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One star for now, still love the show.
Back with my 1 star for adding the political comments. I know it’s part of the vibe of this show to ad some non sports commentary and that’s ok. Just know that half of the voters in this country don’t agree with you, and yet still love football and listening to the podcast. Sports is a great place to come together. This is a simple request to not ad the divisive comments that are belittling to half of your audience. As before, I’ll bring back the 5 stars when the political talk ends or at the very least becomes more tolerant of the good, honest, and hard working people that simply think differently than you.
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Flingy McFlingerton
This podcast is great. It gives me a little bit more info on different teams. GO PACK GO!
Great Podcast
Great chemistry, neutral and educated takes
My favorite football podcast!!!
Very fun to listen to!
Great podcast
As a chiefs fan, the ONLY joy that will come from the chiefs losing to the Browns will be knowing the happiness that will fill Marc’s soul if it were to happen. One of the best moments in my life was being able to share the chiefs Super Bowl win joy with my dad and son. Every person who cares about a team deserves to be filled with that happiness. .....with that said, this chiefs v browns breakdown deserves a continuous loop of that guy going, “Awwwww!!” Marc needs a cigarette it sounds like. Good luck, browns. Good luck, Marc.
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Great pod
No more Seth Payne please, love you guys.
My favorite podcast of all time
The title really says it all. I cannot do justice in a review to the amount that I love this podcast. My fiancé got me tickets to a live show for our anniversary where the guys (and Ricky) signed a football for me. That football has a place of honor on my mantle because I love them so much. It’s about more than just keeping up with NFL news, it’s my comfort blanket. These guys aren’t just talking heads or hyper focused on a specific area. I’ll go back and listen to old episodes just for entertainment. It is the only podcast that I will go back and listen to 20 episodes of if I missed them (that is saying something because episodes cover news and games). I know this podcast isn’t for everyone but that’s a wild concept to me because it feels like EVERYONE should be a fan of the heroes. Five stars but I would give them a hundred.
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Melissa Weitz
Favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast (not just sports!) I look forward to each episode. These guys and Erica are the best. I love listening to them breakdown each game with hilarious banter. Other NFL podcasts and preview shows don’t hold up to ATN!
Kara Carlson
This show has gotten me through two years of MANY ups and MANY downs. I got very anxious when 2020 first shut down, these people helped me digest the situation. I listen to every episode. Dan, Chris, Gregg, Chris, and Ricky..thanks!
The Best
The best pod on the gram. Really funny, great NF content, and just the right frequency for me. Thanks!!!
Raider Nation
You guys seem to be very knowledgeable and good chemistry with each other, but for some reason you always have a trash take on the relationship between Jon Gruden and Derek Carr. If Gru wanted him gone he would be gone, DC has gotten better every year under Gruden but yet is DC’s fault in the ultimate team game. Also the Raiders offense has walked off the field 3 times this season with around 1 minute left on the clock with Leads to win the game but the defense doesn’t stop anyone. I quit listening to your shows because you always talk bad about my QB and my Team and remember there is only one Nation, The Raider Nation!!
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An Ode To Marc
The podcast is full of solid opinions with facts sprinkled in. All four guys and their guests are phenomenal but Marc is the standout. A modern day goddamn Kerouac. I’m really hoping that the NFL invests in a side show featuring Marc where he wanders California on acid and tries to act out Eyes Wide Shut with unsuspecting people. Go Browns.
Long time listener
Always great to listen to on Monday mornings.
Heroes only
This podcast is the GOAT.
O. Louis
Best NFL Podcast
I would listen to these guys cover any topic. They are entertaining, hilarious, and down to earth people. I can’t recommend it more.
Even though we’re strangers
Even though we’re strangers, it feels so much different that. We’ve been together for years. I’ve been through children and cancer and so many other life events with you all (via instagram mostly) and your success truly feels like my success while your trials feel like mine as well. The NFL is fine as a product, but this show enhances it far beyond what could ever be put on the field. I love all of you.
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Harry the Dad
Love this podcast!
