesn't work! Connie Mettler presents results from her 2014 Best Art Fair Survey of art fair buyers where she gathered data about what makes them come to a festival and why ... plus ... why there are formerly favorite shows that they no longer attend. Both of these events were chosen as Top 50 Events in the survey. Learn more about ArtFest Fort Myers. Learn more about The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival.
Sep 10, 2015
1 hr 1 min
Fewer Shows, More Money
Our guest will be graphic artist Carroll Swayze. Carroll has a great story about how working smarter, not harder, has put more money in her pocket and enabled her to do more of the things she loves besides creating her work. A lifelong artist, after much trial and error she has found that balance we all crave.  Carroll is a great storyteller with many adventures under her belt.  Doubt that she has been able to do this? Take a look at her schedule on her website, her passion for fishing is evident, and for music and the blues:  We'll be drawing names for the first 10 winners in our 6th anniversary Pledge Drive. Hope it will be you. Pledge now. Your odds of winning are mighty good. This is not the powerball lottery folks, with millions participating, just a few lucky folks who make this website and our other online endeavors possible. Click here to do it now:
May 29, 2015
1 hr
The No Mistake Art Fair Career - 10 Tips from the Experts
How do I get into the good art fairs and how do I make money when I get there? These are the universal questions that need to be answered for earning a living in the fine art and fine craft show business. Our expert guests Larry Berman and Bruce Baker lead the way. Larry Berman lends his expertise on creating great images that will "wow" they jury and Bruce Baker shares his experience on creating a great booth and meeting the customer. Between the two you'll have the answers and there is only one thing left for you to do: make great art. Larry Berman has a long career in photography, including being the staff photographer for the NY Nets. He has been exhibiting at art fairs for over 30 years and was one of the first to recognize the importance of digital imagery in the art fair business and was responsible for the ZAPP image format which displays all jury images the same size. He has built a career improving jury images for artists and/or photographing their artwork. He has held seminars on jury images and does consulting with artists and art fairs. Bruce Baker began selling his jewelry at retail and wholesale shows in the 1980's. Taking what he learned there he began consulting full time in 2005 sharing his retailing and business experience with a variety of groups ranging from Artists, Main Street Merchants, to Farm Market vendors, conducting over 600 marketing and production related workshops in the past two decades.  He leads training sessions helping artists be more productive and competitive in the international marketplace. Between the two you'll have all the answers and there is only one thing left for you to do: make great art. Only you can do that part.
Nov 11, 2014
1 hr 1 min
From Florida to Michigan - How Directors Market Their Shows
How does an art festival market their event to the public without big name entertainers, wine tasting areas, children's stages, interactive activities for fairgoers? In other words, strictly an art fair. Sharon McAllister, Executive Director of ArtFest Fort Myers (FL) joins Sara Shambarger, Director of Art Fairs, at the Krasl Art Center, including Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff in St. Joseph, MI, on this episode. Sharon and Sara have been in the art fair business for well over fifteen years, travel to visit other art fairs and have a wide perspective on creating a community-wide event that facilitates "buy-in" by the local population. This show will have strategic information that will be useful to artists and show organizers We'll talk about: what they do to make an art fair attractive to buyers and how artists are their partners in doing thishow artists can help them in their mission to bring buyers to the showswhat they think artists can be do to maximize their sales the challenges they face marketing tthe events during "high season" in their resort communitieshow to bring in an audience when the focus is solely on the art fair, without big name entertainers, wine tasting, road races, zumbathons, stilt walkers, intrusive sponsor booths, children's stages
Aug 12, 2014
1 hr 1 min
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