Aprende ingles con inglespodcast de La Mansión del Inglés-Learn English Free
Aprende ingles con inglespodcast de La Mansión del Inglés-Learn English Free
La Mansion del Ingles
For Spanish speakers learning English. Level B1 and above. | Mejorar tu ingles con nuestros podcasts. Desde el nivel B1.
Pace in English - AIRC336
How fast should you speak in English? What’s the best way to teach English? Should you learn the phonetic symbols to help your pronunciation? We’ll answer these questions, and more, in this episode.
Nov 1
36 min
A History of American English in 20 Minutes - AIRC335
Why is British English and American English so different? Learn about the history of American English in 20 minutes in this podcast.
Oct 25
33 min
Living in Spain, New York and China - and your comments and questions - AIRC334
What does donkey’s years mean? What’s the difference between holiday and vacation? How do you translate Irse de puente? And where would you most like to live; Spain, New York or China?
Oct 18
34 min
Portmanteau Words - AIRC333
Have you ever been in the chunnel? What’s your opinion of flexitarians? Would mansplaining annoy you if you are a woman? You’ll learn some useful portmanteau vocabulary in this podcast.
Oct 11
44 min
Greetings | Saying Hello and Goodbye - AIRC332
Hi, How’s it going? What’s happening? What’s going on? How many ways can you think of to say hello and goodbye in English? You’ll learn greetings and how to say ‘adiós’ in many different ways.
Oct 4
40 min
A Brief History of Phrasal Verbs - AIRC331
Where do phrasal verbs come from? Learn about the history of phrasal verbs and what to do if you’re not using your advanced grammar.
Sep 27
34 min
Football - AIRC330
You'll learn football vocabulary and idioms. Also, what you need to shout to your teammates while you're playing and how to talk about football with friends.
Sep 20
40 min
Panama - AIRC329
Panama has a canal, but what else do you know about this country? You’ll learn about Panama in this episode and we’ll share some tips and ideas on how to improve your speaking with a friend.
Sep 13
42 min
Suppose, assume and guess - AIRC328
Learn the difference between suppose, assume and guess. We also answer more of your questions and doubts.
Sep 6
32 min
Prevent and Avoid - AIRC327
You’ll learn the difference between 'prevent' and 'avoid'. We also talk about some Chilean slang and answer some more of your questions.
Aug 30
31 min
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