I listen to a lot of podcasts, of all genres, but ATN is by far my favorite. I’ve recommended it to several friends and now they listen regularly as well! The guys are all so knowledgeable and insightful in their game analysis, so even-handed in treating all of the teams, so great at managing the pace and flow of the show, and just so fun to listen to. I love how they are always adding in new segs and bringing in new (and returning) guests. Most of all, I have really appreciated the sense of humor that they bring to life during this crazy year. Thanks for such a great show!
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My favorite podcast
Every Monday morning when those Monday blues make me apprehensive to start the day, I get relief by listening to the recap episode. You guys are fantastic entertainers and informants and I thank you dearly. I definitely love all the episodes throughout the week and miss Wes a ton!
Just the best
If I ever end up in a coma, please tell my wife this is the podcast I want on loop when I’m stuck in the hospital room by myself. The hosts clearly love what they do and love working with each other. It’s just the best sports podcast, period.
Favorite Podcast!
Favorite Podcast!
Best NFL Podcast
Marc, Greg, Chris, Dan and Erica have incredible chemistry. This podcast is extremely fun and informative. As someone who loves football and the NFL but is by no means a football expert, I appreciate their ability to convey the complexities of what is happening through the league in ways that someone like myself can digest. I also appreciate that they really cover the entire league each and every week. A must listen for any NFL fan!
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Podcast Gold
Great chemistry and fun listening! I wish there was more of these guys, like a daily podcast… That would be great!
Da Commish #1
I listen to this the day it comes out and always correct my friends on NFL stats. Keep going strong!!
Bulls LJ
Even without the illustrious Chris Wesseling on most shows these days- THIS. SHOW. SLAPS. a true light in the pitch black darkness of sports media.. and life in general.
The only Podcast.
I love these guys they actually make me laugh out loud. They are witty and catty and I look forward to listening Monday morning. Erika AKA Ricky Hollywood is an annoying entitled brat and I immediately start skipping through until I know longer hear her voice.
Best podcast ever
The ATN team is the best in sports. Not just football. Sports. They give you all the important info with fun camaraderie and levity to boot. See what I’d did there. Football. To boot. That Ned for Dan and #thepipe. Get well Wess!
Passion, Chemistry, Humor
What an unexpected joy to discover in 2020. Thank you for being so real, so entertaining, and so good at what you do.
My favorite “stagnant” podcast
Just finished listening to the latest podcast and the same way that Ricky Hollywood is a wordsmith, I am the same... 2020 has been a horrible year, losing friends, health scares, and the lack of interaction with folk, you guys have made 2020 a little bit easier.. sending y’all positive vibes for this new year. Mailman!!! You’re missed!!! Keep kicking the big C’s butt!!! Happy new year’s guys!!!
Happy New Year to the ATN crew!!
Love the show y’all. You’ve always had great chemistry as a group, and I appreciate the distraction during these times. Happy New Year, and Godspeed to Wess! ❤️
When do we get the Theology Podcast?
I’ve been listening to around the nfl religiously since 2015. My football fandom has waned from all the football I can get to being satisfied with watching one game a week. I now digest the nfl through the lense of the heroes. The football insight continues to be clever and well studied, but I don’t even care anymore. I just want to hear from the heroes. I’m in for whatever you want to talk about. So bring on the theology pod. Thanks for your work.
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Perfect mix of expertise, levity, nerdiness, and friendliness
I love this podcast! These guys really have a lot of insider expertise in the players, the league, and the fan experience. They bring a nice tone to their podcast which is a blend of expert analysis, lighthearted banter, friendship between the hosts, some geeky humor, and sincerity. I really love the balance that they have struck. I don’t always enjoy sports podcasts because the hosts tend to be jocks or too harsh or just analytical without bringing some humor into it, etc. This show is the opposite, and I have enjoyed listening, especially during this time when we are desperate for something nice as an alternative to the world news. Thank you to the hosts of the show for all that they have done this year, and best of luck to Chris with his struggle against cancer.
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Hobo plays bird game
Chemistry for days
Easily the best NFL pod out there. These guys each bring a personal and interesting POV to each topic. Funny and insightful, full of good stuff every episode. And name me another crew with better chemistry between them. Would love to watch a game with these guys.
