Armchair Booking Wrestling Podcast
Armchair Booking Wrestling Podcast
Stephen Barber
Why We Are Fans with Jamie & John from the True Crimecast & Bless Their Hearts Podcasts
1 hour 9 minutes Posted Feb 19, 2023 at 6:55 pm.
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Show notes
Long-time listeners of the show have heard us give shout-outs to other podcasts, including some that are non-wrestling podcasts as well. Two we mention quite often are True Crimecast and Bless Their Hearts, both of which are hosted by Jamie Boggs and John Bailey. We are so excited to have both of them actually join the show for an episode in our continuing series of Why We Are Fans! They told us their stories of how they became fans, how John ended up being in what is becoming an iconic picture from a recent AEW event, and how they became friends with Chris Jericho and have made appearances on his podcast! This was a fun time!

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