The NFL pod that’s kept me centered all these years
I first started listening to this pod when I left home for college across the country. It sort of became a security blanket, just four friends talking about football and actually knowing what they are talking about. I’ve spent the past 6 years listening to them and it has been enjoyable every week. These guys are really dedicated, really love their fans and really love the sport they cover every day. Best of all, they all clearly care about each other and that’s what makes it so much better. I can’t recommend it enough.
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Sizing hot
This podcast would not be the same without the sesseler. He is a true hero by far the best of the four the other guys are also great and so is Ricky
i love me some sessler
Great podcast
Great podcast. Enjoying listening
Nathan B P
Awesome Pod
Y’all keep doing what your doing, love the show the only way I make through work. I want a autograph shirt!!😂
Great Football Insights
These guys have great chemistry and provide great information on each team. No matter if your team is first or last, you will feel they are getting a fair amount attention.
Frisky Foursome
Most sports shows feature hosts unintelligently blathering their opinions in raised voices. They ruin my day. This show makes my day. The frisky foursomes quick witted banter between each other and well timed sound drops by “Hollywood” make me wish I was in the “draft” room and part of the antics. The ribbing they give each other for announcing the “LOCK” of the week never gets old. The always articulate there parental disproved in a fresh and frisky fashion. They use a snake draft to select what games each will watch and provide analysis for. This provides more entertainment value than every other sports podcast combined. Part of the shows magical recipe is two key ingredients. A lifelong Jets fan and a lifelong Browns fan. I would compare their suffering to that of a Russian citizen spending a solid decade or two in the gulag. They have learned to survive by finding humor in seasons filled with gut wrenching pain. Great chemistry, great camaraderie and great comedy!
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Beav Coon
Good analysis, great camaraderie!
I have been listening to this great podcast for about 4 years now. They talk about all the teams so this provides a great overview of the NFL. Hosts are all interesting in their own way and have very good chemistry. After knowing their personality and quirks, the show feels even better. Their analysis is good and topical, but the camaraderie is simply great! Throwing Erica in the mix makes it even better. Someone needs to keep the guys in line! If you are looking for a light hearted, fun dive into NFL (with pop-culture/psychology sprinkled in, in a very fun way), give this a listen. I doubt you’ll find a better one. I have to say this though, ‘inter’ means between and ‘intra’ means within. English should not be this confusing to the favorite NFL podcast of the UK. Also, hope Wes gets well soon.
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All you need following the NFL
I love podcasts and listen to quite a few of them every week, but to be honest: All you need for your NFL news is Around the NFL. The guys are all great and they are not talking heads like most other big sports podcasts. Also, this foursome has great chemistry which makes episodes really funny. I'd even say that I wouldn't watch as much NFL football if it wasn't for the ATN podcast. Keep going, guys!
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True Heroes
The best NFL content available. Dan and the gang beautifully dissect the games each week and create some laughs along the way. Top shelf content.
Heroes Only
My favorite podcast of any genre. The content is great and the hosts are genuine, I really couldn’t recommend this show more. Will always be my go to podcast and has been for years, I downloaded this app just to rate them 🙌
Not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes that we need!
Hate it.
Just kidding I love it. 5 stars
I’ve listened to the majority of the NFL podcasts out there and this one is the only one where you get analysis of every team. Also, once you get to know the guys and Ricky their non football tangents become hilarious and anticipated.
My Favorite Podcast
I listen to a lot of podcasts and I like this one better than all the others. You guys keep me sane and remind me why I like football. So nice to hear from people that aren’t meatheads or clickbait. I love this podcast!
Best NFL Podcast Out There
They watch all the games before they talk about them—and if one of the guys on the show can’t get to a game, they assign someone else and have them report. So they don’t just repeat narratives; they break down what actually happened. And they do it with humor and intelligence. It doesn’t hurt that two of the hosts favorite teams are the Jets and the Browns and that they wear their fandom on their sleeves. Great, great show. None better. Don’t change anything about it.
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Excellent pod
5/5 show, I look forward to the funny yet insightful banter about OUR LEAGUE. Needs more Marc monologues. Go Patriots!
Featuring the Ol Zueser
Podcast banter is the new greatest form of American art supplanting jazz solely based on the back and forth between these 4 knuckleheads
Guy theft
My favorite NFL podcast
Pre-show grade: B-
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